IRC log for #koha, 2005-05-15

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12:01 hdl kados, Do you have a clue ???
12:57 kados hdl: I don't understand what you mean
12:57 kados hdl: bug 983? or the speed problems...
13:25 kados owen: network problems?
13:26 owen More like hardware problems.  If I run out of memory on this laptop the network connection goes down.
13:26 kados ahh
13:26 kados must be a windows thing ;-)
13:26 owen I was trying to convert this access database to MySQL, and just loading all the tables into the conversion tool was crashing my system.
13:26 kados right
13:26 owen Yeah, a Windows thing...that's how I got into this Access mess in the first place! ;)
13:27 kados :-)
13:32 owen I'm trying out some XMLHttpRequest today
13:32 owen I'm just including a flat file at the moment, and it works great
13:32 owen ...except for the fact that the scripts on my included file don't work
13:33 owen Not sure if I should expect them to or not...
14:03 hdl kados : I tried to find out the root of the bug 983 but couldn't and was asking you if you had a clue.
14:12 kados hdl: I have no leads ... it's very strange
14:12 owen hdl: have you been able to repeat the bug?
14:12 kados hdl: can you reprodice it?
14:12 kados reproduce even?
14:12 kados :-)
14:17 hdl I have a curious bug on items on a koha Base...
14:18 kados is it the same as 983? or a new bug?
14:18 hdl Most items wouldn't show up. I am trying to get phpmyadmin on it. But doesn't work yet.
14:19 hdl Semms like it is similar to 983
14:19 hdl s/semms/seems/
14:20 hdl But this bug I can't reproduce on my machine.
14:28 hdl kados what do you mean by no leads ?
14:29 owen No clues, no ideas... It's police detective talk.
14:34 hdl semms like ;)
14:34 hdl looks like;
14:35 hdl It is investigation on 'what' is responsible for item lost.
14:37 hdl But I am toot tired. 21:38 PM here.
14:38 hdl So I wille search another day.

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