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18:07 thd russ: did you see my email messages?
20:40 thd russ: are you present
20:40 thd ?
20:41 russ hi thomas
20:41 thd hello
20:43 thd russ: I would like to add a different structure to the feature list than the one provided.
20:44 thd russ: I do not believe that I have the right permissions to add pages that are not already there though.
20:44 russ can you describe it to me?
20:44 russ that may be the case - i'll check
20:45 russ nope you have new file and new folder privs
20:45 thd I have spent a large part of yesterday working on the features list. It is still unfinished but a much longer document than should be placed into the provided divisions.
20:46 russ ok can you describe it?
20:47 thd The primary document should include everything current and forthcoming features.  There need not necessarily be a link to it itself.
20:48 thd russ: That document is then subdivided into the following major sections.
20:49 thd russ: preliminary features: such as supported operating systems, databases, and standards
20:49 thd russ: acquisitions
20:49 thd russ: cataloguing
20:50 thd russ: circulation
20:51 thd russ: patron management might go under circulation, otherwise that is another section.
20:51 thd russ: OPAC is already present
20:52 russ are you doing a broad overview for this page -[…]atures/index.html ?
20:52 russ i think going into more detail is fine
20:52 russ but i dont think we should bury people with information either
20:52 thd under: yes the broad overview comes after trimming down the details.
20:54 russ ok it all sounds fine to me - well fine without having seen what you have written yet :-)
20:54 russ you should be able to make a new page with your privs
20:54 russ do you want me to walk you through how to do that now?
20:55 thd russ: People should not be buried.  If it is broken down sufficiently they will not feel buried even if there is a lot of information.
20:56 thd russ: I just assumed that my user did not have the privileges to create new pages.
20:56 russ nope you have the privs you need
20:58 russ cool let me know once you are logged in and i will walk you through it
20:58 russ the kea interface needs some work, so it isnt obvious what you need to do
21:02 russ thd: are you logged in?
21:04 thd russ: yes, I created a new folder.
21:04 russ ok right - will that folder have more than 1 page in it?
21:04 thd russ: I am uncertain about the right template for a new page.
21:05 russ ok two secs so you have entered a file name?
21:05 thd russ: index.html
21:05 russ cool
21:05 russ "Plain Style" is the one which will give you a page that looks like the rest on the site
21:05 russ the news ones are used only by the new engine
21:06 russ and the other template there is the FAQ page one
21:06 thd russ: OK, yes i would intend to have more the one file in the folder.  Is there something important to know for that case?
21:07 russ you'll just need to understand how the auto navigation for the lhs works
21:07 russ kea will automatically add in each page to the lhs
21:08 thd russ: 'lhs'?
21:08 russ left hand side
21:09 russ for any given page, it will link to the other pages in that folder, plus the index.html page of any subfolder
21:10 thd russ: Do directories appear as directory names in the LHS?
21:10 russ no
21:10 russ the page title for the index.html for that directory is used
21:12 thd russ:  And the other pages appear under the names of their titles as in the common CMS convention?
21:12 russ yep
21:12 russ there is space to enter a short name for navigation if the page titles is very long
21:12 russ you can do that through edit content
21:13 russ the auto nav defaults to alpha order as well
21:13 thd russ: Oh so that is what that box is for :)
21:13 russ you can change the order by changing the priority of a page
21:13 russ 1 goes to the top etc
21:13 russ one thing to note though is that sometimes it doesnt generate the autonav properly - it is a random bug
21:14 russ if that happens for you please let me know
21:14 russ there is a work around
21:14 thd russ: One thing that is in the stipulation for the features list is problematic to implement well.
21:16 thd russ: There is a stipulation to link features to the demo.  I am also linking to
21:16 thd russ: The problem is with the demo.
21:16 russ yep - dont have one set up yet
21:16 russ i need to talk to chris and kados about that
21:17 thd russ: I had raised this issue with chris and kados months ago.
21:17 thd russ: The demo needs to be at least three demos: non-MARC, MARC 21, UNIMARC.
21:18 russ right
21:18 russ i am not sure there is time to do that right now
21:18 russ so for the moment i think leaving those links out might be the best way
21:19 thd russ: They need to have some good default settings with a populated database, Ideally replicated from existing users with private information expunged.
21:21 russ yep - i'll add that to the notes. I would like to have something that refreshes every week or so, so that we can clear out bad settings etc automatically
21:21 thd russ: A cron script needs to purge and reinstall the database once a night or so after people are done making the database unusable for the day :)
21:22 thd s/purge/drop/
21:22 russ i am thinking that once a night is probably too frequent, as it wont give people a chance to see some of the processes that take a little more time in action
21:22 thd russ: That is true.
21:22 rach and don't forget we all have different "nights" :-)
21:23 rach so one persons middle of the night is someone elses middle of the day
21:23 thd russ: As long as it is frequently enough that it is usually not broken at any given time, as it has been too often in recent years.
