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19:27 mason ok
19:28 chris ok mason, itemtypes
19:28 mason so the general question, is there are some misc fields in some of the fred.hollows tables, and im wondering the best place for them..
19:29 mason which fields are more 'item descriptions' and which are itemtypes
19:30 mason eg the cd table has 2 fields 'type' and 'format'
19:30 mason heres an example
19:30 mason <Row>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">1</Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Ear Toilet </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">1</Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Modified 27/10/2003</Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Three Powerpoint Presentations by Dr Keith N. Edwards : - Ear Toilet (76 Slides), Ear Toilet Plus (89 Slides), Ear Toilet Plus Plus (99 Slides) </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Australia </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Medical Training </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CD </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason </Row>
19:30 chris right
19:30 mason 'Med training' is type
19:31 chris CD = itemtype
19:31 mason sure
19:31 mason the med training field?
19:32 mason other values are 'promotional', and 'presentation'
19:32 chris that looks more like a subject to me
19:32 mason ah
19:33 mason field 5 is ' CD duration', where does he go?
19:33 mason the field on that example is blank, ill get another
19:34 mason <Row>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">29</Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Press Ads for OSN - July Edition FH Technologies </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">1</Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">May-03</Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Advertisements </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Australia </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Advertisement</Data></Cell>
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CD </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason </Row>
19:34 mason thats blank too!
19:34 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">25 mins 05 secs </Data></Cell>
19:34 chris ok i tell you what
19:35 chris id use CD as itemtype
19:35 chris and Advertisements as subject
19:35 chris and perhaps Advertisement as dewey
19:35 chris dewey is what shows up as classification, ill find an example
19:36 mason great stuff...
19:37 chris[…]
19:39 mason another question, some of the records have a 'copies' field, ie: the number of copies, do we create a new 'item' record for each of these copies?
19:39 chris yep
19:39 mason ok
19:39 chris that would be the best solution
19:40 chris we may have to just make up barcodes for them, since they dont have a library yet
19:40 mason ok
19:41 mason next, one table is a list of videos, there are lots of video types eg:
19:41 mason | "Betacam"               |
19:41 mason | "Betacam SP Metal tape" |
19:41 mason | "KSP20"                 |
19:41 mason | "Betacam SP Metal tape" |
19:41 mason | "Umatic?"               |
19:41 mason | "Hi 8"                  |
19:41 mason | "Digital Betacam"       |
19:41 mason | "DVCAM 32"              |
19:41 mason | "DVCAM 124"             |
19:41 mason | "Dvcam 40"              |
19:41 chris right
19:41 mason | "Dvcam 60"              |
19:41 mason | "Mini DV"               |
19:41 mason | "Betacam SP"            |
19:41 mason | "Digital Betacam"       |
19:41 chris id stick those in dewey
19:41 mason are each of these an itemtype?
19:41 chris id class them all itemtype video
19:41 chris and have that being their classification
19:42 chris itemtypes are basically what you use for your issuing rules
19:42 chris you dont want to have to define a rule for every type of video
19:43 mason click
19:44 chris so as long as we store that info in the classification they can then search for all items of type video, that have dvcam 40 as their classification
19:44 mason so those values would be in biblioitems table, in dewey AND classification fields?
19:45 chris there is a bug with dewey (its fixed for the new release)
19:45 chris its currently set to a float
19:45 chris so what id do
19:45 chris is
19:45 chris alter table biblioitems change dewey dewey varchar(100);
19:45 chris and then store those values in dewey
19:46 chris (which is badly named, it should just be called class or something)
19:47 chris because thats how koha treats it
19:54 mason chris: another quessy, russ has sent me another xls table from FH, its a database of press incidences
19:55 chris k
19:55 mason can we put these as items in koha, they arnt items as such, what fudges will we need to do to get them in?
19:56 mason heres a xml field desc. ...
19:56 chris hmm
19:56 mason <Row>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Date</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Publication</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Page No.</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Headline</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Journalist/Author</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Topic</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Type</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Source</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Fundraising Campaign</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Corporate/Editorial</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Remarks</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason </Row>
19:56 chris id load them in
19:57 chris make them pressrelease itemtype or something
19:57 mason heres a record example
19:57 mason <Row>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">7/07/2005</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Sydney Morning Herald</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">8</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">On the job: Irene Fisher</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Sharon Lindsay</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Interview with Irene Fisher of Sunrise Health Service.</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Feature</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Staff member</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:57 mason <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Does not mention The Foundation</Data></Cell>
19:58 mason </Row>
19:58 mason do-able?
