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12:35 owen hi shaun
12:36 shaun hi owen, hi all - anybody running HEAD at the moment? There seems to be a problem in returns...
12:36 owen I don't think our HEAD installation is up-to-date
12:37 shaun could well be a problem with our template (returns.tmpl) though
12:39 shaun *embarrased, it is our template - any ideas on how to remove the messages box when there are no messages? it is rather obtrusive, imo...
13:00 shaun to owen specifically: a little while ago, Joshua/kados proposed a change in template development - what is your status with NPL? Are you open to colour changes and are these likely to get implemented at the library?
13:02 owen /if/ kados is chosen as RM, and /if/ he asks me to be 'template manager' and /if/ the Koha developers agree to having the NPL templates be the basis for the next default template, then they will get a revised color scheme.
13:08 owen Does that answer your question?
13:08 shaun | /members/, and quite a few other pages seem to be generating internal server errors
13:10 shaun yes, I suppose so - I don't want to have multiple branches, and I don't think that the NPL templates should be the default ones in the main branch of Koha (obviously, you and kados have worked at the templates for a while, so your opinion will almost certainly be different)
13:10 owen the issue of default/non-default template is so's so easy to change templates.
13:15 owen It would be absurd to create a new branch around the issue of the default template
13:15 shaun but maintaining the templates... the "developer templates" idea is a good one, imo, as the changes can propagate to the other templates when the developers are ready to accept the changes. NPL is good for NPL without a doubt, but how many libraries does it run in?
13:16 shaun | the error: [Wed May 11 19:11:06 2005] [error] [client] Global symbol "$member" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/kohacvs/intranet/c​gi-bin/members/ line 244., referer: http://kohacvs.localhost:8080/[…]s/
13:16 shaun [Wed May 11 19:11:06 2005] [error] [client] Execution of /usr/local/kohacvs/intranet/c​gi-bin/members/ aborted due to compilation errors., referer: http://kohacvs.localhost:8080/[…]s/
13:16 shaun [Wed May 11 19:11:06 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://kohacvs.localhost:8080/[…]s/
13:16 shaun looking serious - error log is growing by the second with things like this
13:17 owen HEAD is unstable.  Paul made a lot of commits recently--changes that had been made to rel_2_2 but not applied in HEAD at the time.  The mass update created conflicts which haven't yet been resolved.
13:17 shaun ah... *waits for paul*
04:01 Sylvain hi
04:15 paul_away salut
04:15 paul (sylvain)
04:16 Sylvain alors, soigné ?
05:32 Sylvain paul, des personnes sur le chan, qui parle anglais nativement ?
06:26 SylvainOu someone here speaking english natively ?
09:10 Sylvain re
10:11 paul hi owen
10:11 paul 'morning.
10:11 owen hi paul
10:11 paul hunting a strange bug in authorities...
10:12 owen ...since NPL is the only one to have seen it so far
10:14 Sylvain owen I was needing a check of a little text in english, I've asked kados. Thanks
10:14 Sylvain but morning owen
10:15 kados owen: I'll have to check on that
10:15 owen Hi :)
10:15 owen kados, I'm worried about that bug, but I don't know what to do next in trying to diagnose it.
10:15 owen Paul doesn't see the bug happening on his system
10:20 kados is it marc21 specific?
10:21 paul owen, does it happend on 2.2.2 or on CVS ? or on 2.2.1/0 ?
10:22 owen CVS
10:23 paul do you have a 2.2.x version working ?
10:24 owen The bug shows on our production system, but I'm not exactly sure what version that qualifies as.  Maybe kados knows.
10:24 owen But our rel_2_2 testing machine is updated from CVS.
10:25 kados it's 2.2.0 with some modifs with fixes from 2.2.1 and 2.2.2
10:39 kados owen: any opinions on what the plural of ILS is? ILSs? ILSes?
10:39 owen I'd guess ILSes
10:40 kados cool ... that's what I would have said too
11:03 kados paul: we just updated to latest CVS and the problem is still happening
11:11 paul really really strange...
11:12 Sylvain bye all, good day/evening ...
11:19 kados so we already did some warns to dump out the marc record
11:19 kados and it's missing which subfield?
11:19 owen u
11:19 kados for which tag?
11:20 owen uh....952
11:21 kados and we're sure that the problem is that the tag/subfield isn't getting into marc_subfield_table after editing an item from Koha's edit screen -- this isn't happening when Stephen's import script is running?
11:21 owen It's happening when I try to *add* an item via the additem screen
11:22 kados so you add an item to an existing biblio and then that item doesn't have the 952u tag populated ... but all the other tags are fine ... is that right?
11:23 kados that's really weird
11:23 kados is Koha putting it in 942 or something?
11:25 owen No, there aren't any other 'u' subfields in this particular record
11:25 kados and in our parameters 952 u is mapped to itemnumber?
11:26 paul & set to "ignore" ? (& no other subfield mapped to itemnumber by mistake ?)
11:28 owen MARC links: itemnumber  952  u  itemnumber
11:29 paul (check -with mysql- for example that there is not another itemnumber mapped to itemnumber)
11:29 owen How do I do that?
11:30 paul SELECT *
11:30 paul FROM `marc_subfield_structure`
11:31 paul WHERE kohafield <> ''
11:31 paul what is strange is that koha uses items.itemnumber to find the marc field where items are stored iirc.
11:31 paul so, it should be OK.
11:32 kados that query isn't working for me
11:32 paul I have to leave. Won't be here tommorrow afternoon when you wake up.
11:32 paul ???
11:32 kados how about in the morning?
11:32 paul in my morning i'll be here
11:32 kados ok
11:32 paul 7AM GMT => 10AM i'll be here.
11:33 paul plus maybe between 12 and 1PM GMT
11:33 kados ok ... read you then -- thanks paul!
11:33 paul your welcome.
11:33 owen paul, one more thing!
11:33 paul_away yes owen ?
11:33 owen should 'hidden' be NULL or 0?
11:33 paul it's set to 0 for me.
11:34 owen Okay
11:34 paul and tab=-1
11:34 owen Thanks!
11:46 owen select * from marc_subfield_structure where kohafield = 'items.itemnumber';
11:46 owen 1 row in set (0.01 sec)
11:47 kados bummer
11:48 kados | 952      | u           | itemnumber                 | itemnumber                 |          0 |         0 | items.itemnumber             |   -1 |                  | NULL               |               |         |              |      0 |     0 |               |      |
11:48 owen I thought it could have been the subfield structure for 952, which was messed up because of a bug in our template
11:49 owen So I tried to clean it up, but now I'm getting a javascript error from
11:50 kados if I get up at 7am GMT I'll ask paul to post his marc_subfield_structure for items.itemnumber (it's not 952 in unimarc i don't think)
11:52 owen Hmm... working in default, but still not item number getting added.
11:52 owen So maybe that was a red herring
11:55 kados hum

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