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12:04 kados I don't even see any mention of renewing an item from issues
12:05 owen Are you looking at
12:05 kados it looks like issuebook would handle this
12:05 kados yea ...
12:07 kados so we need to test this statement:
12:07 kados if ($currentborrower eq $borrower->{'borrowernumber'}) {
12:08 owen I wonder if this function is returning the wrong value: renewstatus($env,$dbh,$bor​rower->{'borrowernumber'}, $iteminformation->{'itemnumber'});
12:08 kados could be
12:08 kados could you try renewing an item via issues?
12:09 kados on production?
12:09 owen Sure.
12:10 kados looks like currentborrower isn't getting through
12:10 kados let me know when you've done it
12:10 owen I tried a few
12:11 kados borrnum:41220
12:11 kados that's the only one I see
12:11 kados is that one you did?
12:11 owen I'm 20375
12:11 kados strange ... that's not showing up at all
12:12 kados you're on production?
12:13 owen Yeah
12:22 kados so something else is going on here
12:22 kados maybe issuebook isn't even getting called
12:23 kados owen: can you try that renewal again?
12:24 owen Yeah
12:25 kados I think this is our problem
12:25 kados if ($noerror && ($noquestion || $issueconfirmed)) {
12:26 kados yea I think that line must be the problem
12:27 owen Why?
12:27 kados because I've done warns everywhere else and it's the last place left ;-)
12:33 kados owen: give that renew one more shot
12:34 kados right
12:34 kados here we are:
12:34 kados [Tue May 03 13:34:09 2005] [error] [client] noerror:0 noquestion:1 issueconf:  at /build/cvsroots/production​/koha/circ/ line 161.
12:34 kados so noerror is set to 0 for some reason
12:35 kados and issuebook isn't getting called
12:35 kados so now we've got to figure out where the error is
12:36 kados ok ... try it again
12:36 kados [Tue May 03 13:36:35 2005] [error] [client] error is:NO_MORE_RENEWALS at /build/cvsroots/production​/koha/circ/ line 151
12:37 kados not sure if that's yours or not
12:38 owen I dunno
12:40 kados foreach my $impossible (keys %$error) {
12:40 kados                        $template->param($impossible => $$error{$impossible},
12:40 kados                                                        IMPOSSIBLE => 1);
12:40 kados that's how it's set
12:43 kados and error in turn is set here:
12:43 kados my ($error, $question) = canbookbeissued(\%env, $borrower, $barcode, $year, $month, $day);
12:58 kados my ($renewstatus) = renewstatus($env,$dbh,$bor​rower->{'borrowernumber'}, $iteminformation->{'itemnumber'});
12:58 kados                if ($renewstatus == 0) { # no more renewals allowed
12:58 kados        $issuingimpossible{NO_MORE_RENEWALS} = 1;
13:01 kados owen: can't we just call from the issues screen instead of routing it through
13:01 kados (when we want to renew items?
13:02 owen The situation arises when someone brings in the book that they want to renew, and put it in the pile along with all the new books they're checking out today
13:02 owen We want to be able to scan the item like all the others and have it be renewed.
13:02 kados ahh
13:02 kados I'll have to compare renewscript with
13:03 kados see where's got it wrong
13:03 kados maybe someone forgot to update which subroutines to use and it's using old ones
13:10 owen Hi shaun
13:11 shaun hi
13:16 owen What's new?
13:18 shaun nothing, really - got any ideas about the bugs we were talking about last week? (*has just returned from holiday*)
13:19 owen No, I've had other things on my plate
13:20 shaun ok
13:22 owen The problems you were having were with an installation from HEAD, right?  And paul still hasn't updated HEAD with all the changes to rel_2_2 yet
13:22 shaun yes (ah, that's it... has paul been around?)
13:23 owen No, he hasn't
13:43 kados ok ... distractions keep pulling me away from this
13:43 kados     my $status=renewstatus(\%env,$bornum,$itemno);
13:43 kados     if ($status == 1){
13:43 kados       renewbook(\%env,$bornum,$itemno);
13:43 kados that's how renewscript does it
13:43 kados the issues way is really convoluted
13:43 kados sp?
13:43 kados and that's our problem
13:44 paul_away shaun, owen, not here. synch'ing 2_2 and head should be done tomorrow morning. done on my laptop, still to commit
13:44 paul_away (going to bed)
13:44 owen thanks paul!