19:58 chris yeah id just make a blank item for them
19:58 mason without a biblio, or biblioitem record
19:58 mason ?
20:00 chris a biblio and a biblioitem
20:00 chris id make the headline be the title
20:00 chris publisher = paper
20:01 mason sorry , ive got another one, when calling the newbiblioitem(), and newitems() subroutines in, does an existing itemtype have to exist in the itemtypes table, for the routine to be successfull?
20:02 mason gotcha
20:02 chris it doesnt have to
20:03 mason ok, just checking
20:03 chris but the search wont work if it doesnt
20:03 chris so i load the data
20:03 chris then make the itemtypes
20:03 chris then check a search
20:03 mason sure, just wondering if there was a dependency, or an order
20:04 chris it shouldnt matter
20:05 chris actually it would be good if it didnt let you add one if the itemtype didnt exist
20:06 chris or at least warn
20:06 mason ok one last thing.., could you just refresh my memory on the relationship between an item's biblio and biblioitem records, (and i guess its items record too)
20:06 chris ahh there is a good diagram rach did that illustrates this
20:07 mason yup, ive seen it, and forgotten it?
20:07 chris[…]how_cat_works_001
20:07 mason ;)
20:07 mason ta
20:07 chris biblio's own biblioitems, biblioitems own items
20:07 mason ah
20:07 mason ahhhhhhhhhh
20:08 chris all makes sense now?
20:08 mason much better
20:08 chris cool
20:09 mason i general little issues ive got are where to stick a random misc. FH field into koha
20:10 chris id use the notes field
20:10 mason things like 'video running time'..., the easy way would be to plonk them in itemnotes, or comments or whatever..., but there probably is a better place for them
20:10 chris biblioitems
20:11 mason anyway, back in 20 - 30 minutes
20:11 mason thanks for all of that
20:11 chris no problem
20:25 Genji hiya all.
20:25 Genji any coder active?
21:08 chris cool, kadmin has sudo
03:43 paul hi js
03:43 osmoze hello :)
03:44 osmoze de retour de vacances :(
03:44 rach bonjour
03:45 paul hi rach. Not yet in bed ?
03:45 rach not quite :-)
03:46 rach si flys to sydney v early tommorrow so I've been frantically looking for his passport
03:46 rach found eventually in the basement
03:46 paul good luck.
03:46 rach so we're having a calming cup of tea :-)
03:47 rach where is that?
03:47 paul OK, got it ;-)
03:47 paul Burkina Faso capital.
03:47 paul (in Africa)
03:47 rach ah very cool
03:47 rach or perhaps in september quite hot
03:47 paul for a meeting about "développement durable & savoir & bibliothèques"
03:48 paul (don't know how to translate "développement durable")
03:48 rach ah so not on holiday
03:48 paul no.
03:48 rach long term development of libraries
03:48 paul long terme development of countries.
03:48 paul knowledge & libraries being a piece of developpment.
03:49 paul (however, i'm not sure Burkina Faso is a country interesting for holidays...)
03:50 rach ah well - not an african country with long sandy beaches then
03:50 paul look on a map ;-)
03:50 paul (=> burkina is one of the countries with NO sea access)
03:51 paul http://microfinancement.cirad.[…]ages/afrique3.gif
03:53 rach ah - I think sustainable development might be the translation we're after
03:54 paul that's it.
03:55 rach hmm I searched in google for Burkina Faso holiday
03:56 rach and I get things like "A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? A Closer Look at Medical Tourism"
03:56 rach which doesn't sound that positive
03:57 hdl Burkina is one of the poorest countries in the world.
03:58 paul (ppl : remember hdl has a wife coming from Ivory coast ;-) )
03:58 paul (so he knows africa very well)
03:59 hdl Its debt should have been reliefed.
03:59 hdl But Still undergoes some development pb.
03:59 rach but we hear more about the south pacific countries and aisa here than africa
03:59 hdl With Cote d'Ivoire in particuliar, which has borders with it.
04:00 hdl Cote d'Ivoire was one of the most developped countries in West Africa... before 3 years' crisis.
04:01 hdl But now West Africa has to find a new balance.
04:02 hdl Ivorian nationalism leads to troubles with borders countries.
04:07 rach paul has flavio zeni been in contact with you?
