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12:04 kados hey owen
12:04 owen hi
12:04 kados sorry ... I got a late start todaqy :-(
16:13 Genji hiya all.
16:15 Genji everyone is still asleep huh?
16:16 chris busy at work (well the katipods are)
16:16 Genji had a look at my finished feature request of rach's?
16:17 chris havent had a chance yet
16:18 chris maybe at lunch, or after work
17:06 kados hey owen
17:06 kados how's it going?
17:06 owen Pretty well
17:06 owen Wireless isn't working, but I plugged in.
17:07 kados huh ... that's strange
17:07 kados it should be set to dhcp
17:08 kados owen: seen this?[…]/add-google-maps/
17:08 owen Yeah, I did see that.
18:17 indradg chris, around?
18:17 chris yo
18:17 chris i think i just put a comment on your blog before :)
18:17 indradg i see u left a comment in my blog
18:17 chris yep
18:19 indradg i'm trying to explore the GTK-Perl route
18:20 chris yeah i went perl/tk
18:20 chris cos its easier to get going (less libraries)
18:20 chris and should run on windows too
18:20 indradg GTK/Pango renders Indic scripts excellently... further I can always badger Owen Taylor to fix GTK/Pango stuff :P
18:20 chris cool :)
18:21 chris the idea behind the curses one, is a really low low bandwidth version
18:21 indradg i agree
18:21 chris i want to be able to give ppl lots of options
18:22 chris so web based, curses, gtk etc
18:22 chris whatever works best for your situation
18:22 indradg actually that makes a lot of sense here in india... where a lot of the  library  dont yet have an Inet connection
18:22 indradg s/library/libraries/
18:23 chris yeah
18:26 chris in fact there is no reason you cant have all 3 going at once, gtk in the main library, web based in one other, curses in the mobile library over a cellphone :)
18:27 indradg yep!
18:28 indradg btw these guys ->[…]_text&records.htm
18:28 indradg are shortly going to start using Koha for creating catalogs in Bengali
18:28 chris wicked
18:29 chris you'll have to get them to do a press release so that russ can put it on the site :)
18:29 indradg will do... have a meeting with these guys this week
18:31 indradg when I showed them Koha on my laptop with bengali books cataloged they got sold abt the idea
18:31 chris :-)
18:31 chris nice work
18:31 indradg thnx
19:31 shedges indradg:  just saw your note abt the jadavpur library
19:31 shedges cool!
20:04 Genji rach is busy today i see. haven't seen any text from her.
23:35 Genji so very quiet today. unusual. whats up?
23:42 rach it's monday here @ katipo - our big meetings day, we have staff meeting in the morning, and lots of work comes out at that
23:42 rach so we're usually pretty flat tack
23:42 rach and it's still sunday overseas, so everyone else has a day off
23:42 Genji ah, rach! hiya! seen my finished feature yet?
23:43 rach usually a quiet day in #koha
23:43 rach nope I haven't - URL?
23:43 Genji ... quicksearch dummy
23:43 Genji very limited data that takes advantage of it.
23:44 Genji oh.. and koha/koha for looking at my new parameter's tables.
23:45 rach sorry I'm getting a timeout
23:45 Genji hrm.. oddd... really odd.
23:45 Genji oh... apache isn't on...
23:45 Genji wierdness..
23:46 Genji hrm.. apache errored out.
23:49 Genji okay. try now.
23:49 Genji updated dyndns.
23:49 rach getting somewhere now
23:49 Genji had my adsl router go down last night.... due to brownout.
23:50 rach hmm your categories don't work...
23:50 Genji hrm?
23:50 Genji what are you trying?
23:51 rach ah it is a little thing
23:52 Genji huh?
23:52 rach when you pick "all categories" if you picked something else before - fiction for example, then it doesn't deselect
23:52 Genji Yes. All categories overrides all other selection in the categories.
23:52 rach ah so I expected it to unclick the radio button - but it didn't
23:53 Genji hmm.... that would require some javascripting.... suppose i could do that.
23:53 rach hmm - so do you reckon the branches work?
23:54 Genji nope. problem with transfers, they don't update the marc tables.
23:54 rach ah
23:55 Genji i have implomented a $sqlstatement parameter into catalogsearch, so a devel could shove any sqlstatement they want into the search.
23:55 rach so do you have to get that out of marc tables?
