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12:43 owen Hi paul
12:43 paul good morning owen
12:44 owen I made a couple of commits yesterday that might be good to put in HEAD, but I don't have a HEAD installation to test them in.
12:45 owen I found that didn't have a biblionumber variable passed to it, so the link back to was broken.
12:45 paul how did you your previous commits to head ? blindly ?
12:45 paul that would not be a problem, as head is supposed to be unstable anyway !
12:46 owen Many things right now are the same in HEAD and rel_2_2, so it's easier.
12:46 paul yep
12:46 owen But the subscription files I changed yesterday were different in each
12:46 paul for instance no head-specific code.
12:47 paul mmm... did i forgot something ?
12:47 paul maybe
12:47 owen I don't know.  I dealt with two files: and
12:47 owen didn't properly format subscription start date according to system preference
12:48 owen the get_subscription_list_from_biblionumber subroutine
13:32 tungsten hi
13:34 tungsten wherun overdue report on 2.2 and I select an indivdual it goes into my email client. I suppose I would then email the overdue notice to the patron.  Can this be changed to produce a snail mail letter?
13:35 tungsten is this a librarian interface option?
13:43 owen We have  a set-up that generates overdue letters, but it's not built into Koha
13:44 owen I think what we do is run a query directly on the database, and output the results into a text file that gets sent to a printer.
13:44 owen kados: are you around?  Maybe you know the details?
13:47 tungsten Okay
13:47 tungsten I'm still having a problem with a search within a search
13:48 owen Can you describe what you mean?
13:48 tungsten I need to change machines and log back on 2 minutes.
13:50 tungsten
13:50 tungsten do an opac search mystery
13:51 tungsten take the first hit
13:51 tungsten "a case of poison"
13:52 owen What version is this?
13:53 tungsten on the return which comes from /usr/local/koha/opac/htdocs/opa​c-tmpl/npl/en/opac-detail.tmpl
13:53 tungsten ver 2.2
13:53 owen Okay, I've got the "case of poison" record up.
13:53 tungsten the related link polution are boken
13:54 owen Yes they are.
13:54 paul right (hello owen & tungsten)
13:54 paul they should use the new API for searches.
13:54 paul it's a NPL template problem
13:54 tungsten yet if I put pollution in the search term in the box on top of the page it works
13:54 owen Those got left in from the previous version.  In fact, I may have updated that just yesterday.  I'll have to check.
13:55 tungsten I noticed the same thing on npl site
13:55 paul right, because the templates are OK here :
13:55 paul  <input type="hidden" name="op" value="do_search" />
13:55 paul <input type="hidden" name="type" value="opac" />
13:55 paul <input type="hidden" name="marclist" value="" />
13:55 paul <input type="hidden" name="and_or" value="and" />
13:55 paul <input type="hidden" name="excluding" value="" />
13:55 paul <input type="hidden" name="operator" value="contains" />
13:55 paul <input type="text" size="12" name="value" id="value" />&nbsp;<input type="submit"  class="submit" name="Go" value="Search" /></form></div>
13:56 tungsten it's line 60 of the above file which refers to the related link
13:56 tungsten on the return which comes from /usr/local/koha/opac/htdocs/opa​c-tmpl/npl/en/opac-detail.tmpl line 60
13:57 owen NPL is currently running a strange mix of 2.0 and 2.2.  The subject search links on our OPAC page point back to a 2.0 machine which uses the old-style search syntax.  It's a long story!
13:58 tungsten what do you recommend? I do
13:58 owen Grab and updated copy of the templates from CVS, or I could email them to you
13:59 tungsten the latter please I'm not fam with using CVS
13:59 tungsten
13:59 tungsten thanks
14:00 owen Sure.  Let me make sure the subjects are working correctly now, and I'll send the files to you.
14:00 tungsten great
14:01 owen You'll be much better off.  The version of the NPL templates you're using have an embarassing number of mistakes in them :(
14:01 tungsten one more question I know you are busy
14:02 tungsten I noticed on npl you use icons for you item types
14:02 owen Yes.