13:44 shaun brilliant, thanks
13:46 kados actually this may be the problem:
13:46 kados my ($renewstatus) = renewstatus($env,$dbh,$bor​rower->{'borrowernumber'}, $iteminformation->{'itemnumber'});
13:46 kados but ...
13:46 kados sub renewstatus {
13:46 kados        my ($env,$bornum,$itemno)=@_;
13:47 kados no dbh asked for there
14:25 kados owen: did this fix 970 as well?
14:26 owen That /was/ 970.
14:27 kados ok
14:27 kados I guess I meant 844
14:28 chris whats 970?
14:28 chris ahh i see
14:30 owen Hi chris :)
14:31 kados morning chris
14:31 kados actually, although this does fix things temporarily
14:31 kados I'm confused about why these subs have their own dbhes
14:32 kados chris: is that a performance issue?
14:32 kados so owen, does this fix 844?
14:32 owen I don't know yet
14:34 chris kados: its more a sometimes mysql goes away issue
14:35 chris and with C4::Context it wont make an actual new connection unless it needs to
14:44 owen kados: looking at the change you made to, I don't see how this could have fixed bug 844 as well
14:45 owen you'd have to substantially change the function of the renewstatus subroutine itself to get it to check reserves as well as renewals
14:48 owen Ideally, any place that lists the patrons issues (whether it be or, the list should include all relevant information about the item's renewal status, indicating whether the item is on reserve or whether it's been renewed too many times
14:50 owen So now when you look at, you might see 'reserved' instead of the checkbox in the renew column.  We should also be seeing 'no more renewals' in the same column for such items.
15:19 owen Don't everybody volunteer at once ;)
15:48 kados right
15:48 kados ok I'll take a look at that
15:51 kados actually I think if an item is on reserve it shouldn't even get to renewstatus
15:52 kados it should be blocked by canbookbeissued
15:52 kados with the error RESERVED
15:52 kados so we're saying that this doesn't work currently?
15:57 owen Take a look at, for instance
16:01 owen https://intranet.athenscounty.[…]
16:03 owen if you had something checked out that was on reserve for someone else, the checkbox in the renew column would be replaced by 'Reserved'
16:04 owen But the script that generates that list doesn't check the renewal status of items based on their number of renewals
16:06 kados ahh ... so it will give you the option to renew even if you can't
16:06 kados and then it just won't renew when you try
16:06 owen Right, and you won't really know why.
16:06 kados but that's not the bug right?
16:07 kados I thought the bug was that you could renew items on reserve for someone else
16:07 owen yeah, the real bug is that the list on the issues screen doesn't show the reserved status like the list on
16:07 owen I was just saying that if we could somehow use the same process for checking the renewal status on both pages, the results would be consistent.
16:08 kados ok ... yea I knew about that problem
16:08 kados but what about renewing items on reserve for someone else?
16:08 kados that's on our Koha forum as a problem -- is it still a problem?
16:09 kados here's a line from
16:09 kados if ($resbor ne $borrower->{'borrowernumber'} && $restype eq "Consigned") {
16:09 kados # The item is on reserve and waiting, but has been
16:09 kados                        # reserved by some other patron.
16:10 kados but in fact, when the item is on reserve for someone else
16:10 kados CheckReserves will return         return ("Reserved", $highest);
16:10 owen The problem happens if you use the checkboxes on the circulation page
16:10 kados right
16:11 owen That uses just as if you were doing it from
16:11 kados but it doesn't work the same?
16:11 owen But can prevent you from renewing reserved items because it doesn't display a checkbox for items which are on reserve.
16:11 kados aahhh! now I understand
16:12 owen shows checkboxes for all items, because it doesn't have a built-in check for renewal status
16:12 kados so there are really two bugs
16:12 kados one: Koha shouldn't let you renew items on reserve for someone else (even if you want to)
16:12 kados two: it shouldn't give you the option to do this
16:13 kados part two is probably trivial
16:13 owen Of course, if you never get the option to renew something that's on hold for someone else, the first bug can't bite you
16:13 kados part one might be our fault for using "Consigned"
16:13 kados right
16:15 kados if we fix part one we can allow patrons to renew their own items
16:15 kados so i'm gonna work on that one
16:16 owen It's the same issue.  If the display on the relevant opac page knows not to submit item numbers for on-reserve items, the renewal script won't have to worry about it
16:16 kados ahh right
16:17 kados well maybe i can do both ;-)
16:19 kados hehe
16:19 kados bastards!
