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19:27 mason  ok
19:28 chris  ok mason, itemtypes
19:28 mason  so the general question, is there are some misc fields in some of the fred.hollows tables, and im wondering the best place for them..
19:29 mason  which fields are more 'item descriptions' and which are itemtypes
19:30 mason  eg the cd table has 2 fields 'type' and 'format'
19:30 mason  heres an example
19:30 mason  <Row>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">1</Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Ear Toilet </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">1</Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Modified 27/10/2003</Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Three Powerpoint Presentations by Dr Keith N. Edwards : - Ear Toilet (76 Slides), Ear Toilet Plus (89 Slides), Ear Toilet Plus Plus (99 Slides) </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Australia </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Medical Training </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CD </Data></Cell>
19:30 mason  </Row>
19:30 chris  right
19:30 mason  'Med training' is type
19:31 chris  CD = itemtype
19:31 mason  sure
19:31 mason  the med training field?
19:32 mason  other values are 'promotional', and 'presentation'
19:32 chris  that looks more like a subject to me
19:32 mason  ah
19:33 mason  field 5 is ' CD duration', where does he go?
19:33 mason  the field on that example is blank, ill get another
19:34 mason  <Row>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">29</Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Press Ads for OSN - July Edition FH Technologies </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">1</Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">May-03</Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Advertisements </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Australia </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Advertisement</Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CD </Data></Cell>
19:34 mason  </Row>
19:34 mason  thats blank too!
19:34 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">25 mins 05 secs </Data></Cell>
19:34 chris  ok i tell you what
19:35 chris  id use CD as itemtype
19:35 chris  and Advertisements as subject
19:35 chris  and perhaps Advertisement as dewey
19:35 chris  dewey is what shows up as classification, ill find an example
19:36 mason  great stuff...
19:37 chris  http://opac.eeo.katipo.co.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?bib=4747
19:39 mason  another question, some of the records have a 'copies' field, ie: the number of copies, do we create a new 'item' record for each of these copies?
19:39 chris  yep
19:39 mason  ok
19:39 chris  that would be the best solution
19:40 chris  we may have to just make up barcodes for them, since they dont have a library yet
19:40 mason  ok
19:41 mason  next, one table is a list of videos, there are lots of video types eg:
19:41 mason  | "Betacam"               |
19:41 mason  | "Betacam SP Metal tape" |
19:41 mason  | "KSP20"                 |
19:41 mason  | "Betacam SP Metal tape" |
19:41 mason  | "Umatic?"               |
19:41 mason  | "Hi 8"                  |
19:41 mason  | "Digital Betacam"       |
19:41 mason  | "DVCAM 32"              |
19:41 mason  | "DVCAM 124"             |
19:41 mason  | "Dvcam 40"              |
19:41 chris  right
19:41 mason  | "Dvcam 60"              |
19:41 mason  | "Mini DV"               |
19:41 mason  | "Betacam SP"            |
19:41 mason  | "Digital Betacam"       |
19:41 chris  id stick those in dewey
19:41 mason  are each of these an itemtype?
19:41 chris  id class them all itemtype video
19:41 chris  and have that being their classification
19:42 chris  itemtypes are basically what you use for your issuing rules
19:42 chris  you dont want to have to define a rule for every type of video
19:43 mason  click
19:44 chris  so as long as we store that info in the classification they can then search for all items of type video, that have dvcam 40 as their classification
19:44 mason  so those values would be in biblioitems table, in dewey AND classification fields?
19:45 chris  there is a bug with dewey (its fixed for the new release)
19:45 chris  its currently set to a float
19:45 chris  so what id do
19:45 chris  is
19:45 chris  alter table biblioitems change dewey dewey varchar(100);
19:45 chris  and then store those values in dewey
19:46 chris  (which is badly named, it should just be called class or something)
19:47 chris  because thats how koha treats it
19:54 mason  chris: another quessy, russ has sent me another xls table from FH, its a database of press incidences
19:55 chris  k
19:55 mason  can we put these as items in koha, they arnt items as such, what fudges will we need to do to get them in?
19:56 mason  heres a xml field desc. ...
19:56 chris  hmm
19:56 mason  <Row>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Date</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Publication</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Page No.</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Headline</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Journalist/Author</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Topic</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Type</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Source</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Fundraising Campaign</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Corporate/Editorial</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Remarks</Data></Cell>
19:56 mason  </Row>
19:56 chris  id load them in
19:57 chris  make them pressrelease itemtype or something
19:57 mason  heres a record example
19:57 mason  <Row>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">7/07/2005</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Sydney Morning Herald</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">8</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">On the job: Irene Fisher</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Sharon Lindsay</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Interview with Irene Fisher of Sunrise Health Service.</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Feature</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Staff member</Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String"> </Data></Cell>
19:57 mason  	<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Does not mention The Foundation</Data></Cell>
19:58 mason  </Row>
19:58 mason  do-able?
