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12:27 hdl bye
12:32 shaun hi (was watching the simpsons///)
12:40 shaun which is correct: Bar Codes or Barcodes?
12:41 owen Barcodes
12:41 shaun oh - quite a few templates use Bar Codes... *does mass find and replace*
12:57 owen Tinkering with RSS feeds is a pain when your RSS reader won't update the feed...
13:02 kados this looks promising:
13:02 kados query here
13:13 shaun *arguing with ben: should the title of the page (e.g. Circulation: Issues) be within mainbloc or not?
13:15 owen Visually, or semantically?
13:15 shaun both - CSS positioning hurts web designers ;)
13:17 owen ?
13:18 shaun visually.
13:19 owen Looking at the default template, it makes sense for the main heading (<h1>) to be inside the mainbloc div
13:19 owen Things that are outside that div are external to the task at hand
13:21 shaun *tells ben*
13:23 shaun should it be left- or centre-aligned, in your opinion?
13:26 owen My personal opinion is left (as you can tell from our template ;) )
13:28 shaun *left-aligns header and ducks*
13:32 shaun does koha have any support for ldap (e.g. in a school system, opac login should match network login)?
13:33 owen I know there's some ldap stuff in there, but I don't know how it works.
13:42 Ben hi
13:42 Ben 'patron', 'borrower' or 'member'?
13:42 owen Depends on your library
13:43 shaun (for the templates)
13:44 Ben standardised
13:44 owen Our library had always used 'patron', so we used patron in our templates.  There's no standard as far as I know.
13:44 Ben for the default of every koha install that will occur with our new templates
13:44 shaun put it this way: what is the default in the templates currently marked as "default"?
13:45 Ben none, as far as I can tell: it's very inconsistent
13:45 owen The current default templates use both borrwer and member, terms which it inherited from the original Koha written in NZ
13:46 shaun well, "member" is on the tab on the navigation, so i will go with member.
13:46 Ben ok
13:56 kados I don't know what this does, because I don't understand how reserve
13:56 kados constraints work. I think the idea is that you reserve a particular
13:56 kados biblio, and the constraint allows you to restrict it to a given
13:56 kados biblioitem (e.g., if you want to borrow the audio book edition of "The
13:56 kados Prophet", rather than the first available publication).
13:59 owen Remember, the reserves system was designed to use the biblio-biblioitems-items scheme, where one biblio might have multiple item types attached
13:59 owen So there's a mechanism to choose by biblioitem, but not (I believe) item
14:01 kados it looks to me like Koha doesn't even track which 'items' are on reserve at all
14:01 kados it only cares about the biblioitem number
14:01 kados meaning that the checks for whether an item is on reserve probably rely on biblionumber rather than barcode ... interesting
14:01 owen[…]
14:01 kados I wonder what the reason for that was
14:06 shaun circulation appears to be somewhat broken in cvs: [Thu Apr 28 20:02:02 2005] [error] [client] Q cardnumber : Select * from borrowers, referer: http://kohacvs.localhost:8080/[…]rc/
14:06 shaun [Thu Apr 28 20:02:02 2005] [error] [client] \t\twhere ((surname like ? or surname like ?, referer: http://kohacvs.localhost:8080/[…]rc/
14:08 owen kados, on that reserve page see how there's a checkbox next to the item type listing?
14:08 owen That's where, if we were using the old Koha, there would be a list of item types (book, CD, AV, etc)
14:08 owen It's a good example because you can see how it lumps all the barcodes under one entry (the biblioitem entry)
14:09 owen The need to reserve a specific copy probably just wasn't seen as necessary.
14:09 owen Indeed it's not something we want the patrons to have the option of doing (because they're not smart enough to know not to!)
14:11 kados right!
14:12 kados but the old Koha didn't let us reserve a specific item did it?
14:13 owen No.  That's what I mean about it not being seen as necessary
14:14 kados right ... I get it now
14:15 kados well it's not necessary for patrons ... but would be nice for staff
14:15 kados trouble is, it looks like the whole reserves system would need to be overhauled to do it
14:15 kados I wonder if we can let staff set another status on an item to prevent it from being circulated (for replairs, etc)
14:17 owen We talked with Paul about setting up a list of authorized values for 'not for loan'
14:18 shaun guys - any ideas about the problem above?
14:18 owen We haven't updated our test machine since Paul committed his last change to
14:18 owen Did you update since then shaun?
14:20 shaun yes
14:21 shaun when was the last change?
14:22 owen So maybe there's a bug in his bugfix
14:23 owen I guess I must be imagining things.  I thought I'd seen an update for that.  But now I don't
14:23 kados there was a change this morning IIRC
14:23 kados I think it was in one of the modules
14:23 shaun well, since i have been on the cvs list, i have not had anything to do with
14:24 owen I see an update to returns.tmpl
14:24 owen But that's all
14:24 shaun same here
14:25 owen shaun what were you trying to do when you got the error?
