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12:31 thd owen: Had you found how to assign a damaged item to itemtype 'damaged too fragile to circulate' or something similar that you and kados seemed to be concerned with last week?
12:32 owen It's not something I've been working on
12:32 thd owen: Do you remeber the questions kados had asked you about that?
12:33 owen not offhand
12:36 thd owen: ooh, maybe its importance had seemed especially minor even to him and he initiated the query.  I have missed him on IRC when I was asking.
12:48 thd kados: ping
15:24 dan hi there everyone, I just installed koha but for some reason z39.50 doesnt work, and I get an error about mysql syntax and
15:25 dan does anyone know what that might be?
15:35 thd dan: what operating system did you install koha on?
15:35 dan debian sarge linux
15:36 thd dan: did you launch the z39.50 daemon?
15:36 dan yeah
15:38 thd dan: have you configured some reliable z39.50 server targets with the correct information?
15:39 dan actually i think i just fixed it... i had the loc server set up to unimarc
15:39 dan thanks for the help :-)
15:40 dan kudos on the software y'all.
19:27 thd Genji: are you there?
19:39 dan hi everyone. I installed koha today, and have been adding books using z3950, but after a while it lags and stops working. I find w/ ps that there are a bunch of forked (i think) processz3950que processes and if i restart the daemon it works again
19:39 dan I think maybe I'm not using it right?
19:39 dan also the window allways says "still 3 requests to go" or else "still ?? requests to go"
19:40 dan any idea what i'm doing wrong?
19:43 chris hi dan
19:43 chris it might not be you
19:43 chris its not a particularly robust piece of software (the z3950 part of koha)
19:44 chris in theory, it should fork a request for each server, these should then die when the results are returned
19:45 chris its a good idea in theory, having a daemon that does the z3950 requests
19:46 chris since they can take a long time to return, it gets around timeout problems
19:46 chris but it needs some work to make it a bit more solid
19:46 dan so, basically, some of the servers i have listed are not returning in a timely manner and the processes are getting hung?
19:46 chris that would be my guess
19:47 dan okay... so i'll try removing some servers
19:47 dan i've noticed that it happens more often when i try entering books that most servers don't have any info on
19:47 chris that makes sense
19:47 chris what it tries to do is get a certain number of results
19:48 chris and will keep trying servers until it does (or runs out of servers to try)
19:48 dan okay... so that's what the "still 3 requests to go" thing means
19:49 chris i think thats 3 servers left to query ... or 3 searches left to go
19:49 dan okay... i got it
19:49 chris i cant remember which :)
19:49 dan you're able to do more than one search at a time?
19:50 chris i dont think so, so its more likely 3 servers left to query
19:50 dan okay
19:50 dan cool
19:50 dan well, thanks for the help, it makes a lot more sense now
19:50 chris for the next major version of koha, we have a couple of options
19:51 chris one of which is to take an existing free software z3950 client
19:51 chris and get koha to be able to use it
19:51 dan I'm trying to get this thing to the point where volunteers at this community center can use it effectively... so it has to run smoothly :)
19:51 dan oh, that'd be cool
19:51 chris otherwise, we will refactor and try make it a bit tighter
19:51 dan i like how the z3950 thing works in theory...
19:52 chris yeah
19:52 chris in practice its a bit flakey
19:52 dan especially how it's distributed so people can share their database
19:52 dan like w/ the z3950 server in the package
19:52 chris yeah
19:52 chris that will be much better in the next major version too
19:52 dan especially since the place i'm at has a lot of stuff most places dont
19:53 chris we already know how to integrate a much better z3950 server
19:53 dan cool
19:53 dan I'm pretty excited about this software, I think it's going to work well for us
19:54 chris excellent
19:54 dan once we get a barcode scanner anyway :)
19:54 chris when you are up and running drop us a note, and we'll add you to the koha users map :)
19:54 dan okay, that sounds good
19:54 dan i'm going to get back at this now, thanks a lot
19:55 dan oh, i meant to ask, when's the next major release looking like it might come out?
19:56 thd :-)
19:56 chris theres going to be a 2.2.4 bugfix release out in the nearish future
19:56 dan cool
19:56 chris but 2.4/3.0 (we havent decided on the number yet, i think it will be 3.0 lots of changes) will be early 2006
19:57 dan sweet, i'll definately look forward to it
19:57 dan one feature that I can already tell might be usefull would be something where you coul list a bunch if isbn's someplace and resolve all of them at one time
19:57 dan or something like that
19:58 chris right
19:58 dan it takes a long time to enter all these books :)
19:58 chris heres a trick
19:58 chris you can use the script to load a big bunch of marc records into the reservior
19:59 chris and then when you go to add a new book, it searches the reservior and if it matches a title, you can prefill the form with the data
20:00 dan oh, okay, i'll try that out
20:00 thd chris: which is the better z39.50 server [did you mean client] that you already know how to integrate?
