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12:58 owen Is anyone here familiar with the barcodes generator?
12:58 owen Or should I ask, is anyone here?  :)
13:06 tim owen: All I know is that it won't work with the newest version of PDF::API2
13:07 owen It seems to have other problems as well :)
13:07 tim And I haven't been able to get the output right with the correct version.
13:07 owen I wish I knew someone who was using it in production to find out how it's /supposed/ to work
13:13 tim Also the Generate Barcodes button at the bottom of the NPL page doesn't do anything.
13:14 tim But if I just press enter after I fill in the information it will try to generate barcodes.
13:14 owen Yeah, I'm correcting the templates now...which is why I'm coming up with questions
13:14 tim Not formatted the best.  But at least they're barcodes.
13:14 owen We don't actually use it
13:15 owen Is it something you would be using in production?
13:16 tim Yup
13:17 owen Then I'd better get it working ;)
13:17 owen The 'add country code' process seems to be broken, FWIW
13:17 tim I've been trying, but I don't know how to get the formatting right.
13:19 owen I wish I knew what the 'inventory codes' choice was for
13:23 tim I noticed the arrows point the wrong direction where you select individual inventory codes.
13:25 tim I just tried using a barcode number for the inventory code and it worked.
13:25 tim Now if I need to get the barcode formatted.
13:26 tim I also want it to not add digits to the beginning of the barcode number.
13:30 owen Whenever I use it, the inventory codes box is empty.  What is it supposed to do?
13:30 tim It's also printing in a barcode format that's currently locked out on the scanner.
13:31 tim I put a barcode number in the inventory code box and cliked on the << (should be >>, but that's the one that worked).
13:31 tim It adds it to the list box on the right.
13:34 owen I's a way for the user to input specific barcodes to be printed.
13:34 owen I was confused by the 'inventory code' terminology
13:35 tim D'oh!  I should've changed that while I was fixing the directions the arrows pointed.
13:36 owen Knowing what it's for, it makes a lot more sense now :) and it works.
13:41 tim We have 8 digit barcodes and it's adding 4 digits at the start.
13:42 tim I thought I read somewhere that it outputs code 39.  I can't get our scanners to read it.
13:43 owen tim, when you use printer configuration to set parameters for the barcodes, is Koha saving a configuration file to the server? itemsLabelConfig.conf?
13:44 owen I have a feeling printer configuration doesn't work for the same reason custom country codes don't: that Koha won't or can't write to the configuration files
13:47 tim I have the file, but the timestamp is the date I installed Koha.
13:47 tim So it doesn't look like it updated.
13:47 owen Supposedly Koha should write to that file whenever you update your configuration
13:49 tim It had to write to it at one time or other because the paper size is letter and I know it wasn't when I installed it.
13:54 tim I guess I copied that from the other computer, but permissions weren't copied.
13:54 tim The one on the other computer is chmod 757
13:54 tim It saves now
14:00 owen Hmmm... not for me.
14:06 tim Did you chmod the file?
14:07 owen Yup
14:08 tim Wierd.  Worked fine for me.
20:15 thd-away chris, rach: owen and tim were looking at issues of barcode printing earlier today.
20:15 thd-away chris, rach: Do you have any libraries using it?
20:17 chris nope
20:18 thd-away chris: For whom was it written?
20:18 chris no idea
20:18 chris i didnt write it :)
20:18 chris its a fairly recent thing
20:19 chris itll be in the devel list archive somewhere
20:19 thd-away chris: :)
20:55 thd chris: It may be new to Koha, November 2004, but it is old code, Copper Mountain Elementary School Library 1992 :)
21:04 rach sounds like steve tonnenson then
21:10 thd rach: Title:; Creator: Willem van Schaik; CreationDate: aug 1992
21:15 thd rach: my $libraryname='Copper Mountain Elementary'
01:31 osmoze hello all
01:46 hdl hi.
06:54 kados hi all
06:56 kados paul: do you have a moment?
