IRC log for #koha, 2005-05-14

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12:01 owen You gotta wonder why your Liblime install is forwarding you to circ...that was weird.
12:12 kados yep ... it is ... something I've put on the todo list ;-)
12:14 owen I'm sure that list is long
12:14 kados far too long to be useful
13:00 owen This is an interesting issue for all us application designers:[…]e_web_acce_1.html
13:00 owen Even if we don't consider the case of Google Accelerator to be relevant, it's still something to think about.
13:01 owen I must admit that hadn't thought of the possible danger in using the 'GET' method in altering or deleting data
14:24 kados well ... looks like dorian's taking care of german templates
14:27 owen Cool.
14:42 owen Now we can learn librarian-German just like we're learning librarian-French
14:54 kados maybe we could write a book: german and french for librarians ;-)
16:17 rach morning
16:23 owen hi rach
16:24 rach how are you owen?
16:24 owen Falling asleep, but otherwise good.
16:24 rach :_)
17:50 kados did I miss an announcement for an IRC meeting?
17:51 kados ahh ... nevermind
03:32 Sylvain hi
03:43 paul coucou sylvain
07:40 hdl hi
07:48 Sylvain paul ? Le seveur de koha, il est codé de A à Z ou basé sur YAZ ?
07:48 Sylvain (z39.50)
07:49 paul yaz
07:49 Sylvain ok merci
07:49 paul et
07:49 paul un paquet perl du cpan
07:49 paul (non, d'indexdata, l'auteur de yaz)
07:50 Sylvain ok, c'est juste à titre informatif, j'vais me limiter à dire que c'est yaz
08:07 hdl sylvain : tu as pu mettre en place le serveur z3950 ?
08:08 Sylvain non hdl
08:08 Sylvain enfin j'ai pas essayé
08:18 hdl ok.
08:19 hdl Moi je l'ai fait, j'ai un petit souci : j'envoir bien les infos. Mais Koha de les intègre pas.
08:19 hdl J'ai cru comprendre.
08:19 hdl Je travaillerai dessus la semaine prochaine.
08:58 kados morning owen
08:58 owen Hi
08:59 kados so I'm well rested, but not any closer to fixing the bug
08:59 kados hehe
08:59 owen Oh, right--you were going to try to catch paul early
10:10 hdl kados : which bug are you hunting in the dark ?
11:43 kados hdl: 983
11:59 hdl why not trying to squash it together.... It seems also critical to us...

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