21:24 russ i agree - we are thinking along the same lines
21:24 russ but as far as the content for your features section goes
21:24 russ i think it would be best to leave the links out for the moment
21:24 russ we can add them in later
21:24 russ once we have the demo's sorted out
21:26 thd rach: The world clock is familiar.  Pick the best night time for the most likely koha users and announce the database refresh schedule on the demo section so people are not stunned with a disappearing database :)
21:27 russ thd : anything else you want of me?
21:28 thd russ: I am only half way through the content writing at the moment.
21:29 russ right - if you can please do a general overview of the features first, i would like to send the site live at the end of this week
21:29 thd I would like to know abut a standard ILS feature that I have not identified in Koha.
21:29 russ i figure we can add more detail later on
21:30 thd russ: I will be finished enough to have the whole thing before the end of the week.   Yes, we can always rewrite, correct, etc. it is the web after all.
21:31 russ cool - i better go - i have another meeting
21:31 russ let us know how you get on
21:32 thd russ: I wish the content editor allowed plain HTML posting without the rich editor that would work from any browser.  That should be easy enough to implement.
21:32 russ click the <> button in the editor
21:32 russ it takes you to source editing
21:33 thd russ: You cannot get that far in some browsers.
21:34 russ right - it uses alot of javascript so you need a nice modern browser
21:34 russ works fine in firefox
21:34 russ 1.0 and above
21:34 thd russ: I was for several days at a location where I would be unable to post or update any content because of no browser access.
21:35 thd russ: Now that I am back home I see that it works.  However, ti should be possible to update content from anywhere without special browser requirements.
21:35 russ well that would be nice
21:36 russ but unfortunatley to get the features many ask for, we have to go this way
21:36 russ i have give you edit source privs
21:36 russ so you can go in through there
21:39 thd russ: It should be possible to have a direct to source link in the content editor that allows bypassing the rich content editor, which is the only problem.  That would be easier to avoid the possibility of accidents changing the wrong part of the page.
21:40 russ sounds like a feature and is a good suggestion
21:40 russ but not something that we can accomodate at this time
21:40 thd Inventory taking is a standard feature in other ILS systems.  I do not know how this is implemented in Koha if it is.  Can any one tell me?
21:41 russ ah i think it may be
21:41 russ one moment
21:43 russ thd: /cgi-bin/koha/reports/
21:43 russ it is there
21:44 russ nventory/Stocktaking
21:44 russ Select items you want to check
21:44 thd This is meant to compare actual material found on the shelves and on loan inventory with the Koha inventory record as part of an annual manual inventory process.
21:44 russ most ppl just set up a stocktake branch and use branch transfers to wand all the times into it
21:44 russ then once all the items on the shelf are in stocktake .. you can see whats left that koha thinks is elsewhere
21:46 russ but i really dont know too much about that side of things
21:46 russ maybe a question to the list would help out there?
21:47 thd russ: Thank you.  That should be in kohadocs somewhere.  I have not experimented much with reporting and circ.
21:48 thd russ: Is there a batch means for transferring everything back to the correct branches from the stocktake branch in your example?
21:49 russ no idea sorry
21:50 thd russ: That would not be a good state in which to leave a production Koha database :)
21:51 thd russ: I will compose a question for the list later if I do not see an obvious solution,
21:52 russ cool
23:56 thd Does Kea have symlinks?
00:36 rach in what context?
00:37 rach we have a module so that you can do apache redirects - but obviously that depends on tieing it in with apache
01:05 thd rach: I would like to have /features/forthcoming/circulation point ot the same location as features/circulation/forthcoming for example.
01:11 thd rach: This gives people multiple paths to navigate to the same content.
01:14 thd rach: I will fill the content twice.  If you like the way it is presented, the redundancy can be eliminated using apache redirects to require updating in only one place.
01:35 rach that doesn't sound like a good idea to me
01:35 rach why wouldn't you just have 2 links that point to the same page?
01:36 rach have the content on one page, and have a link from wherever in the relevant other stream it needs to be
01:37 rach Or if you really need 2 the content to appear twice, make the content an include, and have it just show up in 2 pages
01:38 rach so that it's only updated in one place
01:39 rach I wouldn't get to hung up on the minutae of that stuff, concentrate on actually getting some words down that make sense - it's your writing we're keen on
01:39 rach and no doubt there will be a general
01:40 rach structure bun fight if it gets too broad
03:02 paul_away chris around ?
03:02 paul salut hdl
03:03 hdl salut paul.
04:37 Sylvain hi
05:04 hdl hi
05:04 paul coucou sylvain
05:05 paul sylvain, est-ce que ludovic est dispo aussi mercredi en début d'après midi ?
05:05 paul peut être que je passerai plutôt mercredi. Il faut encore qu'Ineo me confirme leurs dispos
05:08 Sylvain a priori mercredi c'est bon aussi
05:09 paul ok
05:52 chris hi paul, im around now
05:54 chris ill be around for about 15 mins paul, then im off to get some sleep
08:10 kados morning tim
08:10 tim morning kados

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