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03:29 jean hi
04:00 Sylvain hi all
04:02 chris hi sylvain
04:14 jean Im currently working on a doc for optimising apache, mysql and linux for koha. Is there any other doc about this subject on the wiki or elsewhere?
04:14 chris there is some documentation on optimising mysql
04:14 jean nice
04:14 chris ill just try to find it :)
04:15 jean do u have the link i cant find it on the wiki
04:15 jean thx :)
04:17 chris it was something kados wrote
04:17 jean thx i will google it
04:18 chris ahh it might have just been this email
04:18 chris[…]/2005/004191.html
04:18 chris he might not have finished it yet, would be worth dropping him an email and asking him how he's getting along
04:27 jean thx
04:27 jean it can be good if i dont start from scratch again :)
04:27 chris yep
04:27 chris do you use firefox jean?
04:30 jean yes
04:30 chris
04:30 jean why ?
04:31 jean what does this plugin do ?
04:31 chris if you click on the install the hlt koha opac plugin you should then be able to search the HLT opac using the little search window in the top right of mozilla
04:31 chris where it has google, yahoo, amazon etc
04:32 jean nice
04:32 chris it was quite easy to do, so ppl could quite easily set it up for their own opacs
04:33 chris i thought it might be something koha users would like
04:34 jean sure. All this little things can be a bonus for a project like koha
04:34 chris yes
04:40 Sylvain and in the same field, something using rss for new acquisitions (think I saw some projects for it but nothing finished) would be intersting
04:40 chris ahh that is finished
04:41 Sylvain great :)
04:41 chris uts certainly in cvs
04:42 chris maybe it hasnt made it into the release
04:42 chris if you have a cvs checkout its in the rss dir
04:42 chris with a good README
04:42 Sylvain ok, i'll have a look
04:43 Sylvain btw, the plugin for FF is a really good idea !
04:43 chris ah ha
04:43 chris its in /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/rss
04:43 chris should really be in /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/rss
04:44 chris but it appears to be all there
04:44 jean chris : did u test pseudo file systems like tmpfs ?
04:45 chris yep, it certainly helps to have /tmp under tmpfs
04:46 chris as mysql will write temporary files to there if it needs to do something big
04:46 jean and some part of koha's cgi code and mysql .frm .MYI and .MYD ?
04:47 chris i havent tried the .MYI and .MYD files
04:47 jean ok
04:47 chris im too paranoid that in a crash, we would lose data
04:47 jean can be a way for my tunning
04:47 jean thx
04:47 jean :)
04:47 jean yes but with cron it can be good no ?
04:47 chris i think so
04:47 jean 2 or 3 times a day is enough
04:48 chris putting /var/lib/mysql on its on partition or disk
04:48 chris can win a lot of speed too
04:48 chris what you could do, is run the main machine with tmpfs
04:49 chris and use mysql replication to slave to another machine that has real disk
04:49 chris as well as the cron jobs
04:49 chris to be super safe :)
04:49 jean hehe
04:49 jean nice idea
04:50 jean do u know if paul is going to come today ?
04:50 chris we run replication at HLT, its pretty easy to set up, and works well, and it gives nice peace of mind knowing we have a real time backup
04:50 chris im not sure
04:50 jean k thx
04:50 chris its nearly time for me to go to bed .. thats when paul normally arrives :)
04:51 jean :)
10:03 owen Sylvain, I've worked a little with Koha's RSS script, and it does work
10:04 Sylvain ok, I havent't had time to lookat it
10:04 Sylvain but still think it's an intersting improvement :)
10:05 owen http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]/lastAcquired.xml
10:05 owen It's pretty rough.  It could use some improvements (and integration with templates).  Right now you have to hand-edit conf files to get it working.
10:07 Sylvain Well it seems to work fine in my rss reader
10:08 Sylvain I'd be interested to know if users use this function, let me know if you have informations from them ...
10:08 owen It's just recently that I've been trying this out.  We haven't posted the links on the public site yet.
10:08 owen But I'll let you know if I get some feedback later
10:10 jean bye...
10:10 Sylvain If the library of my town was doing it I'd add it to my rss reader but I'm a geek, always intersting to know how 'normal' users use internet features ...
10:10 Sylvain bye jean
10:11 owen Yes, I'll be curious to find out if our library customers use it.

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