14:02 tungsten is it because I'm using "BK" as an item type that the icons don't show up?
14:03 kados paul still around?
14:03 paul yes (for few minuts)
14:03 owen Yes.  Paul's working on a way to make this easier, but right now you have to manually change the name of the image file
14:04 tungsten should I use a different name than "BK" to see them?
14:04 owen So there are two copies of the plain book image:  One is called AF.gif, and one is called Fiction.gif.  AF is the item type code, and Fiction is the item type description.
14:04 kados paul: so I committed some Amazon stuff a few minutes ago
14:04 kados paul: I didn't commit any template changes ... not sure what the best way to do that is
14:05 tungsten thanks I get it now
14:05 owen Change AF.gif to BK.gif, and Fiction.gif to book.gif
14:05 tungsten ok
14:05 kados paul: also, since I'm sure that "most" libraries may not want the amazon features I wasn't sure whether to commit it as a comment or as actual code ... I did it as actual code but if you want me to change it that's fine with me
14:06 paul your modifs are in npl theme ?
14:06 paul or in default ?
14:06 paul however, this requires specific modifs, as for ldap server.
14:06 kados paul: I didn't make any changes to any templates
14:06 paul so I think it's a good thing to have it, with some doc, but not in official templates.
14:07 kados paul: just added
14:07 paul is documented ?
14:07 kados paul: and made some additions to
14:07 kados paul: not well
14:07 kados paul: but I can add documentation on how to enable it in the templates (i.e., what variables are now available)
14:08 paul pls, do it, that should be enough for instance.
14:08 paul we will see with 2.4 release manager how to integrate it into official koha
14:08 kados paul: ok ... so I should take it out of then ... or just put it in comments?
14:09 paul (about 2.4 RM : ask stephen for the mails Emiliano & me exchanged yesterday)
14:09 paul put it in comments.
14:09 kados paul: ok
14:09 paul with something like #AMAZON start
14:09 paul and #AMAZON stop
14:09 kados paul: ok ... sounds good
14:09 paul between amazon commented code
14:09 paul ok, i mus leave now.
14:10 paul (baby ill...)
14:13 tungsten thanks
14:14 owen 'morning kados
14:15 kados morning owen :-)
14:21 slef debian security advisory on libdbi-perl
14:23 kados yea noticed that ... thanks slef
14:27 owen Strange, the getMARCnotes subroutine should be pulling notes information from the MARC record and outputting them for, but nothing shows.
14:33 kados they assume that the marc notes are in 500 and 599
14:33 kados are those the right tags?
14:33 kados for our data?
14:33 owen Between 500 and 599, I thought
14:34 owen "AND tag BETWEEN ? AND ? "
14:34 kados ahh ... so the entire 500s
14:34 owen ...which should work.
14:35 owen The example I'm looking at has notes in the 520 tag.
14:36 owen Plugging the query into mysql gets the right results
14:36 kados huh
14:36 owen I wonder if it's a problem with the getMARCnotes subroutine
14:39 owen No, because it was working on the OPAC page that tungsten showed me
14:41 kados how are you attempting to display it in the template?
14:41 owen <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="MARCNOTES" -->
14:41 owen <i>- <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="marcnote" --></i><br>
14:41 owen <!-- /TMPL_LOOP -->
14:41 owen ...that's from the default template
14:42 kados hmm ... looks right
14:42 kados strange
14:43 owen Heh... I got it.
14:43 kados what was it?
14:43 owen It was checking for $marc = "yes" from parameters.
14:44 kados so we don't have that set/
14:44 owen But we have $marc = 1.  It must have changed in a later release and we never updated the database
14:44 kados ahh
14:44 kados that sounds like a bit of a bug
14:45 owen Yeah...not a change in database structure, but a change in the way the database stores the data
14:46 owen Hmmm... but using the system pref interface to change that value only changes it from 1 to 0 and back.
14:47 owen ...but it's working in tungsten's new installation?
