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14:23 kados looks great in FF
14:33 kados here's the ie5mac trick:
14:33 kados in your <head>
14:33 kados <style type="text/css">
14:33 kados @import("/css/ie5mac.css");
14:33 kados </style>
14:34 kados only ie5mac can read this
14:36 owen Because of the quotes?
14:41 kados for some reason no other browser can parse that particular syntax
14:41 kados it's really a bug in IE5 Mac ... but it's a convenient one ;-)
14:42 kados it's hard to remember all the details when you don't do it every day
14:42 kados and it takes forevver to find stuff
14:42 owen Yeah, it's been a while since I set up these pages
14:42 kados remember that 'mirroring' problem I asked you about a couple months back?
14:43 owen yeah, did you figure that one out?
14:43 kados turns out it was HTML comments within right-floated elements
14:43 kados IE can't handle that
14:43 kados take the comments out and it's fine
14:43 owen Oh, I've heard of that!
14:43 kados (I think it has to be at least three right-floated elements and the width has to be within 3 px of the right hand edge)
14:44 kados crazy!
03:44 Sylvain hi
04:27 Sylvain je sais pas si t'es la paul mais ce manuel complet koha m'a l'air bien sympathique ..
04:52 hdl paul_away: pas de bibliothécaire à la BDDC avant Lundi AM. :(
04:52 paul a ben zut alors !!!
04:54 paul en plus j'ai pas de copie récente de leur base...
04:54 paul bon, vraiment pas cool.
04:54 paul il y a quelqu'un quand même ? (hdl)
04:54 paul dans la bibliothèque je veux dire
04:54 hdl Non °(
08:45 paul kados/joshua are you around here ?
08:45 kados yep
08:46 kados what's up?
08:47 paul i wanted to speak of marc_words again
08:47 paul when do you plan to come back ?
08:47 kados maybe this afternoon ...
08:47 paul this afternoon for you is too late for me ;-)
08:47 kados take a look at another proposal I made
08:47 kados
08:47 paul where ?
08:47 paul ok
08:47 kados in the 'Searching' section
08:48 kados (actually there are two more proposals there)
08:48 kados (I just e-mailed this link to the devel list as my proposal for RM)
08:50 kados paul: I can be around very early tomorrow if that's good for you
08:50 paul what time (GMT ?)
08:50 kados is it 2:50 GMT right now?
08:50 paul (oups, no, tomorrow is saturday. I'm not here on saturday...)
08:51 kados ok ... Monday then?
08:51 paul (and 2:50 is 4:50 AM for me 8) )
08:51 paul on monday, i'm in paris
08:51 paul then tuesday/wednesday in SAN
08:51 paul so, it will wait for thurdsay.
08:51 kados yikes
08:51 paul but i'll read your wikipages
08:51 kados maybe our NPL meeting will be short
08:51 kados :-)
08:52 paul read you later
08:53 Sylvain Your wiki page seems intersting kados :)
08:55 paul salut sylvain
08:55 Sylvain alors paul prêt à monter à la capitale ? ;)
08:55 paul ouaip, quelques soucis de train.
08:56 paul gros soucis même.
08:56 paul rien avant 7H30/10H30 !
08:56 paul ni train ni avion.
08:56 paul j'avais jamais vécu ca avant !
08:56 paul tout est plein.
08:56 Sylvain ah ouais, gros we ...
08:56 paul bon, j'ai pris une des dernières polaces dans les 7H30/10H30...
08:57 Sylvain moi j'ai changé le train la semaine dernière pour le dimanche au lieu du lundi matin, strapontin ...
08:57 Sylvain annonce de la 2.2.2 sur
10:08 owen paul, are you around?
10:08 paul yep owen
10:08 owen We're all here talking about serials
10:08 owen Is there not a process for attaching an item record for new issues?
10:09 paul no.
10:09 paul 3 possibilities :
10:10 paul * you don't issue serials => you don't need items.
10:10 paul * you issue the last (or only some of the last) issues => you need a fixed number of items.
10:10 paul * you issue every issue => you need one item for each issue.
10:11 paul for this last situation, there's nothing yet in Koha to create automatically the item for each issue.
10:11 owen that's our situation
10:11 paul not a bug, maybe a lack (altough i don't know a library issuing all it's issues)
10:11 owen you do now :-)
10:12 paul (that's what I suspected ;-) )
10:12 paul so, bad new, there's no way to do it automatically for instance.
10:13 paul (don't you remove old issues ?)
10:13 owen Most branches remove old issues after a year (for monthlies)
10:13 owen Should individual issues show up in the OPAC?
10:13 paul So you would have 12 items for each title.
10:14 paul That would be too much if you have a subscription in each branch !
10:14 owen That's possible, but then people can't search by issue date
10:14 paul it depends on what you put in "opac note".
10:14 owen ..because there's no way to indicate the vol/num/date on an individual item
10:15 paul (not sure to understand this question)
10:16 owen The opac note is a single field relating to the subscription, so  there's no way to say item X, barcode Y is Vol. 4 Num. 2 (march 1 2003)
10:17 hdl owen : why not puutting the results of number calculated in 995$u ?
10:17 paul you're right, owen.
10:17 paul the opac note is just to summarize the history for the borrower.
10:19 owen Does the OPAC show the information about received issues?
10:20 paul not in css, but you may add the field to your templates.
10:20 paul should work
10:20 paul (otherwise I could add it very very easily)
10:24 owen Thanks paul.  That answers our question...but it does mean the serials module isn't very useful to us :)
10:35 shaun kados: just read through the koha24rmnotes document in the wiki - i would like to stand up for the interface designer post as well as owen, with my experience in web and interface design. I would like to maintain the default templates and make them functional, accessible, slick and standards-compliant, and I think Owen is doing a good job of this on the NPL templates.
10:49 paul shaun : write this on mailing list (& that's a good idea according to me)
10:52 shaun ok
10:55 shaun i have thought of something that a school would need: a thumbnail picture on the borrower's record - this prevents (to some extent) using somebody else's card to get a resource
10:58 shaun *thinking it could be quite easy to achieve: use the borrower number as a template variable, and then insert as image from /usr/local/koha/intranet/usrimages/00377221.jpg (card number 00377221) - the pics could be made to a particular size using gd (again, i am a php person - not sure how this works)
11:01 shaun any opinions? this needs to be in (or at least is wanted in) koha in schools, afaik - there is a big problem of faking
11:38 owen shaun, I think the Argentinians did something like that :)
11:39 owen ...not that that helps ;)
11:42 shaun paul around?
11:43 paul yep
11:43 shaun got any ideas how the above could be achieved?
11:43 paul nope, hélas...
11:49 owen shaun, if you handled your own file uploads (through a separate web application), all it would take would be a minor change to the template to include the images
11:58 shaun file uploads are most of the problem ;). I want it to be fully integrated with the koha members section

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