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13:55 hdl paul ?
13:56 hdl Hello everybody.
13:56 owen Hi hdl
13:58 hdl I am hired by paul to work on stats for koha.
13:58 hdl I am french, living on the seaside in France near Montpellier.
13:59 hdl I would like to know if there is an easy way to debug perl code in Koha other way then consulting the logs, printing them would be nice to me.
14:00 owen Hi, nice to meet you.  I'm from the Nelsonville Public Library and the author of the NPL templates
14:00 owen I work mostly with the interface rather than the Perl code, so I'm not the best person to ask about debugging
14:01 hdl Sorry.
14:01 hdl I saw you did nice job.
14:03 kados hdl: have you used data::dumper or the 'perl debugger'?
14:04 kados here's a link:[…]introduction.html
14:05 kados here's maybe a better one:
14:05 kados owen around?
14:05 owen Yes
14:06 owen Not the same kind of problem we've seen before, kados?
14:06 kados I'm also unsure why someone was looking for the title "jane austen's book club"... is that supposed to show up too?
14:07 kados well it sounds a bit familiar
14:07 owen[…]tail/-/0399151613
14:08 kados right ... so is the assumption that we have this book?
14:08 kados ahh ... that 's a different title eh?
14:08 kados o
14:09 owen I remember you manually correcting a flaw in one of the MARC records (or marc-related tables?) that was preventing something from showing up in the opac
14:09 owen Is that not what's going on here?
14:10 kados not sure yet
14:18 kados huh ... this doesn't look good:
14:18 kados select tagsubfield,word from marc_word where bibid like 144902;
14:19 kados 245a        | Da
14:19 kados 245a        | Vinci
14:19 kados 245a        | legacy
14:19 kados 245a        | /
14:19 owen '/' is getting separated out as a word?
14:20 kados but select title from biblio where biblionumber like 144902;
14:20 kados The Jane Austen book club /
14:20 kados no that's ok ... it's the wrong record for that bibid
14:21 kados the da vinci legacy is biblionumber 144886
14:22 kados select tagsubfield,word from marc_word where bibid like 144886;
14:22 kados | 245a        | Big
14:22 kados | 245a        | Russ
14:23 kados | 245a        | me
14:23 kados what is going on here?
14:23 owen Records are getting their wires crossed?
14:25 kados paul around?
14:25 owen He's paul_away at the moment
14:28 kados ahh ... bibid and biblionumber are different ;-)
14:28 kados whoever thought that was a good naming scheme for those columns ;-)
14:30 kados ok ... select tagsubfield,word from marc_word where bibid like 144918;
14:30 kados yields the right results
14:34 kados owen is it possible we're stripping off the first or second result somewhere?
14:34 kados or last result
14:34 kados does that sound familiar?
14:34 owen Hmm.... not sure.
14:34 kados I can't come up with any other reason for both records not showing up in the opac
14:34 kados do you know of any other titles that we have LP and AF for?
14:36 owen A search for 'london bridges' turns up 3 in the intranet and only 2 in the opac
14:36 owen (both keyword searches)
14:37 kados hmmm
14:39 owen Intranet title search for 'golden compass' turns up 4, and opac title search only turns up 2
14:40 owen But one of the 4 is lost, so maybe it's still a 1 item difference
14:40 kados all three london bridges items have appropriate entries in marc_word
14:40 kados but searches where we know we only have one result are showing up fine
14:40 kados like cryptonomicon for instance
14:41 kados one item in both intranet and opac
14:43 hdl thanks kados.
14:43 hdl Leaving.
14:44 kados huh ... we're getting some strange errors in our logs
14:46 owen Like what?
14:47 kados well there's some good news here
14:47 owen Anyway, maybe this is a non-issue since these searches look like they work on 101?
14:47 kados yep
14:47 kados that's what I just noticed
14:48 kados must be my fault
14:48 kados I can't see any differences though
14:48 kados the data looks identical to me
14:48 kados so maybe it's an older bug or something
14:49 kados hehe ... even better ... "Jane austen's book club" works!
