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12:36 shaun hi - kados (or anybody else), are you available to help me with the bulkmarcimport script at the moment?
15:10 owen Okay...if I'm executing and nothing happens, what next?
15:10 owen No errors or anything, but no XML file either.
17:52 kados hehe
17:55 michael hoho ;-)
17:56 michael hello kados
17:57 michael cool... "forecast" says good weather here near Paris till friday... the spring is cloudy here... sad sometimes...
17:57 michael i'm "waiting for the sun" like Jim M. said :-)
17:58 michael hum...
17:58 michael can i ask just one question ? it's not about koha bugs of something i assure you
17:59 michael after i quit
17:59 chris hi michael
18:00 michael hi chris
18:02 michael i wonder about this The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
18:02 michael is anyone read some stuff about it ?
18:02 michael i print 30 pages from the Canada delegation (in French) this day and it sounds good...
18:04 michael very good intentions but what about the facts i wonder ?
18:04 michael in my way of thinking : koha and open source looks the same "point de mire" as the WSIS and FBG
18:04 michael what do you think about it ?
18:04 michael of am i "candide" and koha project is just a business like anoter ???
18:04 michael or..
18:04 chris often those things (big conferences) involve a lot of talking and no action
18:04 chris koha is both
18:05 michael yep... action and taliking ? or business and good intetions ?
18:05 chris thats the beauty of free software
18:05 chris business and good intentiions
18:05 michael koha is fourth
18:06 michael thanx to light me up about this ;-)
18:07 michael in France i met Pascale Nalon last thursday and she's worried about the Release Manager for 2.4
18:07 michael i spend a day with her and we talk about a french entreprise who will maybe be in charge ?
18:07 michael is that true that Paul want to quit ?
18:08 chris i dont think its fair on paul to be release manager again
18:08 chris i did 1.2.x mjr did 2.0 paul did 2.1/2.2 ... its time for someone else to have a go
18:09 michael maybe what i say is nonsense... but be release manager is such a work !!
18:09 michael you're right "not fair"...
18:09 chris yep, its a lot of work
18:09 michael i'll met him in Paris 9th may... it'll be an occasion to talk a little about it... oki
18:10 chris cool
18:10 michael and... before i go to sleep... i just see your blog yesterday... so i see you're a gamer... cool ;-)
18:11 chris yep, in the weekends, if i get time :)
18:12 michael ;-)
18:12 michael i put Korerorero in the bookmarks of my "young" and recent blog too... it's in french of course...
18:12 michael ...
18:13 michael nice talking a little with you chris... i go read now and sleep... bye
18:13 chris sleep well
18:13 michael thx
02:40 paul_away mike_out ?
02:42 mike_out oui bonjour paul !
02:43 mike_out en fait le laisse ouvert mais je suis "out" enfin "dehors"
02:43 mike_out car je pars bosser et le port 6667 est bloqué à la médiathèque où je travaille...
02:44 mike_away c'est mieux là ? je laisse comme ça... en mon absence, j'ai une peluche pinquoin qui regarde l'IRC pour moi (je plaisante...)
02:44 mike_away bonne journée...
05:24 Sylvain salut !
08:23 hdl hi
08:33 hdl sylvain : as-tu déjà dupliqué des notices ?
08:34 Sylvain bein pour tester ce que j'avais fait oui
08:34 Sylvain pquoi des problèmes ?
08:36 hdl Je n'arrive pas à retrouver le bouton. c'est trop bête :(
08:37 hdl Comment fait-on pour arriver à la duplication de notice ?
08:38 Sylvain attends, je recherche j'ai oublié aussi ;)
08:40 Sylvain dans ajouter une notive
08:40 Sylvain notice
08:40 Sylvain tu peux saisir un isbn/titre
08:41 Sylvain pour vérifier que ta notice est pas déjà en bd
08:41 Sylvain situ mets un titre/isbn déjà présent il te propose de l'ouvrir ou de la dupliquer
08:42 Sylvain euh bizarre en fait ...
08:42 Sylvain sur la 2.2.2 que j'ai ça fonctionne
08:42 Sylvain mais sur ma version CVS je l'ai pas ...
08:44 Sylvain tu l'as trouvé hdl ?
08:51 hdl Ca ne marche sur aucune des versions que j'ai. Bon. Je crois que je vais me fendre d'un nouvelle install.
