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12:08 indradg slef, around?
12:10 indradg i guess not!
12:10 slef indradg: off to King's Court. Will be back 1930ish, I expect.
13:32 pate hmmm, interesting possibility for someone (USian) working on Koha (or planning to) --
14:26 slef hi pate
14:35 pate hiya slef
14:37 slef shaun: I'll not be here then. Can you bang a WCAG drum for me, please?
14:38 shaun kk
14:40 shaun slef: got any ideas how i do this? the navigation, for some reason, eats up the padding of the header and main body in both browsers, and I can't figure out why...
14:40 shaun using clear:both on the header and main body - all children of the navigation are floated
14:44 owen Is it online where we can look?
14:45 shaun i'll just put it up on my server, hang on...
14:46 shaun i wanted to build the suspense until the meeting, but not to worry...
15:55 shaun owen: as you saw the design, wdyt of the header (the navigation bar upwards)?
15:56 russ morning
15:56 shaun hi russ
15:56 owen Good first impression.  I'll be very interested to see the final version.
15:57 shaun heh, thanks - deliberately crippled ;-)
16:04 kados gonna share the link?
16:05 owen He want it to be a surprise :)
16:05 shaun hehe
16:06 kados shaun: so what's the nav bar supposed to look like? ;-)
16:06 shaun it's only a stripped out version to show the problem i have been having with the navigation bar
16:06 owen I liked the dancing hamsters though.  That was a nice touch.
16:06 kados I like the header
16:06 kados hamsters?
16:06 shaun yes, a couple other people said that was quite slick, thanks
16:08 shaun the navigation bar seems to want to make itself into the size of the largest item, not the largest item's border - happens in both browsers
16:08 shaun i.e. the navigation bar shrinks to fit the text, not the outside of the <a> tag which surrounds it
16:08 shaun (as i said to russ)
16:08 kados lynx turns up a 'blog' link ;-)
16:09 kados yea ... because a isn't a block-level tag eh?
16:10 shaun but i have given it plenty of padding... click on one of the links and drag away (in firefox) - you will see the border as it should be
16:11 kados you testing in FF and IE6?
16:11 kados or IE5?
16:12 shaun FF and winehacked IE6, but i'm not doing the minor bugfixes until I have the entire proof of concept site up and running for firefox
16:12 kados right
16:14 owen Looks the same to me in Firefox, IE6, and Opera 7 on Win2K
16:14 shaun btw, if you have been browsing the css, you will know the navbar should have an #aaa background (thats highlighting, not permanent colour)
16:14 shaun gtg now, night all
16:15 slef shaun: a { display: block } ?
16:15 slef hrm, he ran
16:16 kados hehe
16:16 kados it looks different to me in FF, Safari and IE5 on OSX ;-)
16:16 kados but not much
16:16 kados :-)
16:56 kados
16:56 kados looks like a nice resources
20:10 kados
20:10 kados "Dorothea left a comment which wondered how one would present FRBRized results to the user. We have been working on this internally. This screenshot shows an approach."
20:12 kados thought rach might like to see that
20:19 russ that is nice
20:19 kados here's something else:
20:20 kados
20:20 russ she is out to lunch but i'll point her towards that when she gets back
20:20 kados takes in one isbn ... spits out more
20:20 kados in the example above, Amazon doesn't have any data for the first one ... but it has everything (image, price, description, ratings, etc.) for the last one
20:21 kados so in our catalog, that item currently doesn't have anything listed -- but if I could integrate that oclc service we could probably retireve data for a much larger range of items
20:22 kados it solves the isbn problem I've been complaining about since I wrote the amazon module for Koha
20:22 kados (or at least give me an opportunity to solve it ;-))
20:22 russ :-)
20:23 kados and I don't think I'm going to be able to resist doing it client-side
20:27 rosa h  352e that, 6sh4a
20:27 rosa sorry, numlock on lappy. I like that
20:28 rosa that's exactly what we set out to achieve with Koha
21:29 rach yep
21:31 rach looks good
21:33 rach I agree with the coment though that it's not necessarily that realistic
21:33 rach But I have to say that the screenshot appears to be smoke and mirrors. The search is "alice" but there is no discernable way to get back to the search results, which must have resulted in many, many more titles than the one displayed.
23:09 Genji where is Rach's mockup of some koha pages she wants done?
23:10 rach are you thinking of this >
23:11 rach the search pages
23:35 Genji is it just me, or is sourceforge down?
03:25 paul (hdl : injoignable sur gnommeeting ?)
03:29 Sylvain hi
03:31 paul coucou sylvain
03:33 jean hi
03:34 paul wednesday & "jean". is it possible that Jean Baron is with us today ;-)
03:35 paul (+ user, that is the old name of Ineo, for sure, Jean Baron is here ;-) )
03:35 paul so, coucou & bienvenue Jean.
03:40 jean thx :)
03:41 jean I'm finishing my little note about optimising apache sql and linux for koha
03:41 paul in english ?
03:41 paul and in xml/docbook ?
03:41 jean I think I gonna release it soon
03:42 jean no in french but i can translate it
03:42 paul would be perfect in english.
03:42 jean dont know a lot about docbook
03:42 paul is your friend.
03:42 jean k thx
03:42 paul you'll find here xxe, a nice tool to edit docbooks
03:43 paul then stephen will be able to add this doc into www.kohadocs & provide it in docbook/html/pdf...