06:56 paul hi joshua
06:56 paul i'm here
06:57 kados great ... I'm having trouble with a MARC conversion script for a client
06:58 kados when I view the marc file with
06:58 kados there are a few records with many many 852s
06:58 kados 60-70
06:59 kados they are periodicals (journals)
06:59 kados I run that script
06:59 kados and I get very strange results for those records
07:00 kados I'll paste in an example in a second
07:01 kados ok ... it's a large dump:
07:01 kados NUMBER 39969 =>
07:01 kados LDR 196903cas 22207015 a4500
07:01 kados 000     6Periodical5Publisher7Peri​odical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p405,810kPi6/26/74mVol.91/No.24bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7Periodical820050
07:01 kados 503aPeriodical Storage  p405,811kPi7/3-10/74mVol.91/No.25bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p405,812kPi7/17-24/7
07:01 kados 4mVol.91/No.26bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p405,813kPi7/31/74mVol.91/No.27bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5P
07:01 kados ublisher7Periodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p405,814kPi8/7-14/74mVol.91/No.28bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Stor
07:01 kados age  p405,815kPi8/21-28/74mVol.91/No.29bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p405,816kPi9/4-11/74mVol.91/No.30bPeri
07:01 kados odical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p405,817kPi9/18/74mVol.91/No.31bPeriodical Storage6Peri
07:01 kados 000     8/81mVol.98/No.12bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,053kPi4/15/81mVol.98/No.13bPeriodical Storage6P
07:01 kados eriodical5Publisher7Periodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,054kPi4/22/81mVol.98/No.14bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher​7Periodical820050503aPeriod
07:01 kados ical Storage  p406,055kPi4/29/81mVol.98/No.15bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,056kPi5/6/81mVol.98/No.16bP
07:01 kados eriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,057kPi5/13/81mVol.98/No.17bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7Periodi
07:01 kados cal820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,058kPi5/20/81mVol.98/No.18bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,059kPi5/
07:02 kados 27/81mVol.98/No.19bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,060kPi6/3-10/81mVol.98/No.20bPeriodical Storage6Period
07:02 kados ical5Publisher7Periodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,061kPi6/17-24/81mVol.98/No.21bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7​Periodical820050503aPeriodic
07:02 kados al Storage  p406,062kPi7/1-8/81mVol.98/No.22bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,063kPi7/15-22/81mVol.98/No.2
07:02 kados 3bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,064kPi7/29-8/5/81mVol.98/No.24bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7
07:02 kados Periodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,065kPi8/12-19/81mVol.98/No.25bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p40
07:02 kados 6,066kPi8/26-9/2/81mVol.98/No.26bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,067kPi9/9/81mVol.98/No.27bPeriodical Sto
07:02 kados rage6Periodical5Publisher7Pe​riodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,068kPi9/23/81mVol.98/No.29bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7Periodical820050503a
07:02 kados Periodical Storage  p406,069kPi9/30/81mVol.98/No.30bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,070kPi10/7/81mVol.98/
07:02 kados No.31bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,071kPi10/14/81mVol.9
07:02 kados 8/No.32bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher
07:02 kados 7Periodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,072kPi10/21/81mVol.98/No.33bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406
07:02 kados ,073kPi10/28/81mVol.98/No.34bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publisher7P​eriodical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,074kPi11/4/81mVol.98/No.35bPeriodical Storag
07:02 kados e6Periodical5Publisher7Peri​odical820050503aPeriodical Storage  p406,075kPi11/11/81mVol.98/No.36bPeriodical Storage6Periodical5Publish​er7Periodical820050503aPe
07:02 kados riodical Storage  p406,076kPi11/18/81mVol.98/No.37bPerio
07:02 kados 300    _7Periodical
07:02 kados that's the result I get when I view the record with _after_ running my conversion script
07:02 paul mmm ... quite unreadable...
07:02 kados (the record continues)
07:03 kados it seems like there is a bug in MARC::Record
07:03 kados but it's strange that can read the record
07:03 paul did you try dumpmarc with -w ?
07:03 kados no ... I will
07:03 paul because without, it can accept some errors in iso2709 file
07:04 paul with -w it is much more strict.
07:04 paul (or is it without -w ?)
07:04 kados with w is off
07:04 paul if i read correctly, you want to move 852 to 952 ?
07:05 kados correct
07:05 kados (while preserving 852)
07:05 kados (just in case ;-))
07:05 paul just in case :
07:06 paul MARC::Field->new('952','','',
07:06 paul #u=> $itemnumber,
07:06 paul b=>'NBBC', #holdingbranch
07:06 paul c=>$field852_b, #location
07:06 paul d=>'NBBC', #homebranch
07:06 paul if $field852_b is empty you will have BIG problems
07:06 paul as Perl consider :
07:06 paul b=> 'NBBC',
07:06 paul c=> d
07:06 paul 'NBBC' => k
07:06 paul ...