08:51 hdl Sur ma version CVS, il me jette sur le catalogsearch.
08:54 Sylvain moi ma version cvs a qques temps sans mise à jour
08:54 Sylvain mais il m'affiche la liste des résultats
08:54 Sylvain le seul truc c'est qu'il me donne pas le bouton dupliquer
08:55 Sylvain qui est dans la 2.2.2
09:26 hdl Et as-tu déjà utilisé une douchette ?
09:28 Sylvain non par contre
09:31 hdl ok.
09:46 hdl J'ai réactualisé ma version CVS et le bouton Duplicate marche. Mais cela ne répond que partiellement à mes questions.
09:48 Sylvain c'est des questions sur la duplication ?
09:54 Sylvain tiens hdl j'ai une question, koha il peut bien agir en qualité de SERVEUR z39.50, pas seulement en tant que client
09:54 Sylvain c'est bien ça ?
10:07 kados morning owen
10:07 owen Hi
10:07 owen Thanks for getting the reserve list back up
10:08 kados np ... playing with permissions again :-?
10:09 owen You mean that's what tripped it up?
10:09 kados yep
10:14 owen I wonder if that kind of thing could be causing my RSS problems?
10:18 kados could be ... what's the problem?
10:20 owen I can run the script, and I don't see any errors, but the XML file isn't generated
10:20 kados where's the script?
10:20 kados (on 101?)
10:21 owen /koha/build/rss/
10:21 owen sorry /build/koha/rss
10:21 kados right ...
10:22 owen And I'm using this to run it: perl -l /build/koha/C4 lastAcquired.conf
10:22 kados ahh
10:22 kados try perl -I /build/koha
10:22 kados that's eye not ele
10:23 kados you shouldn't need to specify C4
10:23 kados since C4::Context assumes that the path starts with C4 as a known location
10:23 owen If I just say './ lastAcquired.conf'
10:24 owen I get this error:
10:24 owen Can't locate C4/ in @INC
10:24 kados right
10:24 kados so ry
10:24 kados try
10:25 kados perl -I /build/koha lastAcquired.conf
10:25 kados that's eye not ele
10:25 owen Well, that's getting me somewhere.  At least now I'm getting a visible error :)
10:26 owen HTML::Template : Attempt to set nonexistent parameter 'imagedescription' - this parameter name doesn't match any declarations in the template file : (die_on_bad_params => 1) at line 52
10:26 kados good start ;-)
10:28 kados a truly tiny library ;-)
10:28 kados only one staff member
10:29 kados (must be part-time)
10:29 hdl sylvain, désolé, AFAIK, Je sais que l'on peut installer un serveur Z39.50 sur la machine Koha, et paramétrer Koha.
10:29 kados director, branch-manager, reference librarian, circ staff, shelver, all rolled into one ;-)
10:29 hdl Mias je n'ai jamais testé
10:29 kados (kinda like owen, except with the director bit ;-))
10:30 hdl lol
10:30 Sylvain ok hdl
10:31 Sylvain owen kados did one of you use koha as a z3950 server?
10:33 kados yep
10:33 Sylvain ah, great :)
10:33 Sylvain so I suppose it works fine
10:33 kados well ... it's compliant to a low level of Bath
10:33 kados which is all NPL needed
10:34 kados I have been meaning to spruce it up for years
10:34 kados but haven't had the time
10:34 kados also ... doesn't support UNIMARC that I know of
10:34 Sylvain ah :(
10:34 kados (but I think Paul said he was working on this)
10:34 Sylvain ok, I'll ask more specific french questions to paul
10:34 kados I'd be willing to do UNIMARC support, I just haven't ever had access to a UNIMARC Koha
10:36 Sylvain :)
10:36 hdl kados, Paul could provide you with an acces to a UNIMARC koha If you asked, btw, has a UNIMARC base.
10:39 kados cool ... I'd love to do it ... the best way to motivate me would be with a little money ;-)
10:39 kados juggling NPL and LibLime leaves little room for volunteering :-(
10:40 kados but there's always a possibility ;-)
10:46 hdl We all have the same problems and needs ;)
10:49 hdl When there'sa will, there's a way ... biggrin
10:59 hdl And where there will be a need, there will be money ??? Hoping so.
11:54 owen Hi shaun

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