IRC log for #koha, 2005-09-05

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13:10 owen kados: you still around?
14:13 kados owen: yea ... now I am
14:13 kados owen: I took a brief trip out to ALB to install a UPS
14:13 kados owen: what's up?
14:13 owen I couldn't get printer configuration to work even after I changed permissions on the relevant files and folders
14:14 owen You had it working yesterday for NBBC?
14:14 kados yea
14:14 kados I did a chmod 777 for that folder and all the files inside
14:16 owen Hmm... must be your magical influence. It's working now :)
14:17 kados hehe
14:22 owen Not that the barcodes are coming out right...
14:23 owen It's strange...I know I've seen it produce scannable barcodes in the past.  I don't know what's different now
14:26 kados yea ... Van's having the same problem
14:26 kados no idea why
14:27 kados could it be the template?
14:27 kados (does it work in the default template?)
14:30 owen I get the same kind of results either way
14:31 kados so must be a bug
14:39 owen I wish someone would give the barcodes thing an overhaul.  It seems to be something libraries really want, and it just doesn't work.
15:07 owen Make sure it can record my favorite TV shows
15:09 shaun /sbin/service httpd restart
15:13 shaun is it me or does HEAD for the best part give internal server errors?
15:14 thd kados: are you present?
15:16 owen shaun, since HEAD is full of in-development features, it's bound to have many problems.
15:35 shaun owen: i just thought that there were far too many - e.g. i reckon should have been bugsquashed (i would, but i haven't a clue what's causing the error)
06:22 osmoze hello

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