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12:01 kados owen: ok ... committed to rel_2_2
12:02 kados thd: do you have an opinion about which service is better: keystone or the resolvers offered by ReSearcher?
12:07 kados owen:  you can commit it to HEAD after you make the necessary changes ;-)
12:27 thd kados: sorry, I had a disconnection and we missed a few of each others messages
12:31 thd kados: CUFTS has no support for 1.0 OpenURLs, the NISO standard.  There is a message one of the CUFTS files about help with that and I have seen a powerpoint from 2003 where SFU people were considering the issues of the then draft NISO standard.
12:36 thd kados: CUFTS also has no library configurable page for the library to present the results and the user to choose options for accessing the results.
12:37 thd kados: Keystone as a federated search tool excels at user presented options for the results
12:40 thd kados: CUFTS has limits on the depth of search fields to identify an article.
12:42 thd kados: I have not investestigated Keystone enough for the resolver administration issues nor CUFTS for that matter.
12:43 thd kados: Keystone does support either 0.1 or the NISO standard 1.0 OpenURLs
12:46 thd kados: there may be things missing from the Keystone system as federated search tool that a resolver should have for administration that had been considered better for CUFTS as a resolver only system
12:48 thd kados: I will update my aptget sources file for Indexdata stuff to investigate further.
12:56 thd kados: Do you have access to the PINES cataloguing test demo?  It has expired online, although, a new test demo is listed as fortcoming this past May.
12:58 thd kados: Why sould a test demo be temporary and then withdrawn if not at the moment it was replaced?
13:01 thd kados: Have you ever seen such a practice?  Of course I have kept my test demos hidden, myself, until they meet my expectations :)
13:18 thd kados: I had forgotten one very important thing in favour of CUFTS where Keystone might otherwise seem to the most advantages.  CUFTS is written in Perl :)
13:19 thd kados: are you still there?
13:20 kados thd: yep
13:20 kados thd: your comments are very useful
13:21 thd kados: Why sould a test demo be temporary and then withdrawn if not at the moment it was replaced?
13:21 kados thd: not really sure why that was
13:22 owen Maybe they wanted to get feedback about that particular stage, and then pull it while they worked on the comments
13:23 thd kados: the test demo for the cataloguing module in PINES has not been available for some months and should have been replaced in May according to the text file that appears in place of the download.
13:23 thd :(
13:24 kados thd: I feel your pain ;-)
13:24 thd thd shrugs :)
13:27 thd owen: I would send them comments if I could look at it, as I imagine others would.
13:28 thd kados: aren't you working closely with Mike Rylander on FreeILL?
13:56 kados thd: yep
13:58 thd kados: would you ask him about where or why he is hiding the demos for PINES?
13:59 thd kados: I had thought of looking the cataloguing module to see if I could find a useful approach before working on the design I had suggested for Koha cataloguing
14:01 thd kados: I want to start working seriously on the catalaguing module in three weeks or so.
14:05 thd kados: Right now Eric Hellman from Openly Informatics has given a call for everyone to contribute what they might to his draft proposal for latent OpenURLs or live with the consequences of his recommendation for the use of OpenURLs in HTML pages.
14:06 kados cool ...
14:10 thd
14:13 thd join the oddly named GCS-PCS list linked in the proposal if you are interested in the use of OpenURLs in a public and cross-institutional context.
14:13 kados thd: i will ... thanks for pointing me to it
14:14 thd the group considering this is a little small.
14:14 thd there are archives.
14:15 thd they would have solved this already or at least had the issues more fully aired if they had more eyes :)
14:16 kados yep
14:16 kados I'm skimming the archives now
14:18 thd there is also the openurl list with archives
14:18 thd I will search for the link
18:48 thd kados: are you there?

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