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19:06 thd kados: are you around?
03:08 osmoze hello
09:55 thd kados: ping
11:07 kados thd: what's up?
11:10 owen Hey kados.
11:10 kados hey owen ...
11:10 kados have you looked at the LibLime placement of user data?
11:10 kados links, etc?
11:10 owen ?
11:11 kados (in response to the Logging in to the OPAC thread on our intranet
11:12 owen Looks like your template go switched
11:12 owen go -> got
11:17 kados yea
11:19 kados owen: someone switched the default language
11:21 kados owen: log in as '2'
11:21 kados owen: to see someone with some actual activity
11:22 kados owen: I've been thinking that it's somewhat redundunt to list 'overdues' and then 'issues'
11:22 kados owen: maybe they should be combined and have overdue items listed first ... then other issues
11:23 thd kados: what experience have you had with CUFTS?
11:23 kados thd: well ... just a bit
11:23 kados thd: it's basically a journal openurl resolver
11:23 kados searches for journal titles
11:23 kados and links to them
11:24 kados
11:24 kados it's one of the sources on my portal
11:24 thd kados: exactly
11:24 owen kados: I like those links there at the top
11:24 owen I'm gonna steal that
11:24 kados I've spoken to the researcher folks and they are interested in maybe doing some collaboration with Koha
11:25 kados owen: sweet
11:25 owen I also like the 'click here if you're not...' part on that page
11:25 kados :-)
11:25 thd kados: so you have not communicated with Todd Holbrook, who wrote CRUFTS?
11:25 owen I too worry about the overdues/issues thing...
11:25 owen Maybe the overdues list needs to be really compact, so that it's easy to scan
11:26 kados thd: yea I've chatted with todd on IRC
11:26 owen ...get rid of covers and item type images, etc.
11:26 kados owen: hmmm ... what if we just changed the background color for overdue items
11:26 owen That's a good option too
11:26 kados owen: the only complaint I have about the current system is that items are listed twice
11:27 kados owen: if we had an 'overdues' heading ... then a 'other issues' heading
11:27 thd kados: Is he working further on CUFTS at this point?
11:27 kados and none of the items were listed twice that'd make more sense
11:27 kados thd: not really sure ...
11:27 kados thd:[…]ponent_cufts.html
11:28 kados thd: I think they still support CUFTS in several libraries
11:28 kados thd: what's your interest in CUFTS?
11:28 thd kados: At leat he released the code under GPL, I cannot find any code release for GODOT
11:30 thd kados: I have acquired significant in OpenURL focus since the 1.0 draft was approved as NISO Z39.88-2004 in March.
11:31 thd kados: In the past three weeks I have been neglecting my work on latent OpenURLs to do some work on Koha
11:32 kados thd: have you looked at keystone?
11:33 kados thd:
11:33 thd kados: there is a group working to allow OpenURLs as latent OpenURLs to be embedded in any web page with a changeable base for the resolver
11:34 thd kados: I had only looked at Keystone and Zebra at the beginning of the year very briefly skimming through the features and documentation.
11:36 thd kados: I liked the fact that Keystone supported SRW but not enough libraries do yet.
11:49 owen kados: did you write the opac-readingrecord template from scratch?  I don't see it anywhere in cvs
11:51 thd kados: I see the OpenURL and resolver functionality in the specifications now.  At the beginning of the year that would not have signified as much for me before I had become engaged by OpenURLs and the possibity of sharing them instead of hiding them in an indexing and abstracting service.
11:52 kados owen: yea ...
11:52 thd kados: the sharing aspect had been left out of the NISO standard so there is a scramble right now to solve that issue in a satisfactory way.
11:52 kados owen: I based it on an older version of 1.2's script
11:52 kados owen: I'll commit it later today
11:53 kados thd: interesting ...
11:53 kados thd: do you think it would be useful for Koha to include an openurl linking service?
11:54 owen kados: if it's easier to just email me a copy of the template I can do it
11:57 thd kados: koha should absolutely have the ability to at least add OpenURL services using Keystone or CUFTS, and to integrate with whatever commercial resolver a library may already have configured.
11:58 thd kados: The administration of the resolver can be a major burden for the library to ensure the holdings are resovable.

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