16:20 kados the books worthless now
16:23 kados hehe
17:03 kados[…]/album11/DSC01823
17:03 kados rach around?
17:04 kados I'm wondering about your koha boxes (on the wall at the conference)
17:04 kados LibLime's going to ALA 2005 in June
19:49 kados rach around?
19:50 si nope, she's away for the next few hours
19:50 kados ahh ... that's cool
19:50 kados chris mentioned that she could tell me about the Koha boxes
19:50 kados that you guys used at the conference
19:50 kados LibLime's going to the ALA conference and it might be nice to have neat boxes like that
19:51 kados how's it going si?
19:57 si it's all good
19:57 si we were in sydney last weekend for a wedding, rach went to see some prospective customers
19:57 si and she's off to see some others today
19:58 si at the moment, we're buying generic 1U servers, stripping them down to bare metal, getting a local auto shop to spray them up, and reassembling
19:59 si it's not a solution that's going to scale :-)
20:00 kados :-)
20:00 kados yea i'm gonna probably do something similar for our exhibit
20:01 kados btw: i wasn't able to use dd to create an image on CF cards ... but it should work for 2.5" hard disks right?
20:01 kados I need a way to quickly image a drive and make it bootable from the soekris
20:08 si dd should work for either
20:08 si but you can get issues with different disk geometries
22:58 kados rach back yet?
00:11 rachel back
04:07 Sylvain hi all
07:54 hdl paul : l'appel au dictionnaire est enfin fait. si tu veux le tester et me faire des remarques avant que je ne l'intègre à l'OPAC. Je passe à YAZ
07:55 kados hi all
07:55 kados paul: /me tasted one of the gifts Paul left in Nelsonville last night -- very good!
07:55 paul ;-)
08:11 hdl hi Joshua
08:19 kados morning hdl
08:19 kados (or afternoon for you ;-))
09:01 hdl Global symbol "$context" requires explicit package name at ./processz3950queue line 107
09:02 hdl paul : c'est normal cette erreur après avoir fait l'esport PERL5LIB
09:02 hdl ?
09:02 paul non.
09:02 hdl s/esport/export
09:02 paul c'est ptet une erreur de synch 2.2 et head.
09:03 hdl Que dois-je faire ?
09:05 hdl autant pour moi.
09:05 hdl J'ai actualisé, ça marche.
09:05 hdl ;)
09:50 hdl j'ai encore des problèmes pour faire marcher le client z3950. Quelqu'un peut m'aider ?
10:01 hdl paul?
10:02 hdl sylvain ?
10:05 Sylvain pas encore touché dutout, mm pas utilisé le z39.50 dsl
10:06 hdl Undefined subroutine &main::BreedingSearch called at /home/hdl/Koha/koha-dev/koha/z3950/ line 80., referer: http://kohadev.demo/cgi-bin/ko[…]mple/
10:06 hdl [Wed May 04 17:06:04 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://kohadev.demo/cgi-bin/ko[…]mple/
10:07 hdl problème en cliquant sur
10:08 hdl problème aussi avec
10:18 owen Great news about Ineo, paul
10:18 paul yep.
10:19 owen I also think it's a good idea to propose that they manage the next release, because it would be a good way to keep them involved in the open source process
10:19 paul owen, do you have some time ?
10:19 owen yes
10:19 paul it's about bug 983
10:19 paul xcan't reproduce it myself
10:20 owen I was afraid of that :(
10:20 owen kados: are you around?
10:20 paul kados, bugging you ;-) ;-)
10:23 paul admin/
10:23 paul with items table.
10:23 paul is itemnumber mapped to a subfield ?
10:23 paul (995$9 for me)
10:24 paul (subfield to put in tab=-1 -ignore-)
10:25 owen itemnumber is mapped to 952u, as it should be
10:32 shaun hi all... judging by my inbox, the changes are done... well done, paul, and thanks
10:32 paul your welcome
10:32 paul (provided by paul, with some bugs for free due to synch errors ;-) )
10:37 paul hdl : je viens de voir que j'avais oublié quelques synchros entre head et 2.2
10:37 paul cvs update devrait fonctionner maintenant
10:38 shaun is koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/def​ault/en/z3950/searchresult.tmpl the place where the annoying ?? message comes from, btw?
