IRC log for #koha, 2005-02-08

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03:51 rach hello
05:26 chris hi paul
05:26 paul hi chris
05:27 chris there was much praise for the work you (and everyone else who helped) had done for koha 2.2.0 at the conference
05:28 chris did you see any of the photos?
05:29 paul nop
05:29 paul where are they ?
05:29 chris are my ones
05:30 paul (i'll write a mail to koha-devel today, announcing i've hired Henri Damien Laurent, a volunteer who worked a little on Koha 2.0.0, and is working at full time on statistic module & new koha-fr server)
05:30 chris rachel has put some up at
05:30 paul[…]/album11/DSC01825
05:30 paul who is who ?
05:31 paul (i've seen rachel gallery)
05:31 chris rachel in the middle, russel on the right
05:31 chris[…]/album11/DSC01823 <-- we were right next to dynix
05:31 paul are you really tall or is Rachell really small ?
05:31 chris rachel is quite short :) im 6'2"
05:32 chris[…]/album11/DSC01797 <-- the green machine (koha in a 1U rack mount server, painted nice and green)
05:33 chris it was quite suprising, a lot of people came up to say "thank you, we run Koha in our library"
05:34 chris paul: that is fantastic news about Henri
05:34 paul (henri damien)
05:34 paul (quite complex name : henri damien laurent)
05:34 chris ahh henri damien
05:34 paul (all 3 being firstnames...)
05:34 chris wow
05:34 chris is that common in france?
05:34 paul it's name being "laurent"
05:34 paul not so common.
05:35 chris its great there is enough work for you to hire someone
05:36 paul yes. In fact, there is too much work for me ;-)
05:36 paul (stats modules is funded since 04, May, and still not here...)
05:37 chris i think 2005 is going to be a big year for Koha
05:37 paul working on 2 libraries for instance, with 2 more contracts to begin, and 3 RFP waiting for an answer.
05:37 paul yep. it's really a mature soft now.
05:38 chris wow, Koha is taking over france :)
05:38 paul yes. And i've trademarked Koha 3 weeks ago, for some protection.
05:39 paul seems there are 2 big companies working in libraries that want to answer to RFP with Koha
05:39 chris right
05:39 paul but we never heard of them, and it seems they don't plan to share code.
05:39 paul and i absolutly want to protect libraries as well as developpers.
05:39 chris for sure
05:40 chris :-)
05:42 chris well i might have an early night tonight, cya later paul
05:42 paul yep, good night chris

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