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10:57 kados hey owen
10:57 owen Hi
11:05 owen We really need a system preference to specify whether we want MARCdetail or detail by default.
11:05 kados I thought there was one
11:05 owen I don't think so. I think there's only a preference for what view to use by default in the OPAC
11:06 kados ahh ... I thought that was what you were refering to
11:06 kados you mean for the intranet too?
11:06 owen Yeah.
11:07 owen I have it hard-wired in NPL's setup to go to, because I don't think our staff wants to see the MARC view by default (I sure don't)
11:07 kados NBBC won't want the MARC view to be default ... that I'm sure of
11:08 owen I'll change it in their template
11:10 kados I've been thiking about Paul's new menus
11:10 kados maybe we should use a free version of that functionality like Overlib
11:10 kados
11:11 kados I've used it in a couple of places in LibLime's demos
11:11 kados it's a very nice library
11:11 kados and a sinch to use
11:12 owen Does it do drop-down menus?  All I'm seeing are the pop-up windows
11:17 kados the 'sticky' popups are kinda like drop-down menuds
11:17 kados menus even
11:17 kados there used to be an example on the website
11:19 kados
11:23 kados I've got a site bookmarked as well:
11:23 owen I think these menus behave very nicely.  I only wish they'd 'retract' if you clicked another part of the page.  You have to click the menu item again to retract it.
11:23 kados
11:23 owen
11:24 kados ooh ... those are nice
11:39 kados so the ISBD link is supposed to be a alternate view?
11:39 kados or is it like a summary of the book?
11:39 kados I'm trying to figure out whether it's in the MARC records
11:39 owen ISBD is an alternate view that can be configured via system preference
11:39 kados gotcha
11:40 owen It's very complex to set up, from my point of view
11:45 kados cool ... it works
11:45 kados so I assume this would be useful if you were citing something in a paper or something
11:45 kados it would be really cool if you could export to endnotes format or something ;-)
11:46 owen You know librarians, they always want everything to be /just so/ ;)
11:46 thd owen: ISBD view has the same problem as other Koha templates that attempts to use a standard configuration where to place subfields instead of reading what subfields are present in what sequence form the record and then merely supplying standard punctuation to join subfields.
11:46 thd s/form/from/
11:46 kados thd: actually, setting it up in that way should be pretty simple
11:47 kados as far as I can tell you can put in as many fields as you want separated by whatever punctuation you want and Koha will only display the ones that exist
11:48 thd kados: you have to specify an order for subfields that may be repeated or in a different sequence from your chosen configuration in the record itself
11:51 thd kados: a configuration for Koha ISBD specifies subfield order as part of the process of specifying linking punctuation.  Only the punctuation and the need to display particular subfields at all should be specified in the configuration.
11:52 thd kados: The sequence and repetition of subfields should be read from the record.
11:54 thd kados: how does know the original order of repeated fields?  Where is that stored?  I know where the original order of subfields is stored but not fields.
11:55 kados I've no idea
11:55 kados it's something we should look at for 3.0
11:56 thd kados: Koha does seem to display field order correctly, unlike subfield order while subfiled order is clearly stored in the DB but not used in the templates.
11:59 thd kados have you scrolled down your large record at 800 x 600 to see the changing font sizes and columns disappearing then returning?
11:59 kados yep ... didn't happen to me

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