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12:01 paul so, just wait for argentina code. As it's 100% done.
12:30 kados shaun: I was thinking of restructuring the whole way we handle template commits
12:30 kados so there would be a set of 'programmer templates'
12:30 kados that would be used by the programmers to outline new variables available, new template logic, etc.
12:31 kados and then we would have an official set of templates that the Interface Designer works up
12:32 kados that would be standards compliant, designed for usability, color coordinated, accessability features (screen readers, pdas, etc)
12:32 kados and other templates could be added as well
12:32 kados and the ID could review them and make sure they meet our 'Koha standard' for included templates
12:34 kados I think that the NPL templates should become 'default'
12:34 kados (with color changes)
12:35 kados mainly because the structure and features of NPL templates emerged from real librarians telling us what would make their job easier
12:35 kados so really, they were designed by librarians to be optimally efficient
12:36 kados (however, I personally don't like the color scheme)
12:36 kados (and think that the css for colors should be stripped out and put in a seperate file)
12:37 kados (and I think the ID should come up with two or three color options)
12:37 kados hehe
12:37 kados One of the color schemes could be like LibLime's
12:46 shaun-awa that should read shaun-away ;)
13:22 paul kados : in OPAC, there is opacstylesheet systempref where you can define an external stylesheet. very very simple to set in templates.
13:22 paul so, changing colors should be easy with librarian interface too
13:22 paul I leave, it's dinner time.
13:32 owen Hi dce
13:32 dce Hi.
13:32 dce I found a bug (and cause) in
13:33 dce Just wanted to share it with a developer if there were any on
13:35 dce I was hoping to avoid the time/effort of joining/posting to the mailing list since we're just evaluating Koha... but I can if needed.
13:44 owen How about filing a bug?  Would you be willing to do that?
13:44 owen
13:44 dce NOTICE: Use of Koha alone will not produce weight loss.  Koha must be used along with exercise and a balanced diet if you wish to lose weight.
13:44 dce absolutely
13:57 dce Bug posted
13:58 dce Basically installer appears to choke if you use a pound sign (#) in your password.
13:59 owen Yeah, I've seen a strange behavior in one of the other scripts related to the # sign.
14:01 dce bye Owen
16:13 kados w/who
16:15 owen You can say that again!
16:15 kados hehe
16:21 kados LibLime has their first presentation on Koha scheduled for May 16!
16:21 kados Bristolville Public Library in Ohio
16:26 owen That's great!
16:43 rachel hello
16:44 rachel that is great joshua
19:48 rachel and i'm back
20:23 michael ... hi rach ;-)
20:23 michael back too but no surprise at all here ;()
20:23 michael ;-)
20:31 michael ... hum my forecast-extension tells me 17°C and some clouds in Aucland, is that the truth ?
20:31 michael auckland seemed to me the nearest town from katipo office ? am i wrong ???
20:31 michael guess you have just eat ?
20:32 michael as Fox Mulder said several years ago on TV : THE TRUTH IS "AILLEURS"
20:32 michael or should i say in eng : "the truth is out there"
20:34 si Auckland is about 700Km from Wellington (where the Katipo office is)
20:34 si but it wouldbe about 17C and cloudy here as well :-)
20:35 si although we've got a 10-15Knot wind as well
20:35 michael oh ! sorry
20:36 michael i 'll better configure forecast with wellington than auckland /// thanx to inform me of that !!
20:36 michael ;-)
20:37 michael .. yo it's done > "forecast says" 15°C... sorry you have lost 2 degrees here i guess
20:37 si hey, that wind speed wasa good guess:
20:37 si[…]d=NZWN&type=METAR
20:37 michael i go see it
20:39 si we get peak wind speeds above 50Kmh something like 250 days a year
20:39 si it's a windy spot
20:39 michael thx > this part "This decoding software is in development. If you see any mistakes in the decoding or an unparsed field that you know how to decode, please complete the Decode report form." is my favorite
20:39 michael windy country ? because of the see and bcse NZ is a island i guess ?
20:40 si exactly
20:40 michael ;-)
20:40 si and it's a long range of mountains side on to the "roaring forties"
20:41 si so if you're in a gap in the mountains, like Wellington is, then you get a lot of wind funnelled through
20:41 michael here in Paris is a little cold but sun and clouds too... sorry to speak of so "banal" and trivial things such as the weather... i'm on holiday and a little "insomniac" at this time
20:42 michael sry idon't understand "you get a lot of wind funnelled through"
20:44 si there are mountain ranges north of Wellington, we're right at the bottom of the North Island
20:44 si and the south island, only ~50Km away, has a big strip of mountains as well
20:44 si so all the wind gets forced around the mountains, and finishes up in Wellington
20:44 si well, not all of it, but a good amount
20:45 michael lots ot mountain... like the ones we can see on Peter Jackson's LordzOfTheRingz... i visualise it a bit :-)
20:46 michael wellington is center (or nearly) of the "windy traceroute" of the windy wind ?!? (doesn't as sens)
20:46 si wellington is more or less the centre of NZ
20:46 si[…]BMIT=Find&place=W
20:48 si or even
20:48 si but yes, there are a *lot* of mountains
20:49 michael yep that's a way to think a "point de vue" as we say in france...
