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20:56 IRCMonkey hi Chris, it's Irma here as usual with a few questions...
20:57 chris hi irma
21:34 chris irma:[…]hotos/docmanager/
21:43 chris[…]ha/
21:51 chris
22:15 thd chris: what is the function of items.replacementpricedate?
22:18 chris you can store the date the replacementprice was set
22:19 chris so if the books gets lost and the replacement price was 10.95
22:19 chris but that was set in 1942
22:20 chris you know that thats not a good indication of the price anymore :)
22:20 thd chris: :) Calls for dynamic periodic updating.  What about items.stack?
22:21 chris thats a hang over from an idea i had, that you could mark an item as being in the stack room, and it would no longer be discoverable from the opac .. or it would say STACK or something
22:22 chris but what happens in reality
22:22 chris is that ppl have either a virtualshelf called stack, or a branch called ssomething .. like of eg Levin Mending at HLT
22:22 chris and they will use branch transfers to transfer the item to that branch
22:23 chris and then you have a nice history of when it was last mended
22:23 chris so the short answer is, its not currently used
22:25 thd chris: and items.binding?
22:26 chris not used eithe
22:26 chris r
22:27 thd chis: Are there other orphaned or yet to be used columns in the items or other tables?
22:28 chris probably
22:28 thd :)
22:29 chris im not sure multivolume is currently used
22:29 chris or restricted
22:29 chris the rest are in items
22:30 chris everything in biblioitems is used
22:31 chris well marc might be orphaned now, paul would know
22:31 chris biblio is all used
22:31 thd chris: Does items.multivolumepart follow items.multivolume disuse?
22:35 chris yeah i reckon so
22:36 chris biblioitems.volumeddesc and biblioitems.volume and biblioitems.number hold that info instead
22:39 thd chris: Is biblioitems.dewey for the class number and items.itemcallnumber for the full call number attached to the item?
22:39 chris itemcallnumber isnt one of mine
22:39 chris im not sure what the idea behind that is
22:40 thd chris: should I presume that biblioitems.dewey is used for the full call number?
22:41 chris yep
22:41 chris altho it probably will depend on how you have you koha2marc links set up in admin
22:42 chris in the libraries ive set up, dewey is used for the full callnumber
22:42 thd chris: when spine labels are printed, is the items.itemnumber appended to biblioitems.dewey?
22:43 chris sorry
22:44 chris no
22:44 chris well itemnumber is an internal koha number anyway
22:44 chris i suspect you mean barcode
22:44 chris and the answer is still no
22:45 chris items.itemnumber is an internal koha number, one unique to an item, and that never changes
22:45 thd chris: I mean something like 941.32 A47 copy 3
22:46 chris you certainly could as part of your acquistion process
22:46 chris but most libraries dont use koha to print their lables
22:46 chris they buy a bunch of preprinted stickers
22:47 chris and scan that barcode in, as the accesion the item
22:48 chris and its stored in items.barcode (which may change .. they may stick a new barcode sticker on it in the future .. items.itemnumber never changes, so you dont lose any history of the item if you relabel it)
22:49 thd chris: you mean preprinted barcode labels with the barcode and only the barcode.  The barcode usually goes inside a book.
22:49 chris yep, koha doesnt print spine labels as far as i know either
22:51 chris probably wouldnt be too hard to build something that builds the labels
22:51 chris as far as im aware no one has yet
22:52 thd chris: For items.withdrawn is value 0 or null not wihtdrawn and value 1 withdrawn?
22:52 chris thats it
22:52 chris itemlost has a few more values
22:53 chris 0 or NULL is not lost
22:53 chris 1 = a librarian has marked it lost
22:53 chris 2 = koha has noticed its over some set time overdue and marked it lost
22:54 chris more interesting 0 .. means its notlost .. but it has been lost in the past
22:54 chris null is not lost, and it never has been
22:54 chris same with 0 and null in wthdrawn
22:54 thd chris: 2 is stolen unless paid for :)
22:54 chris yep
22:55 chris for hlt after 4 weeks overdue, koha marks the itemlost=2 and puts the replacementprice as a fine on the borrowers card
22:55 chris its done by a script called which is setup as a cron job
22:59 thd chris: I have posted a first draft of a MARC 21 holdings migration as the last section of a message about MARC holdings on koha-devel.  Some little revising wil now be necessary for items.lost value 2 for example.
