IRC log for #koha, 2005-08-07

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14:12 shaun is there any feature at the moment where the librarian, using an interface, can send overdue notices either by email or to a local printer?
15:12 kados hey owen
15:16 shaun kados: ^ - any chance that that could get into 2.4? i know a significant number of libraries where i live use something like that
15:16 kados shaun: you haven't been following the list ;-)
15:25 shaun and then that i have been ignorant of that for all the time before that... oops
15:26 thd- kados: how did Melvyl work?
15:37 thd- kados: It occurred to me that LC might have banned your IP address if a daemon process using a persistent connection had run amuck.  There is some discussion on the koha-devel or koha list about that danger.
15:38 thd- kados: are you there?
16:08 thd- kados: I may have a better solution for you than Net::Z3950.  Are you there?
16:09 kados thd-: sortof ;-)
16:09 kados thd-: I'm pretty busy
16:09 kados thd-: what's your suggestion?
16:09 thd- kados: What happened with Melvyl?
16:10 thd- kados: My suggestion is that you use the PHP bindings for YAZ/Zoom
16:10 kados well ... it didn't work
16:10 kados yea ... thought about that
16:10 thd- kados: What went wrong
16:10 kados thd-: well I didn't have time to troubleshoot
16:11 kados thd-: basically it would return a count but no records
16:11 thd- kados: misconfiguration
16:12 thd- kados: what is your deadline for getting the LCC class numbers?
16:12 kados there's no strict deadline
16:12 kados I'd like to have it done this weekend
16:12 kados but I've still got some other data corruption issues to deal with
16:12 kados remember the huge record I was having trouble with?
16:12 kados it didin't import correctly
16:13 thd- kados: I need to solve a very similar problem to yours along with a few others by 22 September.
16:13 kados thd-: really?
16:13 thd- kados: yes
16:13 kados thd-: the corruption problem or the LCC problem>?
16:14 thd- kados: the LCC problem
16:14 thd- kados: I do not have the corruption problem yet :)
16:15 thd- kados: I may create the corruption problem though.
16:15 thd- kados: about the corruption problem
16:16 thd- kados: sorry that was not related. I was thinking of an authorities problem.
16:16 kados :-)
16:17 thd- kados: I do need to solve the LCC problem.
16:18 thd- kados: I will be working on the LCC problem this weekend to find a solution using PHP bindings in YAZ/Zoom perhaps using CCL queries.
16:20 thd- kados: keep me informed about the corruption problem because I imagine that I will create one where I may certainly have 300 or more copies of one biblio.
16:21 kados will do
16:21 thd- kados: I need to know if that is a problem for koha and know what to do before I create that problem for myself
16:22 thd- kados: yes
19:55 kados thd: howdy ;-)
03:51 osmoze hi
06:41 osmoze hi
09:44 kados hey owen
09:44 owen Howdy
09:44 kados must be your saturday to work eh?
09:44 owen Yup.
09:45 owen Although these days you might find me here if I'm at home working on Liblime stuff (as I was yesterday, briefly)
09:46 kados true ... :-)

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