07:06 paul to avoid this, always do :
07:07 paul c=> $field852_b."",
07:07 paul (adding ."" to all subfields you want to create
07:07 paul )
07:07 kados ok ... I'll try this
07:07 paul ALWAYS do this, if it is useless, forgetting it may be harmful ;-)
07:11 kados paul: now i get:
07:11 kados Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at ./ line 310.
07:12 paul means your problem is there ;-)
07:12 kados 310 is:
07:12 kados MARC::Field->new('952','','',
07:12 kados                #u=> $itemnumber,
07:12 kados                b=>'NBBC'."", #holdingbranch
07:12 kados                c=>$field852_b."", #location
07:13 paul right.
07:13 kados did I do it wrong?
07:13 paul (note you don't need ."" on subfields that are 100% sure defined, like 'NBBC'  ;-)
07:13 kados :-)
07:13 paul drop all fields and reintroduce them 1 by one to see which one is the culprit
07:14 paul (s/drop/comment/)
07:14 paul[…]ml#subfield_code_
07:15 paul If no matching subfields are found, undef is returned in a scalar context and an empty list in a list context.
07:15 kados so should I do:
07:15 kados p=>$field852_p."" if $field852_p;
07:15 kados ?
07:16 paul would not work. Better is : $field852_p?$field852:""
07:16 paul (or you could try "$field852_p"
07:17 paul that should not be managed as a concat
07:18 kados ok ... but I think the 'uninitialized value' error is probably ok
07:18 kados probably some fields (like notes) don't exist with every record
07:18 paul you may be right : can be due to "use warnings"
07:19 hdl rach, chris, paul, kados : Sorry to bother you. table aqorderdelivery is never used in my
07:19 hdl So I am wondering if one CAN receive books he didnot expect from a supplier with our system.
07:19 hdl But More, how partial deliveries are managed.
07:19 hdl I ordered 4 books, only One was delivered.
07:19 hdl If system is given a delivery date, it is true I received sthg.
07:19 hdl But also false my order is not complete.
07:19 hdl And If aqorderdelivery is never used, maybe we should drop it.
07:22 paul hdl, you should ask koha-devel, as chris is in bed (hopefully for him) & joshua & I ignore the answer to your question.
07:22 kados hehe ... it's true ... I've never use acquisitions
07:23 kados paul: the same problem happens when I run the script with the ."" modif
07:23 paul (if you want to make monay on Koha, you will have to know this module as well as others)
07:23 kados paul: i don't know if it happens with many records
07:23 kados (of course ;-))
07:23 paul you mean it sometimes happends & sometimes not ?
07:23 kados paul: only for some records
07:23 kados Periodicals with many 852s
07:24 paul sometimes yes & often no you mean ?
07:24 paul & periodicals with only a few 852 are working well ?
07:24 kados yes
07:24 kados in fact, I've only seen two records with the problem
07:24 kados but as there are 50,000 records I could be missing many
07:25 kados here's the start of one record that has the problem (before I convert it)
07:25 kados NUMBER 39969 =>
07:25 kados LDR 99943cas  2210645 a 45 0
07:25 kados 001     ocm06083626
07:25 kados 003     OCoLC
07:25 kados 005     20050503171633.0
07:25 kados 008     800314c19029999iluer1p       0   a0eng d
07:25 kados 010    _a   04019837
07:25 kados       _zsc 84007725
07:25 kados       _zsn 80008287
07:25 kados 040    _aNSD
07:25 kados there are many 040 (about 30)
07:26 paul maybe splitting line 309 / 322 in 2 step could be helpfull : my $newfield=MARC::Field->new ..; $record->append_fields($newfield)
07:27 paul (if could be a complex memory allocation problem.
07:27 kados ok
07:27 paul why not also :
07:27 paul warn "=>".$record->as_formatted on line 323
07:27 paul you would see when the record becomes corrupted
07:27 paul 1st 852 or 10th for example ?
07:55 kados paul: there are 372 852s
07:55 kados paul: and printing as_formatted within the foreach loop reveals no problems
07:56 paul an idea that maybe not really a MARC::Record problem !
07:56 paul that's really many 852
07:56 paul and iirc, the iso2709 has a length limit, you may have reach it
07:57 paul (so, you should try again deleting 852 when copied in 952)
07:57 kados maybe ... so I should delete the existing 852s then?
