IRC log for #koha, 2005-05-30

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16:11 Genjizzzz okay, im awake.
17:52 Genji okay, found another limitation.
17:52 Genji catalogsearch() can only handle one itemtype searching.
17:53 Genji which is probably why the items.holdingbranch search fails, too.
17:54 Genji setting and_or to or, makes the search much longer... and still gets no results.
17:55 Genji and it seems that the search , with or , slows the computer wayyy down.
18:33 Genji okay... one way to get past this limit, is do the search without itemtypes, then filter the $results by itemtypes.....
18:36 Genji Although, i can't figure out how to do this.
20:04 Genji think I have.....
22:31 Genji nope. looks like im going to be editing the catalogsearch sub.
22:56 Genji making progress, manipluating catalogsearch.....
00:41 Genji YAHOOOOOO!
00:41 Genji success.
00:49 Genji has implemented Categories (Fiction, nonfiction, fiction and non-fiction) subcategories (Adult fiction..... junior non fiction, CD, Video, Book, Game) and itemtypes ( junior nonfiction book, Adult fiction video) with checkbox overrides.
00:50 Genji currently, i have a very limited set of test data that makes use of these new search parameters, so quicksearch "dummy" first.

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