IRC log for #koha, 2005-02-06

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13:59 pate hi ho
14:00 owen Hi again pate
14:02 pate how're things today?
14:05 owen I'm trying to use my rusty high-school French to puzzle through some of Paul's documentation
14:06 JYL57 owen I can help you if you want
14:06 owen Are you familiar with Authority Management?
14:06 JYL57 Not at all, but I'm a french native ;-)
14:07 JYL57 And I've got koha 2.2 runing here...
14:09 owen I'm looking at this document:
14:09 owen This section: Paramétrage de la grille d'autorité
14:10 JYL57 jumping to read it...
14:13 owen Part of my problem is that I don't fully understand what Authorities are supposed to do.
14:14 JYL57 owen, as far as I understand, authorities are a way to structure and organize notice complimentary data
14:16 owen So it alters the display of bibliographic information in some way, to point out similar data?
14:17 JYL57 no only the display, but the search also I think !
14:19 JYL57 Paul said in his text "I won't offense you by reminding what authorities are..."
14:19 owen :)
14:19 JYL57 Maybe he should have... haha !
14:21 JYL57 my librarian explained me that's they are different norms to unify ordering of items...
14:22 JYL57 this hierarchies are complex and not obvious
14:22 JYL57 having predefined Authorities to manage that is useful
14:24 owen I'm beginning to understand what the authority records are supposed to do.  Now I'm just now sure how they work in Koha.
14:25 JYL57 We decided to implement them in phase II of our long road...
14:26 owen Yes, I don't think it's something we've ever had in our catalog, even before we switched to Koha.
14:26 owen I think many libraries are accustomed to purchasing authority records separately
14:29 JYL57 I've seen some predefined downloadable files on the French National Library...
14:29 JYL57 And Paul has added a bulkauthimport tool that we hope to use soon...
14:33 owen Hmm... interesting.
14:34 owen That would certainly be easier than defining them all by hand
14:35 JYL57 sure ! the problem is to find a list linked to your own norms
14:36 owen Thanks for your help.  I think I'm going to put this aside for now.
14:36 JYL57 in between I logged on Paul Koha website to check...
14:37 JYL57 But wasn't more informed...
14:37 JYL57 Your welcome owen

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