10:41 paul ???
10:43 owen shaun, yes that's where the system prints "??" when it doesn't know how many requests are remaining.
10:44 shaun in z39.50 search (under add biblio), there is a "Still ?? requests to go" message - there should be something more descriptive which says something more specific, e.g. "The z39.50 daemon is not started. Please start it by..." or "The search is in progress" etc
10:45 shaun oh, owen has got there first... :p
10:45 paul shaun, I agree with your opinion
10:46 owen paul, under what circumstances does it display the "??" ?
10:46 paul when the search has not begun.
10:47 shaun (btw: paul, i have started to learn perl: hello world worked well, the database that powers a website i am building is even better...)
10:49 paul shaun & owen : a new variable has to be set in z3950/ & sent to the template
10:49 paul something like <!-- TMPL_IF name="search_begun" -->
10:49 paul the checkz3950searchdone returns ?? when search not started.
10:50 paul so, template->param (search_begun => $numberpending eq 'XX'?0:1)
11:07 hdl paul : toujours la même erreur. Event: trapped error: decodeAPDU() failed for unknown reason: 0
11:07 hdl in Event::io=HASH(0x85c4d74) --
11:08 hdl C'est dû au Event::decode  Non ?
11:26 kados ok I'm here now
11:26 kados paul:
11:26 kados owen:
11:26 kados what's up?
11:27 owen talking about bug 983...paul can't reproduce it on his end.
11:27 kados I think  owen and I were going to continue to troubleshoot the bugs in reserves
11:27 owen Not sure how to proceed...
11:27 kados huh
11:28 kados well iirc we had to change something in marc_aubfield_table
11:28 kados right after the upgrade
11:28 kados ran an alter table
11:28 kados we did this:
11:28 kados update marc_tag_structure set frameworkcode=''
11:28 kados update marc_subfield_structure set frameworkcode='';
11:29 kados and I recall that paul originally said we need to do an alter table ... but I never really understood what was meant by that
11:29 kados paul: does this sound familiar?
11:31 kados show columns from marc_subfield_table;
11:31 kados subfieldid    | bigint(20) unsigned |      | PRI | NULL    | auto_increment
11:31 kados bibid         | bigint(20) unsigned |      | MUL | 0       |
11:31 kados tag           | char(3)             |      | MUL |
11:32 kados tagorder      | tinyint(4)          |      | MUL | 1
11:32 kados tag_indicator | char(2)             |      | MUL |
11:32 kados subfieldcode  | char(1)             |      | MUL |
11:32 kados subfieldorder | tinyint(4)          |      | MUL | 1
11:32 kados subfieldvalue | varchar(255)        | YES  | MUL | NULL
11:32 kados valuebloblink | bigint(20)          | YES  |     | NULL
11:33 paul kados.
11:34 paul sound familiar. Not sure your problem is related to this one.
11:34 kados those updates didn't cover marc_subfield_table ...
11:34 kados ok
11:34 paul frameworkcode was for frameworks, nothing to do with subfields
11:34 kados but perhaps there are other differences in the db causing the problem ?
11:36 paul mmm... not sure.
11:37 paul write a warn "".$record->as_formatted in MARCgetbiblio
11:37 paul then read a biblio
11:37 paul then edit it and read it again
11:37 paul and let me know any difference
11:39 kados I'm not sure we can even edit records ...
11:39 kados but I don't use this feature
11:39 kados owen would know better
11:42 owen Paul, you mean in
11:42 paul yep owen
11:51 owen yeah, the u subfield (where the itemnumber goes) isn't showing up after an add
11:51 owen Edits work fine, though
11:52 owen Here's an edited record:
11:52 owen 952    _bCPL
11:52 owen       _dCPL
11:52 owen       _p35000099911533
11:52 owen       _r3.95
11:52 kados :q
11:52 owen       _u326806
11:52 owen       _v2005-02-24
11:52 kados oops
11:52 owen And here's an added record:
11:52 owen 952    _bCPL
11:52 owen       _dCPL
11:52 owen       _p45000000065466
11:52 owen       _r39.95
11:52 owen       _v2005-07-03

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