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12:34 jmlongo hi there...  
12:36 jmlongo Is someone working with Reports module?
12:38 jmlongo cause with the "issues by borrower type" report I always get a global report
12:38 jmlongo It lets me select a branch and input a borrower category ...
12:39 jmlongo but no matter what I select or input.. it always returns a total for all the branches and all borrwer types
12:45 owen Hi jmlongo.  I think there may already be a bug filed for that.
12:46 owen Yep:[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=840
12:46 owen Filed it myself.  Unfortunately no one has taken it up.
13:21 jmlongo ooohhhh... ok...  thanks owen!
13:53 paul jmlongo & owen : i've hired henri damien laurent, that will work on reports soon
13:53 paul i'll send him the bug immediatly
13:54 owen Thanks.
13:54 paul (report module, i've a document in french explaining what it will contains, can send it to anyone interested)
13:54 owen Paul, did you see the bug about the MARCNOTES in the opac?
13:55 paul yes, but i still haven't hunt it
13:55 owen Okay.  I'm sure you'll do better than me at figuring out what's wrong.
17:39 owen kados: are you around?
18:20 kados owen: am now ... what's up?
18:20 owen Hi.  I'm getting some incongruous search results on 101, I thought I'd see what you could see.
18:22 owen Try going to the advanced search screen in the intranet and doing a search on 'keyboarding' with branch 'Chauncey' specified.
18:24 kados ok ... no results
18:25 kados an opac search doesn't pull up any results for Chauncey either
18:25 kados oh ... yes it does
18:25 kados Typing and keyboarding for everyone
18:27 owen Strangely, if you search for the same keyword with branch 'Nelsonville', it comes up fine!
18:29 kados could it be that the items.branchcode isn't "=" to CPL?
18:29 kados it might be "CPL "
18:29 kados or " CPL"
18:29 owen Hm... I looked, but I may have missed that.
18:31 owen This query returns two results:
18:31 owen SELECT  distinct biblio.biblionumber
18:31 owen FROM biblio, items
18:31 owen WHERE biblio.title
18:31 owen LIKE  '%keyboarding%' AND items.holdingbranch =  'CPL'
18:33 kados yikes ... it has a wildcard in front?
18:33 kados that means no indexes will be used
18:33 kados I wonder when that was added
18:34 owen No, that was just the query I typed in myself
18:35 kados phew!
18:36 kados how about replacing = to like or wrapping CPL with wildcards ... any more results?
18:37 kados oh ... I guess it doesn't matter at this point
18:37 kados well ... actually try keyboarding% (without the front wildcard)
18:38 kados if that returns results than we can rule out the "CPL " and " CPL" possibilities
18:38 owen The query I pasted above doesn't work if you take out the first %
18:39 owen (returns no results)
18:39 kados that probably means that we've got "CPL " or " CPL"
18:40 owen The actual query as reported in the log is way over my head
18:40 kados select count (*) from items where holdingbranch like " CPL";
18:40 kados select count (*) from items where holdingbranch like "CPL ";
18:40 kados try those
18:40 kados oops
18:40 kados that's select count(*)
18:41 kados I think it fails with the space
18:45 owen SELECT count(*) FROM items WHERE holdingbranch =  'CPL' returns 7210
18:46 owen The same results for a search with a space at the end.
18:48 kados hmmm , are we sure that these two searches are pulling holdings info from the same place?
18:48 kados maybe the opac uses marc
18:49 owen opac and intranet searches on 101 give the same results in this case
18:50 kados well ... maybe the 'select by branch' function uses non-marc
18:55 owen select count(*) from marc_subfield_table where subfieldvalue = 'CPL' gives 7901
18:59 kados ooh that's interesting
19:00 owen What?  I've got one too :)
19:00 kados :-)
19:00 owen In the 'keyboarding' case, the search fails for all branches except NPL.  Almost all branches have it, though.  But NPL is the only one with two copies.
19:01 kados this is starting to sound like a bug
19:02 owen Hmm... but ' biblio.title contains blow fly and items.holdingbranch = CPL' works even though CPL only has one copy.
19:34 pate hiho
19:36 pate hmm, i'd've thought that someone might be awake
19:37 owen Hey pate!
19:37 owen Long time no see
19:37 pate yeah .. how're things at NPL?
19:37 owen Pretty good.  We're madly preparing for an upgrade to 2.2
19:37 owen Trying to chase down some last bugs
19:37 pate sounds fun
19:39 owen Keeps me busy :)
19:39 pate yeah, i'll bet
19:39 owen anything new with you?
19:40 pate getting ready to move into a new group here in amazon ... should leave me with a bit more time
19:40 pate and a nice helper app for Koha (and maybe others) on the drawing board
19:41 owen are you able to talk about what you've been (or are going to be) doing at Amazon?
19:41 pate i'm currently a systems engineer ... a herd the front- and back-end servers that run all of the various websites
19:41 pate i'm moving into the webservices group
19:42 owen That sounds cool.
19:43 kados hey pate! good to read you
19:46 owen Either that or he'll kick your ass for it!
19:46 pate i need to look at your module ...
19:46 kados hehe
19:46 kados well the one I committed is pretty minimal
19:47 pate which services are you using?
19:47 kados I've got a more extensive one written but it's not really appropriate for general Koha use and it's kinda complicated to add
19:47 pate and what are you using it for
19:47 kados basically all the xml item details
19:47 kados and the 'read it now'
19:47 kados (but that's just a link)
19:48 kados the module dynamically grabs the amazon data rather than storing it in Koha's database
19:48 kados which is good for some and bad for others iykwim
19:49 kados well I'll have a demo up here soon and I'll post to the list when I do
19:49 kados (I had one but I've taken it down)
19:50 kados actually ... it's there ... just broken ;-)
19:52 pate heh
19:54 pate well, i oughta run and get some stuff done ... later everyone
19:55 owen Catch you tomorrow, kados, if you're around
20:26 Nausicaa hi everyone !
20:28 Nausicaa last 3 days i met 3 people knowing Paul Poulain and the Koha project...
20:28 Nausicaa this was 3 nice days
20:31 Nausicaa of course... i was with geek people in the "Salon Solutions Linux 2005" :
20:37 Nausicaa if anyone wants to discuss...
20:42 Nausicaa nice pics on the gallery... taking koha to sydney...

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