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14:06 LLMark hi
14:14 LLMark Hi, anyone home?
00:34 rach hello
02:14 LukeO Hi All, Just a quick one (if you're around) - there's some extra fields in borrowers table (studentnumber, school) etc that don't appear to be used in the intranet at all (grep doesn't find any references).  I'm planning on using some of these extra fields to work on an active-domain/LDAP synchronisation module for Koha to allow for (semi) realtime userinformation to be retreived from the AD/LDAP server (in particular, for the use in
02:15 LukeO the school where it's implemented.  Where i'm gong on this is - since it's not used in the intranet at all, can you please (if you decided to drop these columns from the table in a future release), please make it well known inthe release notes that this is happening?
05:20 paul hi LukeO
05:20 LukeO g'morning paul.
05:20 paul about ldap : did you look at C4/ package ?
05:20 LukeO ya, i'm using it - but it isn't realtime ldap... so, for example if the details are updaded in ldap, its not actually passed thru to the borrowers table.
05:20 paul it contains the stuff for Ecole des Mines de Nantes, that uses ldap server to authentify borrowers (& retrieve borrower info)
05:21 paul !!! they are, every time the borrower connects
05:21 paul (but you're right, the borrower has to connect ;-) )
05:21 LukeO yes, but the issue is not when the borrower connects - at the school i have implemented koha, the borrowers don't connect via the opac very often
05:21 LukeO the kids just borrow the books
05:22 LukeO so, for the start of the year when there are hundreds of new kids, the borrwers have to login to the opac to get the information into the borrowers table.
05:22 LukeO and the module is great, just not what i'm looking for completely..
05:22 paul right. a script that does this automatically is a must-have in your case !
05:22 LukeO and anyway, one that syncs with activedirectory will hopefully see more implementations in schools that don't have ldap/unix implementations
05:23 paul (in EMN, the DB has been filled with a script for the 1st time, and students really often connect)
05:23 LukeO mm.... but, my compliments to the coders, the script is really well done ....
05:23 paul (and we decided that it would be NICE to have connection mandatory : thus, librarians are sure all the students know that there is a public opac they can look at)
05:24 paul thanks, it's 60% mine (& 40% esiee)
05:24 paul (at EMN, there was no OPAC before Koha)
05:24 LukeO what would be ideal is the option to get rid of the borrowers table completely if one opted for the ldap connection... but i think that's a little too mcuh to ask for in the next few months ;)
05:24 paul working on a script for a 3M self-borrower console at the moment...
05:25 paul that's almost impossible in fact
05:25 paul because issues script needs borrowers table !
05:25 paul so it would need a huge rewrite !
05:25 paul (+ some infos are Koha-specific & usually not in a ldap server)
05:25 paul (like borrowercategory, enrollmentfees...)
05:26 LukeO i know it requires huge rewrite
05:26 LukeO ... but every time that someone queried borrowers table, you can't have realtime query to ldap - too slow
05:26 LukeO so every night or on demand sync with ldap will have to do ;)
05:26 LukeO but one more question... just another question about the issuelimits in 2.2   -- from memory, it's setup with issue/fine in the paramater page.... but when i look in mysql, it's puttin it in the wrong columns (fine/issue)...
05:27 LukeO maybe its jsut a translation thing?
05:28 LukeO sorry, let me correct that
05:28 LukeO i was wrong
05:29 paul ?
05:29 LukeO the issuelength and maxissues are the wrong way around - they're being put in maxissues and issuelength columns
05:30 LukeO no.
05:30 LukeO i think i'm very confused.....
05:30 LukeO i think its working
05:31 LukeO sorry... i was just very confused -- the "hint" had me confused.. possibly should reword the hint for issues to: "Each box needs to be filled with issuelength, maxissues - eg: 21,5 enables 21 day loan with 5 issues"
05:33 paul ok, fixed in CVS, will be in 2.2.1
05:33 LukeO thanks ;)  2.2 is pretty great release...

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