IRC log for #koha, 2005-02-03

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18:55 owen I guess Katipo folks are at the conference today. I hope it's going well.
18:59 si owen: it's apparently going swimmingly
19:00 si they're the only NZ entity at the conference
19:00 si and the only one with a fur lined booth :-)
19:00 owen :)
19:00 kados fur lined?
19:00 si
19:01 kados sweet
19:02 kados wow ... that looks way better than our booth
19:04 owen I came up with an opac feature yesterday that I think the patrons would love and the librarians might hate
19:05 owen I thought it would be cool for the opac to show logged-in patrons whether or not they've checked items out before
19:05 owen So the opac search results might have a little note under certain items which said "You checked out this item on 2-01-2005"
19:05 kados yea ... that'd be sweet
19:05 kados I think there are some privacy issues tho
19:05 owen It would be a great way for people to see at a glance whether they've read everything by their favorite author
19:06 kados yep
19:06 kados I'd like it
19:06 owen But it would probably never fly in this age of the Patriot Act
19:06 kados yea ... or in this age of fear of the patriot act ;-)
19:07 kados have you seen A9 search owen?
19:07 owen Yeah, although I haven't really used it.
19:08 kados and it said: "welcome Joshua Ferraro" (how do we know this?)
19:08 kados or something like that ... I was pretty shocked
19:08 kados turns out they are affiliated with
19:09 owen so you didn't know that when you went there?  I can see how that would freak you out
19:09 kados yea ... I had no idea
19:11 owen It's a good example of letting someone store data because it serves a useful purpose for you.
19:12 owen I can see how having my search history stored across different machines might be really useful
19:13 owen Hey, they say Google has a profile on all of us based on our search history anyway, right? :)
19:59 kados take care
19:59 kados read you tomorrow

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