19:58 chris  yeah id just make a blank item for them
19:58 mason  without a biblio, or biblioitem record
19:58 mason  ?
20:00 chris  a biblio and a biblioitem
20:00 chris  id make the headline be the title
20:00 chris  publisher = paper
20:01 mason  sorry , ive got another one, when calling the newbiblioitem(), and newitems() subroutines in uploadbib.pl, does an existing itemtype have to exist in the itemtypes table, for the routine to be successfull?
20:02 mason  gotcha
20:02 chris  it doesnt have to
20:03 mason  ok, just checking
20:03 chris  but the search wont work if it doesnt
20:03 chris  so i load the data
20:03 chris  then make the itemtypes
20:03 chris  then check a search
20:03 mason  sure, just wondering if there was a dependency, or an order
20:04 chris  it shouldnt matter
20:05 chris  actually it would be good if it didnt let you add one if the itemtype didnt exist
20:06 chris  or at least warn
20:06 mason  ok one last thing.., could you just refresh my memory on the relationship between an item's biblio and biblioitem records, (and i guess its items record too)
20:06 chris  ahh there is a good diagram rach did that illustrates this
20:07 mason  yup, ive seen it, and forgotten it?
20:07 chris  http://katipo.co.nz/gallery/koha-help/how_cat_works_001
20:07 mason  ;)
20:07 mason  ta
20:07 chris  biblio's own biblioitems, biblioitems own items
20:07 mason  ah
20:07 mason  ahhhhhhhhhh
20:08 chris  all makes sense now?
20:08 mason  much better
20:08 chris  cool
20:09 mason  i general little issues ive got are where to stick a random misc. FH field into koha
20:10 chris  id use the notes field
20:10 mason  things like 'video running time'..., the easy way would be to plonk them in itemnotes, or comments or whatever..., but there probably is a better place for them
20:10 chris  biblioitems
20:11 mason  anyway, back in 20 - 30 minutes
20:11 mason  thanks for all of that
20:11 chris  no problem
20:25 Genji  hiya all.
20:25 Genji  any coder active?
21:08 chris  cool, kadmin has sudo
03:43 paul   hi js
03:43 osmoze hello :)
03:44 osmoze de retour de vacances :(
03:44 rach   bonjour
03:45 paul   hi rach. Not yet in bed ?
03:45 rach   not quite :-)
03:46 rach   si flys to sydney v early tommorrow so I've been frantically looking for his passport
03:46 rach   found eventually in the basement
03:46 paul   good luck.
03:46 rach   so we're having a calming cup of tea :-)
03:47 rach   where is that?
03:47 paul   OK, got it ;-)
03:47 paul   Burkina Faso capital.
03:47 paul   (in Africa)
03:47 rach   ah very cool
03:47 rach   or perhaps in september quite hot
03:47 paul   for a meeting about "développement durable & savoir & bibliothèques"
03:48 paul   (don't know how to translate "développement durable")
03:48 rach   ah so not on holiday
03:48 paul   no.
03:48 rach   long term development of libraries
03:48 paul   long terme development of countries.
03:48 paul   knowledge & libraries being a piece of developpment.
03:49 paul   (however, i'm not sure Burkina Faso is a country interesting for holidays...)
03:50 rach   ah well - not an african country with long sandy beaches then
03:50 paul   look on a map ;-)
03:50 paul   (=> burkina is one of the countries with NO sea access)
03:51 paul   http://microfinancement.cirad.fr/fr/biblio/images/afrique3.gif
03:53 rach   ah - I think sustainable development might be the translation we're after
03:54 paul   that's it.
03:55 rach   hmm I searched in google for Burkina Faso holiday
03:56 rach   and I get things like "A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? A Closer Look at Medical Tourism"
03:56 rach   which doesn't sound that positive
03:57 hdl    Burkina is one of the poorest countries in the world.
03:58 paul   (ppl : remember hdl has a wife coming from Ivory coast ;-) )
03:58 paul   (so he knows africa very well)
03:59 hdl    Its debt should have been reliefed.
03:59 hdl    But Still undergoes some development pb.
03:59 rach   but we hear more about the south pacific countries and aisa here than africa
03:59 hdl    With Cote d'Ivoire in particuliar, which has borders with it.
04:00 hdl    Cote d'Ivoire was one of the most developped countries in West Africa... before 3 years' crisis.
04:01 hdl    But now West Africa has to find a new balance.
04:02 hdl    Ivorian nationalism leads to troubles with borders countries.
04:07 rach   paul has flavio zeni been in contact with you?