14:26 shaun i type anything into the box on the circulations page, and there is no response - the page merely refreshes, with no action
14:27 owen you mean where it says 'enter borrower card number or partial last name'?
14:28 shaun the error is from the apache error log - the interface itself does nothing
14:28 shaun yes
14:28 owen Is that only when you enter a name or number that's not in the database?
14:29 shaun *just realises i have not currently got any members*
14:32 shaun when adding a member: The following fields have a forbidden value. Correct them and press OK again :
14:32 shaun Postal Street Address
14:34 shaun yet i have a perfectly acceptable value in there...
14:34 shaun brb
14:35 Ben happens with me as well
14:36 owen Here's one:  The ability to work with fellow Koha developers.
14:37 Ben ???
14:37 Ben oh, I see
14:38 Ben unfortunately, being able to report on bugs you already know about is not a justification for losing functionality
14:40 Ben installing the cvs version in order to be able to work with you (and we are not working with you over anything which is different in the cvs version) is not a good reason for installing the cvs version, which is buggy enough to prevent us from actually developing our contribution
15:05 shaun anyway... owen, or anybody else, got any ideas about the two (one plus 0.5?) bugs above?
15:06 owen I'm trying the member entry and don't get any error.
15:06 owen Can you check the version of the copy of that you have?  Is it up to date?
15:07 shaun *does cvs co*
15:11 owen Also, could you check to see what your memberentry.tmpl has for the Postal Address input tag?
15:11 shaun the last time i updated was a couple of days ago - and i think the change you made was in rel_2.2
15:11 owen What name and template variable is has in it?
15:13 owen Do you see an instance of this in your circulation template: <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="message" -->
15:13 shaun in memberentry.tmpl: <td colspan="2"><input type="text" name="streetaddress" size="40" value="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="address" -->"></td>
15:14 owen That looks right.
15:15 shaun <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="message" --> is there
15:16 owen Hunh... So your script is up to date, and your template has the right 'if' block to catch the 'no patrons found' message.  I'm stumped.
15:22 Ben shaun, can you do what I asked at 9pm now please
15:28 shaun done; owen - do you know why the messages box seems to display even though there are no messages?
15:30 owen Can I see it on your site?
15:31 shaun sure:
15:31 shaun un: kohacvs, pw: hexthouse
15:34 shaun if you have any tips for making it more slick, they are still welcome
15:35 owen Are you going to modify the front page?
15:36 shaun yes - we haven't got round to that yet... we'll probably look at incorporating the concept rach and chris were producing
15:37 owen shaun, which messages box are you talking about?
15:37 shaun returns
15:38 shaun and branch transfers
15:39 owen Oh
15:39 owen I don't think it *has* to appear in returns if you don't want it to.  I do recall having trouble getting it not to show up in branch transfers, though.
15:40 owen The problem with branchtransfers is that there are a whole list of messages that might appear, so it's not as simple as saying <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="message" -->Display message box<!-- /TMPL_IF -->
15:40 shaun also, have you seen the behaviour of circulations: issues now?
15:41 shaun (and the address in the members section)
15:41 owen circ looks fine to me. If I put in a name or a number I get back a message that says 'No borrower matched...'
15:42 owen Is that what you're talking about?
15:42 shaun on our cvs version, link above, you're going into circulation, and you can type in something, and get a "no borrower matched"? for both of us, it does absolutely nothing
15:44 owen Oh, sorry...wrong link
15:45 shaun you're using a mozilla browser... my computer is being overloaded with requests for favicon.ico, with a 404 every time... ;)
15:48 shaun are you seeing the errors that i am describing?
15:48 owen I see the circ one
15:49 shaun how about members?
15:50 owen Yeah, I see that one too
15:50 owen This is your installation from rel_2_2?
15:50 owen Or HEAD?
15:53 shaun head - the 2.2.2b release version is over at with kohaadmin as un, pw the same.
15:54 owen I think the problem is that some bugfixes from rel_2_2 haven't been copied over to HEAD
15:54 owen Look at line 33 of your memberentry template
15:54 owen <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="aERROR_ddress" -->
15:56 shaun <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="ERROR_address" -->
15:57 shaun who's typo is that?
15:58 Ben owen
15:58 Ben it says so
15:58 Ben duh
15:58 Ben by the way this is bens sis
15:58 paul_away shaun : owen is right : i haven't synch rel_2_2 into head. will do it next week, ASAP.
15:59 paul_away (synch done, but many, many conflicts to solve now. I have 2 hours in train tomorrow to work on this ;-) )
15:59 paul_bed bye & fare well.
16:00 shaun (bye paul)
16:01 paul_bed shaun : ldap works well (used for 8 months in EMN, in France). look in C4/ to see how I do
16:01 paul_bed (available in 2.2 as well as in head iirc)
16:02 shaun k, i'll look into it a bit more
16:02 shaun thanks
16:14 shaun going now, bye
04:26 Sylvain hi all
07:47 hdl hi

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