IRC log for #koha, 2005-03-23

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16:55 jmlongo actually... my intentions are to use bulkmarcimport with the -d option
16:55 jmlongo so the existing records will be deleted....
16:55 jmlongo that's the reaso of my doubt...
17:05 jmlongo maybe importing only new records is no problem... but our DB are often 'revised' and 'corrected'
17:06 jmlongo so I need to maintain them sync
17:08 jmlongo with the Koha one
17:10 jmlongo I've tried with a modified bulkmarcimport, that searches if the biblio to be added is already in the Koha DB and modifies it if it does...
17:11 jmlongo but I can't get it to work...
17:12 jmlongo it finds that the record exists but it's biblioitemnumber gets lost somewhere... so the script never exits and never modifies the record
17:13 jmlongo sorry... the script do exit... but with an error...  :P
18:54 jo rach: are you about?
19:12 rach yep
19:14 rach Jo = $2956
19:15 rach I think is what you want to know
19:32 jo yes indeed - sorry. got waylaid
19:43 rach no prob
04:36 hdl hi
05:43 sylvain hi all
05:43 sylvain paul hdl vous avez pas de problèmes avec le cvs ? j'arrive pas à updater depuis hier ...

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