IRC log for #koha, 2005-05-12

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16:20 rach morning
16:26 owen hi rach
16:27 chris morning owen
16:27 owen hi chris
16:27 owen How's everything on the other side of the world?
16:27 chris getting cold, hows summer treating you guys?
16:28 owen It's getting there.  Very sunny and warm today--beautiful.  A terrible day to be in the library ;)
16:28 chris :)
16:29 kados hi guys
16:29 chris heya joshua
16:29 chris
16:29 owen Yeah, I saw that!
16:29 kados sweet!
16:30 chris you want one for npl?
16:30 kados yea!
16:30 kados and for liblime ;-)
16:30 chris right, 5 mins
16:30 kados it's just for firefox right?
16:31 chris should work for stock mozilla also
16:31 kados doesn't seem to be working on my mac
16:31 kados it should show up in the google searcch area right?
16:31 kados drop-down ?
16:31 chris yep
16:31 kados it's not there
16:32 chris hmm maybe it doesnt work on macs
16:32 chris shouldnt need a restart
16:32 owen It's working for me without a restart
16:32 kados yea ... still isn't there
16:33 kados hehe
16:33 chris heh
16:33 kados so btw chris I turned off ssl and things are as slow as ever
16:33 chris right so its not that then
16:33 kados some branches are complaining of a minute per transaction
16:34 owen It's funny, because Chauncey has been a little better than normal.
16:34 kados huh ... that figures
16:34 chris ok, if you refresh the blog, there will be a plugin for npl now
16:34 chris but its a little wrong, 2 secs
16:35 kados chris can you commit this to head?
16:35 kados with a README?
16:35 chris yep will do
16:36 kados rach sent me the box design ... pretty sweet
16:37 owen Are the search plugins held in some repository somewhere? Or just on your site?
16:37 kados looks nice
16:37 chris just on my site, i can send you the code and how to put them up
16:39 owen Oh, and I see the addEngine function javascript is on your page as well.
16:40 chris yep you need that bit
16:40 chris hmm i wonder how you remove plugins
16:40 kados hehe
16:40 kados I think you need a plugin to do that ;-)
16:40 chris :)
16:41 owen I think you just delete them from your searchplugins folder (in Mozilla/Firefox's program folder)
16:42 owen That probably does require a browser restart
16:42 owen[…]ll_Search_Plugins
16:57 chris right the npl plugin works now
16:58 chris and tonight ill package stuff up and make a readme
17:00 kados sweet! thanks chris!
21:33 rosa chris, si - can we count online/OPAC renewals separately from those done in the library?
21:34 si I'd imagine you can
21:34 chris umm, probably, using the apache logs
21:34 si you'd need to sort between the requests from the office lan, and the interweb
21:34 si it'll be via the apache logs
21:37 chris they will be using different cgis
21:38 chris vs whatever the librarians use, so should be easy to find
21:38 chris if you drop me an email, when i get a free minute ill take a nosey
22:13 rosa k
02:57 jean hi
03:27 Sylvain hi all
10:45 owen 'morning tim
10:45 tim g'morning owen

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