04:07 paul   no
04:07 rach   he's Chief Technical Adviser
04:07 rach   Strengthening Parliaments' Information Systems in Africa
04:07 rach   UNDESA
04:07 rach   Nairobi - Kenya
04:07 paul   I don't remember reading anything from him
04:07 rach   no he has sent stuff only to me maybe
04:08 rach   I'll forward it to you as well
04:09 rach   but he has koha set up on windows so you might be not much help either
04:36 chris  and i have an uncle working in botswana
04:37 chris  but i still know very little africa geography and history
04:43 hdl    hi chris. I only knows a little because I have lived there for years :)
04:43 hdl    Have you committed some works on Context.pm ?
04:44 chris  hmm not recently, not that i remember
04:44 chris  i may have in the past
04:44 chris  let me just check
04:44 hdl    My concern is to know how connexctions are managed in Context.pm.
04:45 chris  ahh nope i havent
04:45 hdl    Indeed, I would like to put in there User information... But wonders how things would go in a multi-connected environnment.
04:45 hdl    Especially with mod_perl on.
04:47 chris  sub _new_dbh
04:47 chris  is the sub that actually creates it
04:47 hdl    It is to avoid API modifications... But can't figure out how to achieve that.
04:47 chris  but its only called if there isnt a connection already available
04:47 hdl    Yes... I saw.
04:48 hdl    But it is a connection context-free vraiable.
04:48 hdl    Mine would be "based" on a connection context.
04:49 chris  ahh so that yuo could have a database handle for the opac, one for the intranet etc >
04:49 chris  >=?
04:49 hdl    Quite like a cookie in fact, but I would like it to be available in C4 packages.
04:50 hdl    Not Only in Auth.pm
04:50 chris  hmm
04:50 paul   in fact, hdl needs to know simply what is the branch of the connected user.
04:50 hdl    Chris : Nope, this would be only for Userinformation.
04:51 paul   and he needs the information everywhere in Koha. So he needs to be able to get it simply.
04:51 chris  ohh
04:51 paul   and when you are inside a sub in a .pm package, you don't have any cookie/CGI or thing like this.
04:51 paul   so my suggestion would be to :
04:51 chris  right
04:51 chris  how about an environment variable
04:51 paul   * create a variable in C4::Context to store the info during auth
04:51 paul   * read it after.
04:52 chris  actually sorry the environment variable will only work for mod_perl
04:52 hdl    I began work in this direction, but wonders how would things function with many connections on.
04:52 chris  yeah
05:06 chris  back
05:10 chris  hmmmm $value = C4::Context->config("config_variable");
05:11 chris  presumably you could do
05:13 chris  i was thinking to set something .. but we want it to be persistent
05:15 chris  i wonder if Apache::Session would be worht looking at
05:18 chris  or CGI::Session
05:18 chris  http://search.cpan.org/~sherzodr/CGI-Session-3.95/Session/File.pm
05:39 hdl    chris : I think it might be a solution.
05:39 hdl    But still, this would need more investigation and a major change in installation : Adding a Package.
05:39 hdl    I don't think this would be recommended for a minor version 2.2.4.
05:39 hdl    But may be great for 3.0, Don't you think ?
05:39 chris  yeah i think so
05:46 chris  well i think its bedtime for me
06:41 paul   hdl, i've the solution to your problem
06:41 paul   in C4::Context, you should add 2 variables
06:42 paul   your hash, $userinfo->{$userid}->{*}
06:42 paul   and a $activeuser, that you set in Auth.pm. always
06:42 paul   so, to get userinfo, you just have to read :
06:43 paul   $userinfo->{$activeuser}
06:43 paul   and get :
06:43 paul   $activeuser=$parameter_sent_by_auth
06:43 paul   unless ($userinfo->{$activeuser})   "
06:44 paul   (oups, {)
06:44 paul   # sql read user info
06:44 paul   # set $userinfo->{$activeuser}
06:44 paul   }
06:44 paul   return ($userinfo->{$activeuser}->{whatever_you_need}
06:44 paul   HTH
07:21 hdl    ok.
07:21 hdl    But may be not the right activeuser with mod_perl, may it ?
07:21 paul   no risk.
07:21 paul   I explain :
07:21 paul   when the html call is done, the CGI gate is opened.
07:21 paul   in mod_perl, the script is already here & running.
07:21 paul   BUT it begins at 1st line anyway.
07:22 paul   and at the very beginning, we read the cookie of the user.
07:22 paul   so we get the correct userinformations here.
07:22 paul   whatever mod_perl or not
07:22 paul   ;-)
07:22 paul   then we instanciate $activeuser that is correct.
07:22 paul   then we use $userinfo->{}
07:22 paul   that can be filled for $activeuser or not.
07:23 paul   if not filled, then we fill it for future use & speed improvement
07:23 paul   if filled, then we just read it from here.
