IRC log for #koha, 2005-03-25

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Time S Nick Message
12:05 sylvain hi, someone alive here ?
14:46 kados hi there
15:52 Petaris anyone know what the status of MARC imports is?
16:29 Petaris How can I grab mark records from the Library of Congress?
17:11 Petaris I have to go, bye
18:30 rach hi rosalie
18:37 rosa hi rach
18:37 rosa still lost in the mist?
20:50 kados hi all
20:50 kados weather misty?
21:07 rosa has been in Wellington the last ten days or so
22:46 rach hi
23:39 kados hey rach
23:43 rach got easter plans?
23:45 rach in fact, might be time to go get one and a coffee :-)
23:51 kados no major plans here ... just happy that the chocolate bunnies are showing up ;-)
23:53 rach :-)
23:55 rach but I'm a sucker for a bun
00:49 rach[…]685_classic_beach
05:24 sylvain hi
05:24 sylvain someone here ?
10:30 kados paul about?
10:31 kados paul: I'm wondering whether your deletedbiblio/deletedbiblioitems/deleteditems tables are working
10:53 kados for some reason we have 11,000 or so deletedbiblio and deletedbiblioitems but only 22 deleteditems
10:53 kados and I also noticed that the marc blob column is not a complete marc record in any of those tables

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