04:07 paul no
04:07 rach he's Chief Technical Adviser
04:07 rach Strengthening Parliaments' Information Systems in Africa
04:07 rach UNDESA
04:07 rach Nairobi - Kenya
04:07 paul I don't remember reading anything from him
04:07 rach no he has sent stuff only to me maybe
04:08 rach I'll forward it to you as well
04:09 rach but he has koha set up on windows so you might be not much help either
04:36 chris and i have an uncle working in botswana
04:37 chris but i still know very little africa geography and history
04:43 hdl hi chris. I only knows a little because I have lived there for years :)
04:43 hdl Have you committed some works on ?
04:44 chris hmm not recently, not that i remember
04:44 chris i may have in the past
04:44 chris let me just check
04:44 hdl My concern is to know how connexctions are managed in
04:45 chris ahh nope i havent
04:45 hdl Indeed, I would like to put in there User information... But wonders how things would go in a multi-connected environnment.
04:45 hdl Especially with mod_perl on.
04:47 chris sub _new_dbh
04:47 chris is the sub that actually creates it
04:47 hdl It is to avoid API modifications... But can't figure out how to achieve that.
04:47 chris but its only called if there isnt a connection already available
04:47 hdl Yes... I saw.
04:48 hdl But it is a connection context-free vraiable.
04:48 hdl Mine would be "based" on a connection context.
04:49 chris ahh so that yuo could have a database handle for the opac, one for the intranet etc >
04:49 chris >=?
04:49 hdl Quite like a cookie in fact, but I would like it to be available in C4 packages.
04:50 hdl Not Only in
04:50 chris hmm
04:50 paul in fact, hdl needs to know simply what is the branch of the connected user.
04:50 hdl Chris : Nope, this would be only for Userinformation.
04:51 paul and he needs the information everywhere in Koha. So he needs to be able to get it simply.
04:51 chris ohh
04:51 paul and when you are inside a sub in a .pm package, you don't have any cookie/CGI or thing like this.
04:51 paul so my suggestion would be to :
04:51 chris right
04:51 chris how about an environment variable
04:51 paul * create a variable in C4::Context to store the info during auth
04:51 paul * read it after.
04:52 chris actually sorry the environment variable will only work for mod_perl
04:52 hdl I began work in this direction, but wonders how would things function with many connections on.
04:52 chris yeah
05:06 chris back
05:10 chris hmmmm $value = C4::Context->config("config_variable");
05:11 chris presumably you could do
05:13 chris i was thinking to set something .. but we want it to be persistent
05:15 chris i wonder if Apache::Session would be worht looking at
05:18 chris or CGI::Session
05:18 chris[…]5/Session/
05:39 hdl chris : I think it might be a solution.
05:39 hdl But still, this would need more investigation and a major change in installation : Adding a Package.
05:39 hdl I don't think this would be recommended for a minor version 2.2.4.
05:39 hdl But may be great for 3.0, Don't you think ?
05:39 chris yeah i think so
05:46 chris well i think its bedtime for me
06:41 paul hdl, i've the solution to your problem
06:41 paul in C4::Context, you should add 2 variables
06:42 paul your hash, $userinfo->{$userid}->{*}
06:42 paul and a $activeuser, that you set in always
06:42 paul so, to get userinfo, you just have to read :
06:43 paul $userinfo->{$activeuser}
06:43 paul and get :
06:43 paul $activeuser=$parameter_sent_by_auth
06:43 paul unless ($userinfo->{$activeuser})   "
06:44 paul (oups, {)
06:44 paul # sql read user info
06:44 paul # set $userinfo->{$activeuser}
06:44 paul }
06:44 paul return ($userinfo->{$activeuser}->{whatever_you_need}
06:44 paul HTH
07:21 hdl ok.
07:21 hdl But may be not the right activeuser with mod_perl, may it ?
07:21 paul no risk.
07:21 paul I explain :
07:21 paul when the html call is done, the CGI gate is opened.
07:21 paul in mod_perl, the script is already here & running.
07:21 paul BUT it begins at 1st line anyway.
07:22 paul and at the very beginning, we read the cookie of the user.
07:22 paul so we get the correct userinformations here.
07:22 paul whatever mod_perl or not
07:22 paul ;-)
07:22 paul then we instanciate $activeuser that is correct.
07:22 paul then we use $userinfo->{}
07:22 paul that can be filled for $activeuser or not.
07:23 paul if not filled, then we fill it for future use & speed improvement
07:23 paul if filled, then we just read it from here.