23:55 Genji so... i could use the old db and get it that way.
23:55 rach ah right
23:55 rach what categories does this data know about/have?
23:55 Genji thats the way i do itemtypes... since marc: catalogseach cannot search for more than one itemtype.
23:56 Genji so far, two web links, one Adult fiction book, and one adult fiction cd.
23:57 Genji have a look at the intranet for an idea as to how its designed, data wise.
23:57 rach what would be a good thing for me to search on to see it :-)
23:57 rach but can't get a second page of results using filter
23:57 Genji the four data items are in title 'dummy'
23:58 rach cool
23:58 Genji for theosophy, the categories/subcat/itemtypes arn't relievant, since that's the TS data... and we never had this idea.
23:59 rach cool
23:59 rach fair enuff :-)
00:00 rach so you going to give the second page a go too :-)
00:01 Genji hmm... you mean the book detail search option screen?
00:01 rach yep - that's the one with the subjects as well
00:01 rach sorry - instead
00:03 Genji hmm.. suppose i could. wouldn't take much, since the detail screen contains basically everything to implement the idea.
00:04 Genji a template designer could do it all, im thinking.
00:05 Genji so ya, ill do it.
00:09 rach oh really
00:09 rach sorry about the templater/htmler bit
00:12 rach oh i just thought my comment would be a bit weird
00:12 rach but now it's just more confusing
00:16 Genji so... lets look at ndradg> yep!
00:16 Genji <in
00:16 Genji[…]h_ideas_details_2
00:16 rach yep
00:16 rach that's the puppy'
00:16 Genji hmm.... so, those are all checkboxes, that add that specific item into a new query?
00:17 rach well the theory here, is that you've found this one, and you either want ones like this, or in fact, not like this
00:17 rach so that you check the words which are the ones you want
00:17 rach and that makes a multi keyword querry
00:18 rach and it does a new search I think - as I don't know if you can know what your previous one way
00:19 Genji multi keywords? so, by selecting Title words 'everyday life' and search, it does a any text search on 'everyday life' ?
00:19 Genji or does a title word result in a title search as well as anything else thats selected?
00:20 rach erm - I dunno, what do you think is most useful
00:20 Genji hmm... you'd get more results by doing an any text search....
00:21 rach yep I was thinking they would be keywords I think
00:21 Genji ah, little bit of coding involved. splitting up the title into words, and ignoring stopwords.
00:21 rach yep
00:22 rach because the collections often don't have good subjects
00:22 Genji down below type/format, you'd have the category and subcat clicks as well.
00:23 rach if it is in those yes - so it's a "do you want more junior fiction" choice
00:23 Genji like.. this book would have Adult non fiction Book as its Type/format
00:23 Genji Adult Non-Fiction book as its Subcategory.
00:23 Genji err.
00:23 Genji Adult non fiction
00:24 rach where do the sub categories come from?
00:24 Genji and Non-Fiction as its category.
00:24 Genji all the information for cat, subcat and itemtype are in the books itemtype.
00:24 Genji this particular book would have ANFB
00:25 rach we haven't worked with a library with all those levels
00:25 Genji i have created a categorytable and a subcategory table.
00:25 Genji ahh... yes. Well.. it was your idea.
00:26 rach hmm - ah you've made an extra level
00:26 rach so I had super categories and just itemtypyes (well I meant to)
00:26 rach[…]ch_ideas_1?full=1
00:27 Genji Had a look at my Category/subcategory editing interface?
00:27 rach I did the other day
00:27 rach for category at leat
00:28 Genji the Subcategory one is a complete replica of the category one. Just uses the itemtypes for a different purpose.
00:29 rach so it's another grouping of the itemtypes into super cateogories?
00:30 Genji into itemtype groups.
00:30 rach uname & pword for intrante?
00:30 Genji default.
00:30 rach ah no - koha
00:31 rach ah right, so that's what we use as class
00:31 rach I get it
00:31 rach so we could actually drop itemtypes perhaps off the opac
00:35 Genji if indeed, an item was in more than one category/subcat.
00:35 Genji should be a rare thing, unless they use it badly.
00:36 Genji just had this idea.. of a table... headings itemtype - subcategory - category
00:37 Genji eh.. then again... scratch that idea.
00:38 Genji you'd want to have multiple subcats covering a single item.