14:49 owen In fact I've been telling people that we shouldn't worry about these problems because of the pending upgrade.  I just didn't say the same thing to Justin in reply to his post because I was sick of repeating it
14:50 kados I'll respond  this time ;-)
14:50 owen Be as mean as possible ;)
14:54 kados hehe
14:55 kados yea I always try to be ;-)
14:56 kados owen does  Andr�s Tarallo's name show up strangely in your email client?
14:56 kados it totally messes up mutt
14:56 kados I end up having to delete all his emails before I can sanely read the others
14:57 owen it works okay in Thunderbird and, and works fine in mutt for me
15:05 kados huh ... must be my mucking about with charsets earlier this year
18:42 owen chris around?
18:43 chris yep
18:43 owen I know you're busy, but can I ask a quick question?
18:43 chris sure can
18:44 owen One of the things that bugs our staff members is the time it takes to lift a debarment.  so I was thinking of writing a script that I could pass just a member number and 1 or 0 to.
18:45 owen In general, are simple scripts like this okay, or should things be incorporated into modules like into
18:46 chris simple scripts are fine, if its a one off thing
18:46 chris if you think you might want to use the same code in more than one place, then a  module is the right place for it
18:46 chris does that make sense?
18:46 owen Yes.
18:47 kados is there only one flag to set/unset with debarred patrons?
18:47 chris cool, modules are just all about making the code easy to maintain, and so you dont end up with the same code written in lots of different places
18:47 chris i think so
18:48 owen it's a column in the table, 0 or 1
18:49 chris cool, then yep just switching that will be all thats needed
18:49 kados that's a nice and simple script ;-)
18:49 owen That's about my speed :)
19:28 owen What do you know, it worked!
19:31 kados congrats owen!
19:33 kados staff will be glad
20:17 michael hi everyone here !
20:18 chris hi michael
20:18 michael oh... sourceforge is on... i was afraid not to be able to dl koha
20:18 michael ... :-)
20:18 michael sourceforge servers were down for 10 minutes
20:19 michael ... i guess i have install all rpm perl package... so i can begin a new install of koha 2.2.0... i'tell you how it works...
20:20 chris :)
20:21 michael oh no... i miss MCPAN Date:Manip....... it will be more longer than  i thought... of course...
20:21 michael how are you chris? here in France... this is cold night
20:22 chris its pretty warm here in nz today
20:22 chris a little bit of a breeze, but lots of sun
20:22 michael cool
20:23 michael not so much sun here in france... i'm seek and so i stay on my computer to heal carefullt :-)
20:23 chris heh
20:24 chris it gets quite hot in my office during the summer, with the computers, and me, and my dogs :)
20:24 michael ;-)
20:25 michael i don't want to be unpatient or unpleasant but just 1 question : how do you install this perl package need by koha ?
20:25 michael i'm a console a root console but seems doesn't work
20:27 michael if u have no time to answer just tell me i'll understand
20:29 michael ... hum seems to work steo by step...
20:29 michael ;-)
20:30 chris you can go
20:30 chris perl -MCPAN -e shell
20:31 chris to get into the interactive CPAN shell
20:31 chris then just type install packagename
20:31 michael chris: i just enter informations and i am dl some perl package....
20:31 chris cool
20:31 chris if its the first time using CPAN, it will make you do some setup
20:31 chris but from then on, it shouldnt need any more
20:34 michael ... sometimes i forget one of these : " or these ' ... but it seeams i ready to go now...
20:34 michael for info, i use the MandrakeLinux distro
20:35 michael All required perl modules are installed.
20:39 michael hum :-(
20:39 michael ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES)
20:39 michael 256ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES)
20:39 michael /usr/bin/mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
20:39 michael error: 'Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES)'
20:39 michael /usr/bin/mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
20:39 michael error: 'Access denied for user: 'michael@localhost' (Using password: YES)'
20:40 michael some pbs with mysql access
20:50 michael ...
20:50 michael stange msg here :
20:50 michael Choose MARC definition [1]: 2
20:50 michael Unmatched [ in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/<-- HERE A2/ at line 627, <STDIN> line 18.

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