07:24 hdl You're the BEST. ;)
07:24 paul no, I just eat lemon pies ;-)
07:25 paul (I mean the solution came when eating a own-made lemon pie)
07:25 paul everybody should eat lemon pies when he has a problem.
07:26 hdl Send me one via e-mail ;)
07:35 kados hi all
07:35 paul 'morning joshua
07:52 Genji hiya all
07:52 Genji any coders active?
07:53 paul kados should be around & i am too
07:53 paul (as well as hdl unless it's wanadoo connexion is down)
07:54 Genji k. how do i delete using a join?
07:54 hdl I am here.
07:54 Genji in other words, im wanting to delete an item from a shelf, based on itemnumber and owner.
07:55 Genji would 'delete from shelfcontents, bookshelf where itemnumber=? and bookshelf.owner=?' work?
07:59 Genji or 'delete from shelfcontents, bookshelf where shelfcontents.shelfnumber=bookshelf.shelfnumber and itemnumber=? and owner=?'?
07:59 paul no.
07:59 paul what version of mysql do you have ?
07:59 Genji how to do then?
07:59 Genji ummm.
08:00 paul (if >=4.1, then it's possible. otherwise impossible)
08:00 Genji 4.0.20a...
08:00 paul sorry, it's not possible.
08:00 Genji so i need to upgrade.
08:00 Genji should be easy enough.
08:00 paul maybe
08:01 paul and that should do what you want :
08:01 paul delete from shelfcontent where shelfnumber in (select shelfnumber from bookshelf where itemnumber=? and owner=?)
08:01 Genji think i might actually create a physicalshelf table, so the end user doesn't need >=4.1.
08:04 Genji means putting another subroutine in
08:11 Genji eh.. would mean two tables... one to keep the names of shelfs, and owners, and the other to keep contents... so....
08:14 Genji hmm..
08:16 Genji would be the easiest way, since a physical book cannot exist in two places at once....
09:45 hdl hi owen
09:45 owen Hi hdl
09:45 owen What's new?
09:46 paul 'morning owen, a question about PROG templates : do you plan to take care of 2.2 => head synchros that will be done in default/css templates ?
09:46 paul that would be fine.
09:46 paul (as you're already tracking them for NPL, would be easy for you I think)
09:46 owen yes
09:51 kados hi owen
09:51 owen Hi kados
10:13 kados paul: does the bug in 2.2.3 affect only UNIMARC ?
10:13 paul no
11:00 paul beeping kados / owen (for a translation problem)
11:00 paul look at this page :
11:01 paul[…]
11:01 paul (on the right.
11:01 paul )
11:01 paul I need your help for
11:01 paul This is a serial subscription (There are 1 subscriptions associated with this title).
11:01 paul Here comes a list of the three latest issues related to those subscription(s) :
11:01 paul For more information :Click here to look for Issues we have or don't have
11:01 paul I'm not sure at all it's correct english
11:01 paul I want to say :
11:02 paul "this is not a monography but a subscription"
11:02 paul "we can have more than 1 subscription"
11:02 paul "here is the list of the last 3 issues for each subscription
11:02 paul "click here for more details"
11:02 paul thx for your suggestions.
11:03 owen Instead of "Here comes a list of the three latest issues" you might say "Following is a list of the three latest issues" or "Below is a list of the three latest issues"
11:03 owen Nice template design, by the way
11:04 paul (it's css templates)
11:04 paul (with a nice css stylesheet. but otherwise 100% pure css template)
11:04 owen That's great.
11:04 paul right. I thought you already saw this before.
11:33 paul owen & kados : did you try your getMARCnotes, getMARCsubjects & getMARCurls subs ?
11:34 paul because they have a $dbh->disconnect at the end that makes
11:34 paul "mysql server has gone away"
11:34 kados yea ... we do have that prob I think
11:34 kados paul: what's the solution?
11:34 paul it's C4::Context & perl that is responsible for dbh disconnects
11:34 paul just remove the line ;-)
11:34 paul (works like a charm for me now. will commit the stuff soon)
11:35 kados cool
11:35 paul when i'll have solved the other problem :
11:35 paul MARCnotes not shown in css templates
11:35 paul (because they are inside the TMPL_LOOP name="BIBLIO_RESULT")
11:36 paul I also don't want to get notes & subjects twice ;-)
11:36 kados :-)
11:45 thd kados: Did you find how to assign a damaged item to itemtype 'damaged too fragile to circulate' or something similar that you and owen seemed to be concerned with last week?
11:52 thd Genji: are you still there?

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