07:24 hdl    You're the BEST. ;)
07:24 paul   no, I just eat lemon pies ;-)
07:25 paul   (I mean the solution came when eating a own-made lemon pie)
07:25 paul   everybody should eat lemon pies when he has a problem.
07:26 hdl    Send me one via e-mail ;)
07:35 kados  hi all
07:35 paul   'morning joshua
07:52 Genji  hiya all
07:52 Genji  any coders active?
07:53 paul   kados should be around & i am too
07:53 paul   (as well as hdl unless it's wanadoo connexion is down)
07:54 Genji  k. how do i delete using a join?
07:54 hdl    I am here.
07:54 Genji  in other words, im wanting to delete an item from a shelf, based on itemnumber and owner.
07:55 Genji  would 'delete from shelfcontents, bookshelf where itemnumber=? and bookshelf.owner=?' work?
07:59 Genji  or 'delete from shelfcontents, bookshelf where shelfcontents.shelfnumber=bookshelf.shelfnumber and itemnumber=? and owner=?'?
07:59 paul   no.
07:59 paul   what version of mysql do you have ?
07:59 Genji  how to do then?
07:59 Genji  ummm.
08:00 paul   (if >=4.1, then it's possible. otherwise impossible)
08:00 Genji  4.0.20a...
08:00 paul   sorry, it's not possible.
08:00 Genji  so i need to upgrade.
08:00 Genji  should be easy enough.
08:00 paul   maybe
08:01 paul   and that should do what you want :
08:01 paul   delete from shelfcontent where shelfnumber in (select shelfnumber from bookshelf where itemnumber=? and owner=?)
08:01 Genji  think i might actually create a physicalshelf table, so the end user doesn't need >=4.1.
08:04 Genji  means putting another subroutine in bookshelves.pm.
08:11 Genji  eh.. would mean two tables... one to keep the names of shelfs, and owners, and the other to keep contents... so....
08:14 Genji  hmm..
08:16 Genji  would be the easiest way, since a physical book cannot exist in two places at once....
09:45 hdl    hi owen
09:45 owen   Hi hdl
09:45 owen   What's new?
09:46 paul   'morning owen, a question about PROG templates : do you plan to take care of 2.2 => head synchros that will be done in default/css templates ?
09:46 paul   that would be fine.
09:46 paul   (as you're already tracking them for NPL, would be easy for you I think)
09:46 owen   yes
09:51 kados  hi owen
09:51 owen   Hi kados
10:13 kados  paul: does the bug in 2.2.3 affect only UNIMARC ?
10:13 paul   no
11:00 paul   beeping kados / owen (for a translation problem)
11:00 paul   look at this page :
11:01 paul   http://bureau.paulpoulain.com:9014/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?bib=108
11:01 paul   (on the right.
11:01 paul   )
11:01 paul   I need your help for
11:01 paul   This is a serial subscription (There are 1 subscriptions associated with this title).
11:01 paul   Here comes a list of the three latest issues related to those subscription(s) :
11:01 paul   For more information :Click here to look for Issues we have or don't have
11:01 paul   I'm not sure at all it's correct english
11:01 paul   I want to say :
11:02 paul   "this is not a monography but a subscription"
11:02 paul   "we can have more than 1 subscription"
11:02 paul   "here is the list of the last 3 issues for each subscription
11:02 paul   "click here for more details"
11:02 paul   thx for your suggestions.
11:03 owen   Instead of "Here comes a list of the three latest issues" you might say "Following is a list of the three latest issues" or "Below is a list of the three latest issues"
11:03 owen   Nice template design, by the way
11:04 paul   (it's css templates)
11:04 paul   (with a nice css stylesheet. but otherwise 100% pure css template)
11:04 owen   That's great.
11:04 paul   right. I thought you already saw this before.
11:33 paul   owen & kados : did you try your getMARCnotes, getMARCsubjects & getMARCurls subs ?
11:34 paul   because they have a $dbh->disconnect at the end that makes
11:34 paul   "mysql server has gone away"
11:34 kados  yea ... we do have that prob I think
11:34 kados  paul: what's the solution?
11:34 paul   it's C4::Context & perl that is responsible for dbh disconnects
11:34 paul   just remove the line ;-)
11:34 paul   (works like a charm for me now. will commit the stuff soon)
11:35 kados  cool
11:35 paul   when i'll have solved the other problem :
11:35 paul   MARCnotes not shown in css templates
11:35 paul   (because they are inside the TMPL_LOOP name="BIBLIO_RESULT")
11:36 paul   I also don't want to get notes & subjects twice ;-)
11:36 kados  :-)
11:45 thd    kados: Did you find how to assign a damaged item to itemtype 'damaged too fragile to circulate' or something similar that you and owen seemed to be concerned with last week?
11:52 thd    Genji: are you still there?