07:57 kados to make room?
07:57 kados :-)
07:57 paul 1st :-)
08:05 kados paul: you're a genius!
08:05 kados paul: it worked!
08:05 kados paul: thank you very much
08:05 paul I know I know...
08:05 paul ;-)
08:05 kados hehe
08:06 paul the invoice is to send where ?
08:06 paul (what ? It seems I hear : "Trash road, 0001 desktop")
08:07 kados hehe
08:07 paul interesting info :
08:08 paul (stallman reaction after european parliament rejected software patents)
08:31 hdl Unfortunately, qemu is not too fast on my box. Should have kqemu.
09:28 hdl if you need some fun now :)
10:02 kados select subfieldvalue from marc_subfield_table where tag='952' and subfieldcode='y' limit 0,20;
10:02 kados Empty set (0.51 sec)
10:02 kados paul: maybe bulkmarcimport is taking the value from 952y, putting it in notforloan, then taking it out of 952y in the marc_subfield_table
10:03 paul nope
10:03 paul 100% sure
10:04 kados select * from marc_word where tagsubfield='952y' limit 0,20;
10:04 kados Empty set (0.02 sec)
10:05 kados but it does show up in items.notforloan
10:05 kados and items.notforloan is (presumably) getting it's value from 952y
10:22 thd please explain the length limit for MARC::Record issue to me
10:23 paul hi thd.
10:23 thd hello paul
10:23 paul is iso2709, positions 0->4 contains "record length"
10:23 paul so, it's limited to 9999 Bytes.
10:23 paul (99999 in fact)
10:23 paul no, I'm wrong here.
10:24 paul the limit is lower.
10:25 thd paul: where might it be documented?
10:29 thd paul: are you identifying an issue in the ISO standard itself or MARC::Record itself?
10:29 kados iso standard i think
10:29 paul iso iirc
10:31 thd Is it easy to create a record that exceeds the standard if you start filling it with detailed table of contents. book reviews, and extensive holdings information?
11:02 thd kados: in your recent conversion, do I understand correctly that there was so much information in some of your records that merely doubling the 852 fields exceeded the maximum length for a single record?
11:03 kados thd: yes
11:04 thd kados: so what was in these records then to cause that problem?
11:04 kados thd: too many 852 fields
11:04 kados thd: over 300 of them
11:06 thd kados: is that an 852 field for every issue of a serial?  What were they storing that needed over 300 852s?
11:06 kados thd: periodicals ;-)
11:06 kados thd: and the record came from OCLC ;-)
11:08 thd kados: Do you mean the holdings information was for many libraries or only the one you were converting?
11:08 kados thd: I don't understand the question
11:10 thd kados: Why did these records have so many 852 fields?  What information was being stored there that required so many fields to store it?
11:10 kados thd: periodicals ;-)
11:11 paul I leave now
11:11 paul see you next week
11:12 thd kados: I understand that these were periodical records.  What aspect of periodical information was being stored so as to require many 852s?
11:15 thd kados: maybe if my question is not well understood would you send me an example of one of these records so I can understand better how this problem can arise?
11:15 kados thd: I understand now ... it was just standard holdings information that's kept in 952
11:15 kados thd: it's just that there was a lot of it
11:16 kados thd: over 300 852s
11:16 kados thd: so when I created duplicate 952s
11:16 kados thd: that record was mangled
11:16 kados thd: as soon as i started deleting the 852s before I created the 952s it worked like a charm
11:17 thd kados: was it over 300 different issues, each with its own 852?
11:17 kados yep
11:34 kados shaun: howdy!
11:34 kados shaun: how's the website coming?
11:34 shaun howdy
11:35 shaun well thanks, but due to Russel's request i won't be sharing the actual design until the meeting
11:37 shaun i have replaced the last link that i shared here, and the new design is more polished, with specific design aspects like rounded corners and gradients, all made to comply with standards and accessibility guidelines so far
11:39 shaun in terms of content, i have yet to make some draft homepage content with Ben's assistance, and i am waiting for an outcome to the current thread on the first paragraph
11:54 thd shaun: where is your original design description?  I only saw Russel's wireframes.
11:57 shaun thd: what do you mean by design description? the original, unfinished, deprecated design candidate was at
11:58 thd shaun: that is what I mean.  I just never saw it. :)

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