00:38 Genji thats how my CD and Book and Video searches work.
00:38 Genji CD searches 'Adult Fiction CD' all the way to 'Junior Fiction CD'.
00:39 Genji err.. Junior non-fiction cd.
00:39 Genji of course, could create yet another table called Mediatypetable.
00:40 Genji fill that with media type information.
00:41 Genji but that might be going overboard.
00:48 rach sorry - people arrived
00:48 rach no that's cool - was thinking the same thing
00:49 rach without the extra table stuff, cause I don't think like that :-)
00:49 rach OK I'm off to walk the dog
00:49 rach as the cleaners have arrived
00:49 rach and will shortly get loud
00:51 Genji laters then.
00:52 Genji ill put the media type thing into the mix as well.. and take media type out of subcat.
00:52 Genji since it doesn't really belong.
00:52 rach I don't recon you need to do aht
00:52 rach that
00:53 rach well you could
00:53 rach but I'd probably want to run it over some real data to see if it's worthwhile
00:54 Genji right. well.. since some real data hasn't taken advantage of my idea yet.....
00:54 Genji sorry, your idea.
00:54 Genji might be difficult to test, without some time assigning itemtypes to items.
00:55 Genji ooooooo.
00:56 Genji Kados wants to implement it in his installation.
00:56 Genji if i get it so he can do so... we can test it on his real data.. yes?
02:30 paul hello world !
02:30 FrancoisL hello paul...
02:30 hdl hello
02:30 paul aujourd'hui, c'est bugsquashing du coté de Marseille
02:31 paul (et envoi d'un devis)
04:57 Genji paul... still alive?
04:57 Genji or your afk?
06:23 paul Genji, back from lunc
06:29 Genji hey
06:30 Genji anything wrong with this statement?
06:30 Genji select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,items,marc_biblio,marc_word as m1 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.word  like 'reincarnation') and (items.holdingbranch="WNTS")
06:34 Genji wait.. think i realised it.
06:35 paul needs a join between biblio & items.
06:35 Genji need to put biblio.biblionumber=items.biblionumber somewhere in that.. i think....
06:35 paul that's it ;-)
06:35 paul (not exactly in fact)
06:35 Genji hrms?
06:35 paul otherwise, you won't get results when a biblio has no items.
06:35 paul you have to do a
06:35 Genji thats what i want, paul
06:35 paul so it's OK
06:36 Genji if a result hasn't got any items, i don't want to know about it, in this query.
06:37 Genji Bingo! it works.
06:38 Genji okay.. so i implemented a sqlstring parameter into catalogsearch() to allow the developer to add queries to it. Specifically... in my case, old db queries.
06:38 Genji the ones that do get updated by transfers and can be searched for more than one itemtype and branch.
06:39 Genji so, my current sidebar is fully operational. cool.
06:43 Genji Thanks Paul
06:43 paul you're welcome.
06:43 paul do you plan to commit it to cvs (head)
06:43 Genji not sure you did anything..
06:43 paul or think it could be interesting for others ?
06:44 Genji yes, definately interesting for others.
06:44 Genji Kados likes it.
06:45 paul so i'm waiting impatiently this bunch of code on koha-cvs mailing list ;-)
06:45 Genji ill have to tidy my code, insert comments into it, then ill commit it to head.. if i can remember how.
06:45 Genji hmm?
06:45 Genji koha-cvs mailing list?
06:47 Genji anyway. Bedtime. nighters all.
06:51 paul GenjiZzZz, the koha-cvs mailing list where all commits are sent. So, subscribers to this list (heavy traffic, be warned), are aware of all changes. I'm a fan of this mailing list ;-)
08:48 gavin hi all
08:54 gavin would anyone have time for a short discussion about otpmising the web-based opac system?
08:54 paul not a lot of ppl at this houre
08:54 paul you should wait 2 hours to get USA too.
08:54 gavin sorry, forgetting the time difference
08:54 paul (for instance, it seems i'm alone ;-) )
08:55 paul where are you located ?
08:55 paul (/me in France, the dummy country that voted no yesterday)
09:04 gavin Dublin
09:05 gavin basically, i've done a fair few of these sort of things and it seems the opac end could be optimised quite a lot without too much work
09:07 gavin (i'm not sure voting no makes france a dummy country, but that's a different issue)

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