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11:07 paul re hdl
11:08 paul (pratique l'adsl : AMontpellier-152-1-6-185 => o sait tout de suite qui c'est ;-)
11:58 hdl coucou
11:59 hdl C'est marrant, on dirait que tu n'es pas logué.
17:13 rach hello
17:20 owen Hi rach
17:20 owen Welcome back
17:24 rach thanks owen
17:24 rach and yep those are koha software boxes up on the wall :-)
17:24 owen Yep. Cool :)
17:24 rach yep was good - we had a lot less "what is it" questions - people could see it was software
17:25 rach even though almost no software comes in boxes these days
17:29 owen I don't know what to think about the messages from Emiliano et al in the last couple of days.
17:30 owen I saw that message about all the stuff they've developed and I was amazed, but now I'm worried we won't get to see it anytime soon.
17:30 rach yep
17:30 rach I haven't got that far yet so I'll take a look
17:31 chris owen: im not too worried, i just dont think they will fold it back in, just that one of us will have to
17:31 owen I hope you're right chris (and welcome back to you too!)
17:31 chris ie, i dont think we will get the code all nicely committed into cvs for us, but im sure we will get it
17:32 chris thanks owen
17:48 owen Hmm... a screenshot from Chris's computer?  Time to snoop!
17:49 chris heh
17:52 pate hiya chris and rach ... nice to see you back
17:53 owen :D
17:55 chris heya pate :-)
17:58 rach :-)
17:58 rach hi pat
17:58 rach nice to see ya
18:00 pate it looks like the show went well
18:02 rach yep positive response which was good
18:02 rach a bit soon to tell wether actual work will come out of it :-)
18:02 rach so it was good for Koha, but we'll see wether it was good for Katipo
18:03 rach however I did spend some time thinking about how to re "slice" the koha website, to achieve that distinction between product and project
18:04 owen that sounds like a good idea
18:04 pate good.  I think that will work out well for you
18:08 rach we got lots of interest in the "appliance"
18:08 rach the term "hot cakes" comes to mind :-)
18:08 rach which was good to know
18:08 owen appliance?
18:09 rach[…]/album11/DSC01797
18:09 pate very cool
18:09 chris it looks cooler when its not sitting on my monitor
18:09 rach but a  1 u server painted green with a koha sticker on the front :-)
18:11 owen I'm surprised there aren't flames painted running down the sides!
18:12 rach go faster racing stripes :-)
18:12 pate ohh, do they cost more with the stripes?
18:13 rach yep, but we'll chuck in the blue led's :-)
18:13 pate heh
18:14 owen chris, I have a question about, if you have a moment
18:15 chris sure owen
18:15 owen I was thinking about the possibility of putting a button on a different page that was just to "Make Item Lost," which submitted to just the lost=1 information
18:15 chris rach: for the FBBR stuff, its all still there, i just tried it with 2.2 works fine, just need to tweak the templates, maybe make an FBBR button, like they have normal, marc etc
18:18 owen My test didn't work, so I'm wondering whether the script will fail if it doesn't get all the right inputs
18:18 chris yeah, it probably will, at least the subroutine the script calls will probably fail
18:21 rach oh yep - that's cool then
18:22 rach hmm - with the old one, items with different ISBN's could be on the same biblio
18:22 rach I assume that doesn't work though now?
18:22 rach so you could add items to the existing biblio?
18:22 chris sure does rach
18:22 chris thats what i just did
18:22 chris its all still there
18:22 rach oh cool
18:23 rach yay for paul :-)
18:27 chris sorry owen, ill have a proper look later, but for now i have to go to a meeting
18:28 owen sure, no problem.  I'll keep poking at it.
19:00 owen Hmmm... we seem to be getting a recurring error from DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute() at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules//C4/ line 1714.
19:02 owen At least my form is working now.  It would help if I named the field's correctly ("Lost" instead of "lost")
19:08 rach chris is at a meeting owne - just in case that was aimed at him :-)
19:08 owen I'm just putting it in for the record :)
19:35 rach no worries
19:35 rach just thought I'd let you know
19:36 rach he's got lots on for us this week, as he had a week off (from other projects POV)
19:39 owen Those vacations always come back to bite you.
20:06 rach not even a vacation unfortunatly
20:06 rach just a week away from work talking to librarians
20:06 rach he needs a week off to recover :-)
20:06 rach I know I do

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