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12:01 owen itemnumber makes its way into the items table, though
12:33 shaun is there any kind of printable inquiry at the moment? our library finds it useful (using the current propietary solution) to be able to make a print-formatted document automatically, with the basic data and often all of the relevant bibliographical data, with the name of the library at the top, and the search terms listed clearly.
13:01 owen shaun, still there?
13:01 owen Do you mean a printable version of the search results screen?
13:08 shaun (i will be back in 10 mins)
13:15 shaun i'm back
13:15 shaun yes, basically
13:17 shaun *is going again*
13:19 owen What about a print style sheet?  Would that do the job?
13:28 michael hi all !
13:29 owen hi michael
13:31 michael hi owen ! i'm happy tonight because i will not work until next wednesday ;-) ouf !
13:31 michael make some fresh air in my brain for some days to come
13:45 shaun back again | hi michael/tim - i don't know you yet...
13:49 tim I've been here before, but not much recently.
13:49 shaun owen: the results should come up in a new window, for easy copy-and-pasting into excel or word (they're still on M$ on the clients) or, ultimately, printing
13:49 shaun I'm a hardened n00b - working on template design atm
13:50 tim I've been fumbling my way through for a pretty long time.
13:50 tim Still have a lot of fumbling to do.
13:58 owen shaun, so what would the page look like, to fit your needs?  Is it not possible to modify the template to reach that goal?
14:00 shaun owen: in the current system, it is basically (in web-based ILS terms) pure html, with either tables, or fixed-width words with spaces to fill gaps
17:33 kados rach around?
17:35 si she should be in shortly, she's just taking the blood doners to the vet
17:35 kados erp?
17:36 kados sounds dangerous ;-)
17:36 si olive is a big dog, bloody type universal doner
17:37 si so she's in demand at the local vet clinic to help out during difficult operations
17:37 kados huh ... I guess I didn't realize blood transfusions were given to animals ... cool!
17:38 si she'll get a bit of free dentistry while she's in
17:39 si and a rebate next time she needs treatment
17:39 si the only downside is that the blood donors need to be sedated as well
17:39 kados sounds like a good deal for her owners ;-)
17:39 si so she'll be zonked for a few hours this evening
17:39 si and probably a bit whiny coz the room is spinning
17:39 kados hehe
17:40 rachel hello
17:40 kados hey rach
17:40 rachel is v quiet when there are no dogs here
17:40 kados :-)
17:40 rachel you were asking out our cute boxes I believe?
17:41 kados yea ... they're really cool
17:41 kados LibLime would like a few for our ALA conference
17:41 rachel I could just mail you some :-)
17:41 rachel ie printed out and ready to be made up
17:41 rachel or I can send you the file to get printed etc locally
17:41 kados what kind of paper did you use?
17:42 kados (and printer)
17:42 kados (and size of paper?)
17:42 rachel we got some printed out on A4 paper, which makes boexst sort of cd case sized
17:42 rachel and we got some printed on A1 Ithink it was which makes boxes A4 sized
17:43 kados makes sense ... I suppose we could get it printed locally at Kinkos or something
17:43 kados (we don't have an 8.5x11 printer)
17:43 kados (which I think A1 is)
17:43 rachel so we took them down to a printing out place to do
17:44 rachel the small ones they had thick enough card
17:44 rachel but the big ones we then double sheeted - so spray glued them onto another bit of card
17:44 rachel before cutting them out
17:44 kados right ... makes sense
17:45 kados well when you get a chance I'd love the files
17:45 kados are they Gimp files?
17:45 rachel they don't need to be super thick - but there is a bit of a trick to getting them folded nicely (involves a butter knife and ruler to score first)
17:46 rachel ah no, they are freehand files, they may be pdfs
17:46 kados freehand is fine ... I have MX
17:46 rachel ok cool
17:47 rachel our new library client is anouncing themselves today
17:47 kados sweet!
17:47 kados Koha's time has come
17:48 kados so can you say who it is?
17:48 kados or are theey announcing on the list?
17:50 rachel Rangitikei public library -
17:50 rachel they are anouncing to the library managers meeting
17:51 rachel 3 branches, rural library
17:51 kados ahh ... yea chris told me about them
17:51 kados that's cool
23:15 rachel hi jo
10:24 kados morning owen
10:24 owen Hi

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