IRC log for #koha, 2005-05-29

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12:00 indradg slef, i think your suggestion of removing all but the en templates makes sense
12:01 indradg we bundle the .po files and create the templates on-the-fly during install
12:02 indradg incidentally DSpace is shifting to this technique in the forthcoming version 1.3
12:31 slef not surprised - can't keep adding languages
12:31 slef hi shaun
12:31 slef shaun, why are you never here during the day?
12:42 shaun hi slef -- school won't let me use irc ;-)
12:52 slef do you ork for a school or are you a hepler?
12:52 slef shedges: alive?
12:56 shaun slef: student, "technical advisor"... the techs and ict teachers are inane
12:56 shaun (imho)
12:56 shedges hi
12:57 shedges barely alive (paying library bills)
13:16 shaun so what do we refer to ourselves as now? the Koha team? the Koha consortium?
13:17 shedges The Koha-Stone Cops?
13:28 slef yengh, third person singular of haben, anyone?
13:32 shaun hat?
13:33 slef yeah, I don't talk about third-person stuff much any more
13:33 slef it's hat
13:36 slef have to type this on other email client, as I don't know a good utf8-safe console editor
13:37 slef and all that faffing with the compose key and I edited all the accents out in the end :D
13:41 slef cool
13:42 slef at some point, I did delete all on a todo mailbox
13:42 slef that's one way of lightening the workload :-/
16:11 kados rach, chris ... you around?
16:11 kados it's Sat for you right?
16:12 kados
16:12 kados give it a shot ... see what you think
16:12 kados also, if you log in as someone (3 is a good choice) you'll see stars next to items that the person has checked out before
16:13 kados when you roll over the stars a little message pops up ;-)
16:25 Genji good morning world. eh... the weekend.
16:28 shaun I'm off now, bye... not that I've said much
16:32 kados hey Genji
16:32 kados how's your feature coming?
17:08 Genji and no one has said a word since i said anything.. hmm.
17:59 kados er?
03:50 osmoze hello
05:27 Genji YYay!
05:27 Genji got katipo irc back.
05:27 si no tnx to telstra clear
05:28 si a nine hour outage, eight of which they spent blaming Citylink
05:28 Genji so what actually happened?
05:28 Genji someone can give an order of events?
05:29 si I'm sure TCL could
05:29 si but I've not heard anything yet
05:29 Genji TCL?
05:29 si but they can kiss goodbye to their five nines this year
05:30 si telstraclear
05:30 Genji ahh.. 5 9's?
05:30 si 99.999% uptime is what they claim
05:30 Genji ahh. yea right.
05:31 Genji how you know TCL tried blaming citylink?
05:33 si coz I was on duty for Citylink today
05:34 si and everybody who paged me did so because "there's nothing wrong here, you should ring Citylink"
05:34 Genji hmm? what was effected by this TCL outage?
05:34 Genji just
05:35 si most of their customers couldn't see anything else in NZ
05:36 ki11er Evening all
05:36 si and some of their customers couldn't get to the world at all
05:37 Genji whoa. a routing problem?
05:38 si yup
05:39 Genji sounds like their routing tables got munged... maybe hacked even.
05:39 Genji How you hack a routing table?
05:41 si possibly, I suspect it's more likely that somebody just bumped something
05:42 Genji bumped?
05:42 Genji like, cleaning lady pulled the wrong plug out while vaccuming?
05:43 si possibly
05:43 si more strictly, most of these sorts of faults are caused by the eschange staff bumping stuff when they're working on other stuff
05:44 Genji exchange staff.. like installing of ADSL lines?
05:45 si they have big central exchanges in town, where they manage their CBD fibre, and cable network
05:57 Genji okay, currently, i have created a category table... that does categories to a series of itemtypes.
05:58 Genji so.. say Non-fiction can be aliased with JNFB JNFV JNFCD JNFG... for book, video, cd, game respectively.
05:59 Genji hmm.. think i solved my own problem... i think.
07:12 Genji gone to bed. back in... 7 hours or so.
09:07 owen kados: I like your "you've borrowed this title before" feature
09:08 owen I suggest you set the star as a background-image on the link, and have the pop-up be on the link itself.
09:11 owen Neat :)
09:27 owen The book cover pop-ups are frighteningly gargantuan, though ;)
09:29 indradg hi
09:29 owen Hi indradg
09:30 indradg owen, i was reading the self-renewal instructions for members at the NPL site
09:31 indradg if i got it right, two back-to-back renewals are allowed,... right?
09:31 owen Yes
09:32 owen But if you renew something twice on the same day, you still get the same due date
09:32 owen It doesn't *add* another two weeks the second time
09:32 indradg did u tweak the "reserve book" code... I'm about to start circ at my installation at WBUT
09:32 indradg and we have pretty much the same rule in the manual system
09:33 owen Looking at Joshua's commits, it looks like the only change was made in
09:33 owen I'm haven't actually seen the changes.
09:33 indradg ok

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