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12:37 indradg kados, around?
13:17 owen I haven't seen kados this afternoon.
13:24 kados indradg: I"m here now ... what's up?
14:54 owen kados: are you still around?
15:02 owen The new permissions sytem seems to work great, but I'm confused about how the flags settings work in the scripts
15:02 owen The admin-home page, for instance, has this:
15:02 owen     authnotrequired => 0,
15:02 owen     flagsrequired => {parameters => 1, management => 1, tools => 1},
15:03 owen It's not that you have to have all those flags set to access the page, it seems like that's listing what flags are /checked/ on the page.
15:04 owen Is that correct?
15:04 owen If so, it would mean you'd have to specify *every* flag in every script, since the site-wide navigation needs to be customized based on permissions
15:05 owen (well, almost every flag)
15:15 kados owen: I'm not sure about that
15:15 kados I wonder if it defaults to certain values if you don't specify
15:16 indradg kados, remember I spoke to u abt my corrupted marc_words table... well i did a REPAIR table, the table is back but some of the data is missing
15:17 kados hmmm, do you have a bakup?
15:17 kados backup even?
15:17 indradg chris suggested that I try dropping the marc_* tables and re-run to rebuild the marc_* tables
15:18 kados yep you could do that ... there's actually a script written by me in misc that builds it for you thou ;-)
15:18 kados and it optimizes it along the way ;-)
15:18 indradg and that would be?
15:18 kados build_marcword or something
15:18 kados lemme look
15:19 kados yea ;-)
15:19 kados in misc
15:19 kados you have marc21 right?
15:19 indradg right
15:20 kados ok ... and double check the holdings tag for your library ...
15:20 kados I think the script uses 942k
15:20 indradg ok
15:20 kados if your library doesn't use that you'll need to replace '942k' with whatever your library uses
15:20 kados other than that it should work ...
15:21 indradg holdings tag...that would the item specific stuff like barcodes et al ?
15:24 indradg aah... i see... reading code always helps :P
15:24 indradg sorry for the cluebie q :P
15:25 indradg kados, u rock! thanks a ton! :)
15:28 kados ;-) np
15:29 owen Hmm... I must be wrong about the flags.  It looks like you don't have to specify the flags in each script.
15:29 kados that's a relief ;-)
15:29 owen (that certainly makes more sense)
15:30 owen I'm not sure why has the code it does
15:46 mike_here <i>michael</i> will have to wait too... until May 9 to meet  Paul again ;-)
15:46 michael hi everyone
15:47 michael anyone have news from Nelsonville these last few days ?... hum... must be exciting to leave his country like Paul does :-@
15:48 michael just back home for me... i send a msg to russell @ kapito not long ago... is he came here sometimes ?
15:48 michael thanx
15:48 owen We had a very enjoyable and informative meeting with Paul and his travelling companions
15:50 michael cool ;-)
15:50 michael did Paul and his companions still "travel" around Nelsonville ? or is he already on the way home ???
15:51 michael you know : i'm curious and very big fan of "PaulPoul"
15:53 michael or "tipaul" if you prefer this nickname... my girlfriend Marilyne is already "sick" about "PaulPoul" because i sometimes speak too much of him and his great msg on the french list
15:53 michael she said i'll be decieved when i meet him again in May... but i guess she's wrong and a little jalous too ;-)
15:53 owen They're probably at the airport in Columbus, OH right now
15:54 owen They'll be on the plane in another couple of hours
15:54 michael i rather think i 'm "in love with" Marilyne but also "found of" PaulPoul... she tells me i'im crazy...
15:54 michael OH... i guess i will dreamt of PaulPoul this night :-| in the plane to go back home...
15:55 owen Yes, so he probably won't be here in #koha tonight ;)
15:56 michael ... hum... is it true that some libraries in Canada or Québec (french Canada) are, as far as i heard, are interested in Koha ???
15:56 michael Marilyne (who's not in my appartment right now) had tripped to Quebec...
15:57 michael oh :-/ bye owen...
15:57 michael see u next time...
15:57 michael oki... so am i... i'll go to zzzleeeppsoon...
15:57 kados michael: take care ;-)
15:57 michael thanx
15:58 michael so do you
16:04 michael hum i think i sleep well... Ohio's not so far from Canada... when you see this map on the Internet http://freepages.genealogy.roo[…]ed_States_Map.jpg
16:04 michael so there is still hope that maybe somedays Marilyne will go again in Canada... and maybe with a kind of new family this time...
