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12:13 kados thd: yep
12:13 kados thd: haven't tested it yet (other than to add that tag/subfield to the default MARC framework)
12:13 kados it's in CVS and will be released in 2.2.4
17:10 kados yea ...
09:11 kados hey owen
09:11 owen Hi
09:11 owen Lookit me, I'm online!
09:11 kados yay!
09:11 kados how's the speed?
09:12 owen Here in The Plains?  Great! ;)
09:12 kados ahh ;-)
10:46 kados owen: got a quick question for you if you're available
10:46 owen sure
10:47 kados I'm trying to understand 'classification', 'dewey', and 'location'
10:47 kados and 'subclass' if it applies
10:48 kados and LC control number too ;-)
10:48 owen I think the ideal situation is where each part of the call number is in a separate field
10:48 kados let me paste in a sample record
10:48 owen So for JNF 569.3 Fe, JNF is in one field, 569.3 in another, and Fe is in still another
10:48 owen But we just lumped everything together in classification
10:48 kados right
10:49 kados here's a sample:
10:49 kados 852    _bVertical File
10:49 kados       _kVertical File
10:49 kados       _hBible-Inspiration
10:49 kados       _p4042
10:49 kados       _zLocated in the periodical room.
10:49 kados       _6Pamphlet
10:49 kados       _820000226
10:49 kados       _mPF 1042
10:49 kados so at first glance
10:49 kados 852$6 is format
10:50 kados 852$p is barcode
10:50 kados 852$k is call number prefix
10:50 kados 852$h is call number main
10:50 kados 852$m is call number suffix
10:50 kados 852$z is location
10:51 kados 852$b is also some kind of format (itemtype)
10:51 kados but I don't know LC well enough to know if "Vertical File" is a valid prefix
10:52 owen So the call number label would look like:
10:52 owen Vertical File
10:52 owen Bible-Inspiration
10:52 owen PF 1042
10:52 owen ?
10:52 kados yea ... that's what it comes out as
10:53 kados thing is ... Subclass PF' in LOC is 'West Germanic Languages'
10:53 kados Subclass P is 'langauage and literature'
10:54 owen Are you sure it isn't some kind of internal numbering system?
10:54 kados well ... they said k, h m are prefix, main, suffix
10:54 kados I should tool around on a university site to compare
10:55 owen But the PF 1042?  I'm wondering if they don't use a special numbering system just for their pamphlets?
10:55 owen I worked at a library that did that
10:55 kados could be
10:55 kados in which case it wouldn't be LOC
10:55 kados grrr
11:58 thd kados: Does this library have anything other than pamhlets?  Would the call numbers for other material seem correct in the form 852$k$h$i$m?  Where is $i for your example?

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