IRC log for #koha, 2005-03-24

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12:08 sylvain hi all :)
12:31 sylvain paul je vais commiter la séparation des préférences ...
12:49 hdl je vais de mon côté commiter les stats sur les périodes d'emprunts.
12:49 hdl Paul devrait être absent toute la semaine.
12:49 hdl En fait, toujours en clientèle.
12:51 sylvain ah ok c'est pour ça qu'il me répondait pas hier ;)
12:51 sylvain bon, j'ai deux trois trucs à vérifier en fait avant de commiter
17:27 Petaris Hello
17:28 rach hello
17:29 Petaris I have just installed Koha
17:30 Petaris But I have an issue with geting the librarian interface to come up
17:33 Petaris Can anyone here help me trouble shoot this?
17:35 Petaris I just get a "Connection refused" error when I go to port 8080 for the librarian interface
17:35 Petaris The patron's interface however seems to work
17:37 rach sorry I'm not much help on that, we set ours up as and
17:37 Petaris hmm, ok
17:37 Petaris Thanks anyway
17:37 rach it sounds like you haven't really got it on that port
17:37 rach OR that you haven't allowed your server to answer on that port perhaps
17:38 rach connection refused, rather than not found sounds a bit like permissions
17:38 Petaris hmm
17:39 Petaris perms seem ok
17:39 Petaris port is correct aswell
17:40 Petaris wait... I wonder
17:41 Petaris no that can't be it, the patron interface is working
17:49 hdl hi
17:49 Petaris hello
17:49 hdl I wonder if you have a firewall on
17:49 Petaris hrm, logs don't contain any useful info either
17:50 Petaris no firewall, not that could interfere anyway
17:50 Petaris I am doning this on my local box to play with it
17:50 hdl In /etc/apache/httpd, is there *listen 8080* uncommented ?
17:51 Petaris good question
17:51 Petaris I didn't think to check that
17:51 hdl Which distribution are you on ?
17:51 Petaris debian
17:51 Petaris unstable
17:51 hdl have a look at /etc/apache/httpd.conf
17:52 Petaris doing so now
17:52 hdl and /etc/koha-httpd.conf
17:52 hdl There must be an include of the second into the first.
17:53 Petaris woohoo
17:53 Petaris It was commented out in the koha-httpd.conf
17:53 hdl Other question : Is there any Jonas, JBoss, TomCat, Zope On your machine ?
17:54 Petaris nope
17:54 hdl Did you get it ?
17:54 hdl Does it work ?
17:54 Petaris why do I get a card number password login for librarian
17:54 hdl Think about restarting Apache.
17:54 Petaris I got it
17:55 hdl Because one mustnot get there if he is not librarian
17:55 Petaris hrm, probably a good idea to add a user
17:55 hdl ;)
17:55 hdl Normaly, the one you installed koha base with is ok
17:55 Petaris got it
17:56 hdl Good :)
17:56 Petaris I wish I knew why it was so slow though
17:56 Petaris must just be my box
17:56 hdl First connection : calculating pages
17:57 hdl Leaving 23:00 PM Zzzz
17:57 Petaris Thanks
17:57 Petaris oops, hes gone
18:00 Petaris Thanks for your help to rach
19:43 rach bonjour
06:28 sylvain hi
06:28 sylvain paul ? Toujours pas la ?
07:22 sylvain on dirait bien que non :)

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