16:04 michael sorry i dream awake on IRC... guess go really sleep
16:04 michael bye ;-)
16:34 rach hello
16:53 kados hi rach
16:59 rach hi, lib lime is looking good
17:10 kados thanks!
17:49 kados chris: I've a search idea ... like some feedback
17:49 kados so currently we've got a marc_word table
17:50 kados every marc word every time it appears
17:50 kados paul's brilliant idea was to have marc_words
17:50 kados where every marc word only appears once per tagsubfield
17:51 kados and a there is a 'itemnumbers' column for all the items that have that word (in csv)
17:51 kados but that's problematic for updating eh?
17:51 kados so here's the idea
17:52 kados we have instead an identifier for each word
17:52 kados then another table with the itemnumbers and ids
17:52 kados AND the complete display for the OPAC/Intranet
17:52 kados so there are two queries ...
17:53 kados one to get the id for the words
17:53 kados and one to get everything else
17:53 kados what do you think?
17:55 chris hmmm
17:56 rach but IANAP :-)
17:57 chris itll depend on how fast you can get those queries going
17:58 chris and making sure that all updates modify all the tables
18:02 kados right ... if I were to test this theoretically I would probably set it up as a script to run nightly
18:03 kados to rebuild the marc_words and marc_words_display tables
18:03 chris yeah ... which would mean that potentially during the day you will be returning wrong results
18:04 kados could be
18:04 kados as far as speed goes here's an initial table estimate:
18:04 kados select count(*) from marc_word:
18:04 kados 4630390
18:05 kados select count(distinct word, tagsubfield) from marc_word:
18:05 kados 543767
18:05 kados quite a difference
18:05 chris yep
18:06 kados rach: if you think this sounds slow you should see what we're doing now ;-)
18:07 kados and the good news is that it levels out when your database grows
18:07 kados cause all the words are already in there ;-)
18:07 kados and you can do nifty ranking too (if a word occurs in more than one tagsubfield it has a higher ranking)
18:08 chris true
18:16 rach to see if she can convince anyone else it's a good plan :-)
21:00 miklZzzzz i got an idea though i'm sleepy mind kados but it's EXPERIMENTAL
21:01 miklZzzzz in informagik it's possible to do i suppose but what librarians will think of it and users too, i don't know : EXPERIMENTAL as i say, do you want to here it ??? or read i mean ???
21:02 miklZzzzz anyone here wants to here ? it's about moving books and people the same way with Koha ??? anyone ??
21:04 michael maybe i'll make a flop because its not "new at all" but if i don't share this idea soon i guess i will forget it one day...
21:04 kados well ... ?
21:04 kados :-)
21:04 michael so : imagine you have several branches
21:05 michael let's name take 2 : TOTORO and NAUSICAA
21:06 michael or more, that's not the key point...
21:06 michael so the books of NAUSICAA branches are borrowed in NAUSICAA but the borrower like also to go in TOTORO
21:07 kados so is this a consortia you're talking about?
21:07 michael when the NAUSICAA books are "bipped" or scanner in TOTORO branch, the localisation changes "en temps réel" in real time
21:07 michael this books are no localised in  TOTORO branches and it changes it on the OPAC
21:08 kados interesting
21:08 kados I think paul may have a solution for that
21:08 kados you should ask him when he is back
21:08 michael users of NAUSICAA used to finds a book in particular in they local library dont find it anymore IF and ONLY IF the user themselves MAKE THE BOOKS MOVE
21:09 michael in a way, PEOPLE are ACTIVE in the CIRCULATION of the BOOKS they borrowed...
21:09 michael you follow ?
21:09 kados yea ... that's neat
21:10 kados but I doubt libraries would go for it ;-)
21:10 kados they like to control the books ;-)
21:10 michael YES because of the "poussiérieuse" notion of COLLECTION and PLACES we have when you learn this work...
21:10 michael oki ;-)
21:11 michael poussière = dust
21:11 michael you say "dusty" ???
21:11 michael good night kados ;-)
21:13 michael i stay and will concentrate on this shadoks' idea by reading a book :-)
21:59 mkl_read rach, what kind of pictures u need ??
21:59 mkl_read drawning ?
22:09 michael mkl_read
22:22 rach hey, oh yes I need to draw some pictures to get it straight in my head

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