20:00 chris i meant server
20:00 chris zebra, from indexdata
20:01 thd the daemon acts as a client
20:01 chris i know
20:01 chris i was talking about 2 different thing
20:01 chris s
20:02 chris <dan> like w/ the z3950 server in the package
20:02 chris > we already know how to integrate a much better z3950 server
20:02 chris koha has a z3950 server as well as the client, but neither of them are what you'd call rocksolid
20:03 thd chris: what do you know about better client integration?
20:03 chris no one has really looked into it
20:05 thd there was a reply for Index Data on koha-zebra to a message that I had forwarded where I had added a note about Event module problems.
20:05 chris dan: sorry i put you slightly wrong
20:05 chris will load straight into your catalog
20:05 chris /cgi-bin/koha/import/  will import into the reservior
20:06 chris you need to run from the commandline
20:06 chris ok, i gotta get back to my paid job
20:06 chris cyas later
20:07 dan thanks
20:09 Genji hiya all
20:10 thd chris: Sebastian form Index Data recommended the Yaz/Zoom API.
20:11 thd Genji: hello
20:13 thd Genji:[…]library-opac.html
20:18 thd Genji: The link above is to a blog posting about a library near you.  Much nearer you than me, certainly.  North Shore Libraries in New Zealand. Mike Copley, Assistant Librarian and Web Developer has a graphical map linked to OPAC results showing book location as a red mark.  Perhaps you would be interested to enquire with him about how he implemented that.
20:24 thd Genji: I could not find the link previously, after I confused it with something I had read about extending an Innovative Interfaces ILS.
20:39 thd chris, rach: Where would I find the template set that provides access to the page for assigning items to biblioitems?
20:42 thd chirs, rach: You had posted that the current default and NPL templates were broken for that.
21:40 rach um chris gave you the URL to hack the other day
21:41 rach thd -
21:41 rach that shows how it's supposed to work (well where)
21:42 rach and its the edit button on the more detail page for group that is broken in the templates
21:44 rach hmm -
21:45 rach I'm getting biowhat
21:49 rach erg wrong channel
02:18 Genji hiya rach
02:21 paul hello rach/Genji
02:21 Genji hiya paul. how goes/
02:22 paul fine, thanks. Nice weather, not too hot for instance ;-)
02:22 paul Just 1 minor bad thing : I saw Ocean 12 yesterday, it's really a bad movie.
02:22 paul Ocean 11 was fun, imho, and Ocean 12 is a non sense
02:23 paul (+ really poorly translated in french)
02:23 Genji hmm... right. saw The Island, today. Really really enjoyed it.
02:23 paul (mmm... bad is not the right word in english. But you understand what I mean)
02:37 hdl hi everybody.
02:38 paul salut henri damien. Bien dormi ?
02:38 paul Noane vous a laissé un peu en paix ?
02:38 hdl révéillé 3 fois.
02:38 hdl Mais elle ne sera pas là de la journée.
02:38 paul c'est un léger progrès non ?
02:39 hdl Oui. Mais j'ai l'impression que ce n'est pas seulement des angoisses mais aussi fonction de ce qu'elle a mangé et de sa digestion.
02:39 hdl Elle aurait des diarrhées nocturnes que cela ne m'étonnerait pas.
02:39 paul ah, là il va falloir creuser, effectivement.
02:40 hdl J'ai juste eu besoin d'être là et de la cajoler un peu. Et elle s'est calmée, la première fois.
02:40 hdl La dernière fois, cétait à 7h... heure du réveil :)
02:41 paul nous, nous avons eu 4H et 6H30 ;-)
02:41 hdl Nous sommes donc unis dans les tribulations de l'enfantement... ;)
02:41 hdl Did you have time to look at my latest commited code and see why it wouldn't work ?
02:42 hdl enfantement à prendre à un sens plus large....
02:42 paul no mail on koha-cvs, I thought you didn't commit.
02:43 paul why did sf forget to send the mails is a good question...
02:43 paul ok, i update my cvs & look immediatly.
02:43 paul (just sending doc to in2p3 before)
02:43 paul let gnomemeeting ready, i call you when i have suggestions.
02:46 hdl paul : Sorry. My latest commit did not work.
02:51 hdl It was aborted since you comitted a version of updatedatabase before mine.
02:51 paul ;-)
02:51 paul (as you seem to have forgotten updatedatabase cleaning that I suggested few weeks ago, i made it myself ;-) )
02:53 hdl Not forgotten. I thought it was Long term work.