22:59 thd s/migration/migration mapping
23:00 chris ahh yep
23:01 chris when the person pays for the item
23:01 chris it becomes itemlost=1
23:01 chris and paidfor gets some stuff in
23:01 chris lemme find a live example
23:03 chris something like 'Paid for by so and so, cardnumber such and such'
23:04 chris and the date
23:05 thd chris: Is the date is stored in the borrowers table?
23:06 chris nope, its stored in the statistics table tho
23:07 chris you cant store it in the borrowers table, as a person might have paid for none, 1 or 8 items
23:08 chris so it needs to be a row not a column
23:10 chris and in accountlines
23:10 chris eg
23:10 chris | borrowernumber | accountno | itemnumber | date       | amount     | description                     | dispute | accounttype | amountoutstanding | timestamp      |
23:10 chris +----------------+-----------+-----------​-+------------+------------+-------------​--------------------+---------+----------​---+-------------------+----------------+
23:10 chris |     1000005195 |         1 |     114939 | 2005-07-23 |  22.950000 | Lost Item Over to you L0227140X | NULL    | L           |          0.000000 | 20050723100208 |
23:11 chris then
23:11 chris |     1000005195 |         2 |       NULL | 2005-07-23 | -22.950000 | Payment,thanks - C              | NULL    | Pay         |          0.000000 | 20050723100208 |
23:11 chris +----------------+-----------+-----------​-+------------+------------+-------------​--------------------+---------+----------​---+-------------------+----------------+
23:12 chris the timestamp is the same on both, because the first row was changed to amountoutstanding when the cost was paid
23:12 chris amountstanding=0
23:13 chris so on the viewaccount screen in the members section of hte intranet you can see all this information
23:16 thd chris: I had not explored borrower accounting issues in Koha.  In my ideal library nothing is ever loaned, so no accounting circulation problems :)
23:16 chris :)
23:19 thd I have concentrated on how to get the bibliographic and holdings information into Koha from MARC and find it.  
23:19 chris yep
23:19 thd Everything after that is just extra fun :)
23:25 thd chris: Are there any other multi-value integer (1) columns aside from items.itemlost?
23:30 chris dont think so
23:30 chris issues, renewals, reserves are just counters
23:32 chris nope i cant see anymore
23:34 thd chis: Koha needs another to use Damian Conway's data type 'erm' :)
23:36 chris :-)
23:36 thd Book is lost and in location 'erm' etc.
23:37 chris yep
23:42 thd chris: does items.payedfor relate to initial acquisition or replacement fine when lost?
23:43 chris replacement fine when lost
23:44 chris the initial acquisition data will be in aqorders ..if you are using full acquisitions
23:47 chris otherwise it will be in some accounting software you used instead :)
02:22 osmoze hello
02:22 paul hi
06:03 kados paul: you around?
06:04 kados paul: I'm wondering about your recent addition for leader management
06:20 paul kados, i'm here (but for a few minuts only)
06:23 kados paul: ok
06:23 kados paul: if I do a data import with fresh marc records (that have a leader)
06:23 paul send your questions ;-)
06:23 paul they should be imported as well
06:23 kados what do I need to do to keep the leader in Koha?
06:23 kados great
06:23 paul just define MARC21 field 000
06:23 paul with subfield @
06:23 paul an put them in tab 0 or whatever you want
06:24 kados ok
06:24 kados thanks paul!
06:24 paul your welcome
06:38 paul leaving for a -long- week end now. Read you on monday Koha fans
10:47 thd kados: I will post the search material type from leader question after writing a few more messages.
10:51 thd kados: Your communication with Paul earlier this morning seemed to suggest that he had committed leader support to head.  Is that true?

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