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16:39 genji thought of a new idea.  Differentiate between an at-library user, and an internet user. Useful for things like bookshelves that should not show, because they are rare books., or maybe a library doesn't want certain bits of information showing on the net, but wants to show on the intranet.
18:12 thd kados: are you about
18:12 thd ?
01:02 indradg russ around?
01:04 russ hi
01:06 russ what's up indradg
01:09 indradg russ, you are posting the content on the "new" site ... right?
01:10 russ yep
01:10 indradg russ, on this page ->
01:11 indradg i would like a small correction where my name is mentioned
01:12 indradg I would like it to read "Indranil Das Gupta <> from L2C2 Technologies
01:12 russ 2 secs
01:12 indradg ok
01:14 russ how's that now
01:14 russ
01:15 indradg russ, perfect! :)
01:15 russ hmm i should really go thru and that the @'s out
01:15 russ but that can wait till tomorrow
01:15 russ np indradg
04:05 hdl hi
04:56 Sylvain hi all
05:29 thd hdl: could you help me understand a few features from the 3.0 roadmap?  I am having a little trouble with understanding what is intended for about five features that appear on the roadmap because something has not translated well from French :)
06:37 hdl thd : here now. Do you mind giving me the french lines you donot understand.
06:41 thd hdl: The lines are in English but not very clear English to me :)
06:43 thd hdl: "Imports notes BNF" is one.
06:44 thd hdl: What are the BnF notes?
06:49 thd hdl: The description is given as follows.
06:49 thd hdl: ? remove existing notes ? Import all the fields ? Bond with acquisitions ?; Require a thorough analysis; PP : Problem of the timeout Apache to be regulated. For the recovery of the local fields, to see Marc ::Record
06:49 thd hdl: I do not understand what that means.
06:51 thd hdl: This is from[…]ge=KohaRoadmap3.0 .  I assume that most of what is there was written by you or paul.
06:53 thd hdl: Does this confuse you also?
07:10 thd hdl: are you still there?
07:51 hdl thd hi
07:51 hdl are you there ?
07:54 thd hdl: Yes, I am almost here :)
07:55 thd hdl: what is "Imports notes BNF" ?
07:59 hdl BNF stands for French National Library.
08:00 hdl That means Importing notes from French National Library.
08:00 hdl Maybe a new BNF service... Or an old one but quite specific to some libraries. :)
08:02 thd hdl: What are BNF notes?  I understand the library name.  I do not understand the special use of notes.
08:04 thd hdl: A related confusion for me is the next roadmap feature.
08:05 thd hdl: Imports Authorities BRANCH:  To import with the flight of the notes of BnF? authority
08:08 thd hdl: Both 'flight' and 'notes' confuse me above.
08:10 thd hdl: Inscription confuses me in, "Messages of blocking/releasing of the inscription"
08:14 thd hdl: The description is given as:  "To make explicit the messages of blocking and releasing of inscription compared to the rules of management of the media library. Management of the inscription for readers "except library"."
08:17 thd hdl: I try to understand for writing a comprehensive feature list for Koha that includes roadmap features.  However, I am confused by the features above.
08:17 thd hdl: Can you explain the features above for me?
08:23 thd hdl: If you can explain them them, then I can write them in plain English for so that everyone will know their benefit.
11:03 Syl-Away does someone know why the itemtype is part of biblioitems and not part of items ? In fact my problem is that a library I'm working for has let's say 2 types : Books for children and books for adults. And some books have items of both types ...
11:03 Sylvain The solution I'm using is defining a type Book and defining 2 branches : Adult and Children
11:03 Sylvain Is there anothter solution ?

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