02:53 paul it was not urgent, but better to do it before playing with 3.0 database.
02:53 paul so, in fact, it had to be done asap.
02:54 paul anyway, it has been made, that's what is important ;-)
03:25 osmoze bonjour
03:25 paul 'lut
03:28 osmoze paul, je recherche desesperement une 2.0, tu aurais cela ?
03:28 paul il doit toujours y avoir un 2.0.2 sur sourceforge non ?
03:28 osmoze pas trouvé :(
03:28 paul fichtre, c'est exact.
03:28 osmoze ni sourceforge ni katipo
03:28 paul pourquoi, tu veux revenir en 2.0 ?
03:29 osmoze bin c est pour l upgrade
03:29 paul Je te réactive la 2.0.2 sur sourceforge
03:29 osmoze je migre cette semaine
03:29 osmoze ok, merci :)
03:29 paul super pour ce qui est de la migration ;-)
03:30 osmoze je risque d etre un peu embetant ces prochains temps ^^
03:30 paul je suis là
03:30 paul voilà
03:30 paul[…]&package_id=12718
03:30 osmoze ok, c est parti, merci :)
03:32 paul you're welcome
03:47 osmoze tiens, quand il y a une erreur dans l installeur, et que l on retombe sur le shell, c est tout rouge  ^^
03:47 paul reset est ton ami je pense
03:48 paul (pas le bouton, hein, la commande shell)
03:48 osmoze lol
03:48 osmoze ^^
03:48 hdl lorsque tu relances l'installer, les couleurs se réinitialisent dtf
03:49 osmoze oki :) et bonjour hdl ^^
03:49 hdl bonjour osmoze.
03:49 hdl un plaisir de se trouver sur des listes amies ;)
03:50 osmoze vi :)
03:50 osmoze tiens, un ls et plus rien couleur normale
03:50 osmoze bon
03:50 paul c'était un message codé ?
03:50 hdl en fait, on fréquente léa tous les deux ;)
04:21 osmoze une question paul, le script d import et export avec la bdp fonctionnera toujours avec la 2.3 ?
04:22 paul probablement, mais c'est trop tot pour le dire définitivement. En tous cas, nous allons tout faire pour conserver l'API actuelle de la gestion des notices.
04:28 osmoze question (mal formulée) parle du script que tu nous avez developper pour ajouter et enlever les notices bdp et c etait sur la 2.2.3 ^^
04:29 paul ah, alors c'est clair : RAS
04:29 paul aucune modif dans la base, donc aucune modif dans les API, donc ca marchera pareil ;-)
04:30 osmoze merci :)
05:12 paul hdl : commit avec modifs, mais ca ne marche toujours pas bien. Mais c'est meux. je continue à chercher
05:13 hdl merci. Je vais étudier ce qui ne va pas.
07:06 osmoze paul, une question venant de sandrine, tu me dis de virer le thesaurus 700 701 702, sa question : c est remplacé par quoi ? car si on recherche par auteur ca marche plus
07:06 osmoze et pour les nouvelles notices que j integrerai de la bdp, ca fera comment ?
07:07 paul joker pour la BDP.
07:07 osmoze erf, en fait je comprend pas le couac de ces champs
07:07 paul s'il n'y a pas les auteurs en 200, alors, il faut laisser les champs 700, 701 et 702
07:07 paul MAIS : tu n'es pas obligé de les relier à un thésaurus. Ca peut être des champs à saisir librement.
07:08 paul en UNIMARC strict, ce devrait être des listes d'autorité.
07:08 paul mais vous n'avez peut être pas besoin de ca ;-)
07:08 osmoze en fait, si je l enleve, personne n y voit que du feu
07:21 osmoze de plus, je pense avoir un petit probleme au niveau de l intranet, quand je veux changer de site, le clic de la souris ne fonctionne pas, cela fonctionne qu avec la touche entré positionné dessus, je n ai rien vu de telle dans la mailing, une idée ?
07:21 osmoze (le bouton valider)
07:21 paul ??? non, aucune
07:29 paul_away oups, clic un peu rapide...
07:30 paul osmoze : l'adresse ne fonctionne pas
07:30 paul (pas de réponse du serveur)
07:31 osmoze regarde
07:45 osmoze ma redirection dns ne marche plus, je regarde et reviens :)
08:00 osmoze paul, peux tu reessayer ?
08:00 paul redonne l'adresse
08:00 osmoze
10:13 kados hi all
10:14 kados Athens County has major power probs today
10:14 kados my home network has been down for about 18 hours
10:14 kados :-(

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