IRC log for #koha, 2005-04-14

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12:23 indradg kados, around?
12:30 hdl seems not :)
12:32 indradg so it seems :)
12:34 indradg i just hosed my marc_* tables in order to try out the script... mysql complaining a-plenty!
12:38 hdl have you made a bacup before ?
12:46 hdl bye
12:46 indradg absolutely! I dont have a death wish ;)
15:28 chris did it work indradg?
16:18 rach morning
17:08 kados indradg: I'm here now ;-)
17:28 kados chris or rach around?
17:28 chris i am
17:29 chris ill just brb getting coffee
17:29 kados I'm ready to announce the launch of the liblime site
17:29 kados I'd like to start with the koha list but I'd like to make sure it's fair use of the list before posting
17:30 chris seems ok to me
17:31 chris im not sure if rach is about
17:31 kados k ... maybe I'll post it to our wiki when I'm finished (the announcement that is) and you guys can look it over and make sure it's ok
17:31 kados and gals ;-)
17:31 chris cool
17:32 chris the other way to do it
17:32 chris is just make a few posts, with a nice shiny .sig :)
17:32 kados hehe yea I'll prolly do that on other library lists
17:32 kados ;-)
17:33 chris i think it should be fine to announce it, as long as its done in a "here is a new resource to help koha users" kinda way
17:33 chris not a "pay me money" :_
17:33 chris :) even
17:33 chris that shouldnt annoy anyone
17:35 kados yep that's my goal
17:35 chris might wanna update the download page, to download 2.2.2
17:36 chris quite a few nice bugfixes in it
17:36 kados yep
17:36 kados good catch ;-)
17:37 kados I need to commit DiscrimiNet code too
17:37 chris otherwise its looking really good
17:37 kados cool thanks
17:38 kados ;-)
17:38 chris when u do your announcement ill do a little article on my blog too
17:40 chris so all 7 subscribers can see it hehe
19:04 kados cool thanks ;-)
19:04 kados (I'm one of the subscribers ;-))
19:04 chris heh
23:24 rach hello
23:41 indradg kados, a cluebie q... any specific enhancements on the liblime site?
23:41 chris u might want to take a look at the self checkout stuff
23:42 chris its pretty neat
23:42 indradg chris, yep IMO the self checkout page is quite cool :)
23:42 indradg with the on-line help and everything else
23:43 chris yeah the online help stuff is nice too
23:43 chris i think the faq is well written too
23:44 indradg chris, i tried to use last night.... got tossed all over the place with mysql screaming abt null bibid values during script exec
23:46 indradg DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'bibid' cannot be null at /var/www/koha/intranet/modules/C4/Bibl line 455.
23:46 indradg and same error on lineno 1160
23:46 chris thatd be right, its a primary key
23:46 chris cant be null
23:47 indradg hmm
04:01 rach evening
09:21 kados indradg: (/me was in bed when you asked ;-)) there are a few enhancements to the liblime opac
09:22 kados spellchecking, a autocompletion feature for the opac, reading lists (which are not in 2.2.2 anymore)
09:22 kados also full content for items (where it is availeble)
09:22 kados images, reviews, descriptions, ratings, etc.
09:24 kados also ... coming soon will be Gutenberg content (etexts)
11:17 hdl paul around ?
11:18 hdl Does anyon has ever used bulkmarcimport ?
11:18 hdl and is around ... ;)
11:52 hdl

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