14:47 owen something about the way the installer sets up the database?
14:53 owen Okay, so now the related links are showing but still not the marcnotes loop...
14:54 owen $marcnote is coming up empty?
15:02 kados owen have you discovered this:[…]eloper-0.8-fx.xpi
15:03 owen the web developer toolbar?  I couldn't live without it!
15:04 kados I just discovered it
15:04 kados it's like discovering css ;-)
15:06 owen Along with that one, my required extensions are chatzilla, foxytunes, ieview, paste and go, and the bloglines toolkit
15:07 kados :-)
15:41 slef kados: I like the look of the amazon stuff, but are there similar alternatives
15:41 slef ?
15:41 slef For those of us who would like to avoid supporting the one-click patenters if possible ;-)
15:42 owen For what it's worth, Amazon is used partly because of the wealth of information they provide, and the extent of their collection
15:42 owen The module is not intended specifically to drive business to Amazon (although that certainly could happen)
15:43 owen I think many libraries use Amazon for reference purposes without ever spending a dime there
16:43 owen well, I'm stumped about why marcnotes isn't showing up in  It must be getting lost somewhere in the getMARCnotes subroutine.
16:54 kados slef: the only other alternatives I'm aware of are 'for pay'
16:54 kados slef: syndetic solutions for instance
16:56 kados slef: from my perspective, it's more rational to allow your patrons to 'pay' for the extended services via purchases than using limited library funds to buy that content ... but I'm also aware that my opinion is not shared by all (including my director)
16:59 owen In case it's not already clear, Joshua's setup assumes the library has created an Amazon Associates account and is getting a cut from each purchase at Amazon resulting from a link from the catalog.
17:00 kados slef: BTW: I'm right there with you against that silly patent
17:01 kados (and it's not just 'one click' anyway)
17:01 owen I think the blame lies more with the patent office for granting it, but Amazon still shares the blame.
17:07 owen kados:  I wonder if the boss would go for a list in the opac of the top 10 most-reserved items in the collection?
17:07 owen ...just to steal more ideas from Amazon ;)
17:09 kados that'd be swell :-)
17:09 kados not too hard to do either
17:10 owen Yeah, Stephen said you whipped it together quick. He sounded impressed :)
17:11 kados good :-)
17:12 kados there's still a few things to be done ... but it works now which is the important thing
17:12 owen I take it that was what your long conversations with si were about?
17:12 kados I still can't find a good way of forcing IE not to cache when it redirects
17:12 kados yea
17:13 kados so say I type in ... I'm taken to the override page ... but the browser _should_ think that it is actually
17:13 kados so when they authenticate I redirect them to the referring url ... in mozilla that's ... in IE it's the authentication page
17:14 kados I think it's because IE caches the page but I could be wrong
17:15 owen It's hard for me to picture it
17:16 kados yea ... that's ok ... I need a break from it anyway
17:24 kados looks like apls network is lagging
17:24 kados or else mine is
17:29 kados so owen last time I tried to access the Koha z3950 client on 101 it gave me an internal server error
17:30 owen Was it a template error, or something else?
17:30 kados looked like a template error ... but I didn't save it
17:30 kados one of the loops wasn't closed iirc
17:31 kados looks like default is loaded now
17:31 owen I'm switching now
17:31 owen Nothing, just trying to figure out how stuff works.
17:32 kados ahh
17:32 owen (and failing, btw)
17:32 kados yea it's about time I did too ... I know next to nothing about acquisitions in Koha
17:32 kados[…]imple/
17:32 kados so this is to search within the Koha database?
17:33 owen That's the search you're expected to do to determine if a newly acquired book is in your collection already
17:33 kados ahh ... I wonder how our catalogers handle that currently
17:34 owen It used to be that their cataloging software kept track of anything they had cataloged, so it knew whether or not the record had gone on to be added to our system.
17:34 kados maybe after we figure out how it works we oughta get a meeting together between us and the catalogers to go over their current process and how best to make the transition
17:35 owen that'll be about as fun as trying to convince Greg that he needs a computer on the bookmobile
17:35 kados yea ...