03:43 jean ok nice
03:43 paul (but the best is having the doc quickly probably. sent it ASAP, in whatever language/format you can)
03:44 paul (we have french => english translators hidden in new zealand & canada ;-) )
03:44 jean :)
03:44 jean I can translate it
03:44 chris and switzerland
03:44 paul hi chris.
03:44 chris neutral translators :)
03:44 chris hi paul
03:44 paul (/me thought you were sleeping...)
03:44 chris nope, watching tv with the laptop
03:44 jean I have finished apache and linux, Currently writing mysql
03:44 chris cool jean
03:45 jean but I will make webstress and mysql test before the release
03:47 chris i think 2 paul .. for your latest email
03:48 chris ill reply saying that
03:49 paul saying what ?
03:51 chris keep on talking french on #koha
03:51 paul (ok, i thought you were speaking of my mail about codingguideline)
03:52 chris ahhh nope, ill read that properly tomorrow
03:53 paul ok, have a good night indeed.
03:53 paul (do you know that it's a french team that won the european rugby cup ?)
03:53 chris ohh excellent
03:53 paul (the final was french vs french, so the winning country was not a surprise ;-) )
03:53 paul (Toulouse vs Paris)
03:53 chris we are all getting ready for the lions tour here
03:54 paul Toulouse won, 18-12 (no try at all during the match + 12-12 after regular time)
03:54 chris wow, tight game
03:55 chris super12 final this weekend, then a couple of weeks and the lions arrive
03:59 hdl paul: La selection des framework par défaut lorsqu'on a déjà sélectionné Un frameWork pose problème. En effet, les frameworks par défaut n'ont pas de code. Mais pour moi, je teste la valeur du code de ma liste pour afficher la grille qui va bien. Si elle n'existe pas, je vais la chercher dans la base. Mais si l'on choisit défaut, pas de valeur de grille et si l'élément a un autre framework que
04:00 hdl Défaut, alors, il affiche avec cette grille qui n'est pas défaut :(
04:00 paul utilise un code "default", et tu le remplaces ensuite par '' dans ton Perl, un fois que tu as récupéré ce que tu cherches
04:06 hdl ok. Je pensais à ça mais je n'osais pas.
04:06 paul tiens, décidémment, beaucou de monde aujourd'hui ;-)
04:06 paul bonjour FrancoisL
04:06 FrancoisL Salut Paul !
04:06 FrancoisL C'est l'heure française :)
04:06 paul (dans les non francais, il n'y a guère que chris...)
04:06 paul (qui suit le chat en regardant la télé sur son portable !)
06:42 kados hi everyone
06:42 kados FrancoisL: it's about 7:45am for me ;-)
06:43 paul 'morning joshua/kados
06:49 FrancoisL Hi, Joshua ! I'm back from lunch :)
06:49 kados :-)
06:49 paul (everybody smiling today !)
06:49 kados paul: about your poll, I vote #2
06:50 paul thanks (i keep smiling ;-) )
06:50 kados for the same reasons as chris
06:50 kados hehe
06:56 Genji 11:55 pm for me. been buzzed out on a koha problem since.. oh.... 5pm... maybe 4pm. can't remember. Which is good. means im focused.
06:58 kados Genji: what's the prob?
06:59 Genji kados: just a task from rach, working from one of her mockups.
06:59 kados ahh
07:26 Genji hey, no slapping here. we arn't fifth graders, with slimy fish. Well..... you can only use a slimy fish if your paying homage to Douglas Adams. Are you?
07:36 kados hey slef
07:36 kados what's up?
07:36 kados Genji: what did you think of the movie?
07:42 Genji excellent movie.
07:50 kados yea I liked it too
07:58 kados slef: have something to say or just going to slap me like that ;-)
08:44 hdl paul : pour les informations à afficher dans les scripts de relance sur les livres, c'est simplement le titre des livres ou on  ajoute d'autres informations : titre auteur numéro...
08:44 paul met titre, auteur, code barre
08:45 hdl Autre information : j'ai fait une svg de l'ob sur le netserver. Je demande sa déconnexion...
08:45 paul oki, j'ai fait la même chose récemment, parce que l'abonnement arrive à expiration.
08:46 paul (mais répète la demande)
08:54 hdl Une précision : dans items, il y a déjà biblionumber. c'est une informations valide ? Je peux shunter la table biblioitems ou pas ?
08:55 hdl paul
08:55 paul oui
08:55 paul (pardon, n'hésite pas à marquer "paul", pour que j'aie une fenetre
08:55 paul la réponse est oui
10:01 slef kados: I forgot why.
10:01 slef kados: oh yeah, wikibooks aren't nice. :)
10:16 slef owen: two wrongs make a right, you know
10:43 paul hdl : i've understood why you had problem with kados z3950 server. It's quite simple & stupid...
10:43 paul if you seach for a book that is already in the database, it's discarded.
10:43 paul so you get empty result.
10:44 paul if you launch the server on a koha-DB A and run koha with a DB B, it works fine ;-)
10:56 hdl Congratulations !!
11:30 shaun slef: that's the one *slaps himself*
11:30 shaun thanks
11:31 owen Lotsa slapping going on today.
11:31 shaun OK, i can get on with this thing now...
11:33 shaun hang on, it didn't solve the background problem... *sits down again*
11:38 shaun got it.

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