20:50 michael but sure as i can be, wellington and NZ are CENTER OF THE WORLD about KOHA ;-)
20:51 michael everything's relative as Einstein says :-)
20:52 si indeed it is
20:52 si[…]new-zealand3.html
20:53 si show's Marton, the council there has just decided to install Koha
20:53 michael yes you're right about "many centres"
20:53 rachel hi
20:53 michael council ? what's exactly a council ???
20:53 michael hi rach ;()
20:54 si the city fathers
20:55 si the people who work for the mayor
20:55 michael the "parrains" ??
20:55 michael oh uin french we say the "élus"
20:55 si the people who look after water supply, sewerage, swimming pools, roads, libraries, sports facilities
20:55 si the local infrastructure
20:56 si public servants
20:56 michael as... you know in bible or such : Jesus is the "élu" of god or thatz kindz... "le conseil municipal" > municipalité=town in a way... I UNDERSTAND NOW
20:56 si yes, municipal authorities
20:56 michael public servants = fonctionnaires in french > i got it ;-)
20:57 michael good choice and good news for katipo and Marton town
20:58 si yes indeed
21:01 rachel so where are you michael?
21:01 michael near Paris
21:02 michael 12 hours later or younger here... but working on a mandrake-personnal-server with the over part of my brain at this time and have litlle drinking to pass time (with music in ears too)
21:03 michael rachel: i work in public library > we already speak together on this channel
21:03 rachel yes I thought we had
21:03 rachel and is it going well?
21:04 michael at this time of the year i wonder if i'll not quit my library for other adventures... more "open source" adventures :-|
21:04 rachel :-) are you a programmer by any chance?
21:04 rachel or a librarian
21:04 michael tired to feel alone and consider a little as geek-librairain ?
21:05 michael librarian > YES
21:05 michael programmer > ASK THIS QUESTION IN ONE YEAR, Rachel
21:05 rachel hi ya
21:06 michael i 'll to try to go study "cours du soir" here : > GREAT GREAT PLACE TO STUDY INFORMATIX :-)
21:06 rachel ah joshua I have that file for you I think
21:06 kados so rachel -- have you been following the release manager thread on koha-devel?
21:06 rachel yes I have
21:07 kados what's the next step?
21:07 rachel wether he thinks that they will go for it
21:08 rachel ah so he has
21:09 kados cool
21:10 michael rachel:i find the link to learn more and be useful in programmation > > really serious
21:10 michael hi kados ;-)
21:11 kados hi michael
21:11 kados what's new?
21:12 michael kados:new? you ask me or rach this ?
21:12 kados you
21:13 michael oh i met paul monday 9th so good plans to go...
21:13 si michael: "what's new?" is american for "how are you going, what's new in your life?"
21:14 michael and tomorrow (means in 5 hours) i go week-end with my girlfriend Marilyne/// so good news here ;-)
21:14 kados si: hehe
21:14 kados cool
21:14 michael yep
21:15 michael we'll go there : > MULTI-language homepage i see
21:16 kados hehe
21:16 si
21:16 kados michael: looks nice
21:16 michael [ hum >listening english right now : "There there" by Radiohead band... no american sorry ;-)
21:17 michael never go in Angers but there's a strange bibliothécaire-librarian there > speaks of OAI, XML, OPEN SOURCE and such > maybe we'll meet him
21:21 michael "I Can Speak American"
21:21 michael Screaming Blue Messiahs
21:21 michael here's a song to p2p oneday ;-)
21:23 michael[…]1:yb4uakjk5m3k~T1
21:23 michael i didn't knew this band AT ALL !!
21:23 si well, it's nearly 20 years ago that that song came out
21:24 si and they weren't particularly well known even then
21:34 michael at this time friends and I really like this one :[…]l=33:8ojie8u34x87
21:34 michael > Amerika by Ramstein > "we all live in Amerika" > video clip here : normally it works..
21:36 michael ramnstein
21:44 kados "As a prize, the Koha project received a Sun RAQ server, which will be used to improve the development and testing process used by the group."
21:44 kados is that Sun in production somewhere?
21:44 michael cool ;-) sun microsystems ? the sun ?
21:45 kados looks like it (this was years ago ... like maybe 4 years ago)
21:45 si joshua: not here
21:46 si joshua: what's the url?
21:46 kados
21:47 si maybe paul has it
21:47 si since it's a french award
21:47 kados ahh ... that would make sense ;-)
22:12 rachel sorry joshua rebecca isn't home at the moment
22:12 kados np ... whenever is fine
22:12 kados thanks for checking!
22:13 kados I'll prolly bug you again tomorrow ;-)
22:13 rachel hopefully she'll check her messages tonight
09:53 shaun hi | can anybody help with

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