17:36 owen It was a template error on the z3950 page--it was asking for an include file that wasn't there. So that's fixed, but it's still saying "Still ?? requests to go"
17:37 kados hmmm ... that sounds like yaz language to me
17:37 kados it might not be an error per say ... I can't get the pages to load from 101 (must be something going on between me and npl today)
17:43 kados it looks to me like it's reloading every couple of seconds
17:44 owen Yeah, that's automatic under certain conditions:
17:44 owen <!-- TMPL_IF name="refresh" -->
17:44 owen <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; url=<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="refresh" -->">
17:44 owen <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
17:44 kados hmmm
17:45 kados what's this:
17:45 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules//C4/ line 2464.
17:45 kados that's not related is it?
17:45 owen No idea
17:46 owen Yes
17:46 owen sub breedingsearch {
17:46 owen my ($title,$isbn,$z3950random) = @_;
17:47 owen ...something to do with z3950, at least?
17:47 kados yea ...
17:48 kados maybe we need to add some z-servers
17:50 kados huh ... loc is in there ... m
17:59 kados huh ... that subroutine breedingsearch shouldn't be called by the z39.50 search
17:59 kados or at least that's a bit counterintuitive
18:08 kados hmmm this is suspicious:
18:08 kados whois
18:08 kados Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
18:08 kados Google Inc.
18:09 kados Registrant:
18:09 kados        Google Inc.
18:09 owen yeah, there's been speculation about that for a while....a Google-branded browser?
18:09 owen To add fuel to the fire, the number-1 Firefox developer just took a job with Google
18:09 kados thats quite a thing
18:10 kados yea heard about that this morning
18:10 kados pretty interesting
19:45 slef google--
19:46 slef kados: have you tried both Expires and Cache-control headers?
20:04 kados slef: yep tried both
20:06 kados slef: assuming you're refering to the meta tags
20:06 slef no, HTTP headers
20:07 kados ahh ... I didn't know about them ... thanks
20:09 slef http-equiv meta tags are a bit of an ugly hack anyway
20:09 slef useful for testing local disk files on gecko-based browsers, though
20:12 kados slef do you use gentoo?
20:13 slef I did, but it crashed and burned a bit easily.
20:13 slef Currently I have debian and gobo systems.
20:13 kados ahh
20:13 kados yea ... finding a good distro is tough
20:13 slef also, the difficulty of checking licences on gentoo is not nice
20:14 kados I like debian but things are so old it's hard to use
20:14 kados I like FC3 but things are done stupidly sometimes (like networking)
20:14 slef "all our stuff is free but our free stuff might install evil stuff without warning"
20:14 kados :-)
20:15 slef "and what's more, we will illegally distribute some stuff on our CDs because we can't be bothered checking properly"
20:15 kados this is gentoo? hehe
20:15 slef yeah
20:15 slef they shipped patched mpg123 binaries on CDs for shops IIRC
20:16 kados hehe good one
20:16 slef if it's important, I'll go find the exact details, but bleah!
20:17 slef I'd suggest trying a d-i/testing install or finding a young distribution with helpful maintainers
20:17 slef depends what you want to do with it
20:17 kados naw ... every so often I just get fed up with the distro I'm using and look for another
20:17 slef could always help fix debian RC bugs if you want a challenge ;-)
20:17 kados and dream about having time to do LFS
20:17 kados :-)
20:17 chris isnt great to be able to do that tho kados
20:17 chris (switch distros that is)
20:17 kados yep
20:18 si joshua: have you tried ubuntu?
20:18 kados I'd sooner quit computer science than go back to windoes
20:18 kados was on the list tho
20:18 kados I take it you like it si?
20:20 si I've not used it
20:20 si although I did download it the other day
20:20 si and I suspect it might get it's first trial on my sister in law
20:21 si who's the typhoid mary of IT
20:21 kados :-)
02:29 rach hi
02:29 rach[…]ranet_home?full=1

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