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11:11 slef paul: Hello?
11:11 ambrose no, i haven't announced it
11:12 ambrose i just did some smallish changes to some existing script that i didn't write :-)
11:12 slef cool. It's not me being unobservant,t hen.
12:14 paul slef : i'm back
12:15 paul Genji, i'm back
12:22 slef paul: up for a private msg?
12:22 paul yep
16:09 kados si in case you're around I've got the tp authenticating!
16:10 kados I wrote a perl script to authenticate a user via Koha's database and insert the iptables statement
16:10 kados works like a charm
16:20 slef bah bah bah tv antenna broke at last
16:23 owen ?
16:24 slef have 4 fuzzy channels without it
16:24 slef it's dark and cold and icy out there
16:24 slef not ladder-climbing weather
16:25 owen Out here in the hills of Ohio you're lucky if you get *any* channels with an antenna.  Most people have to pay for cable or get videos at the library--which is how my branch stays in business ;)
16:26 slef this is a dish antenna
16:28 owen Well then, no wonder you're getting terrible reception!
17:25 kados hi all
17:28 slef hi kados
17:29 kados owen: asside from 'AUTOCOMPLETE="off"' do you know of any way to prevent browsers from prompting to save form information? (for a web page, not in the browser settings)
17:29 owen No, I've never investigated it.
17:30 kados I'd like to prevent the filter redirect screen from allowing the card#/PIN from being saved (sorta defeates the purpose)
17:31 kados autocomplete=off seems to work in mozilla
17:31 kados and in IE6
17:31 owen You mean with IPrism, or with something else?
17:33 paul hi again slef, hi kados & owen
17:33 owen Hi paul.  You're up late!
17:34 paul 9:30PM
17:34 kados hey paul
17:34 paul (but my son & wife are ill, so I work when I can...)
17:34 paul and i wanted to finish a mail before going to bed
17:34 kados hope they get better soon
17:35 paul (you will be in cc:, through stephen. It's about emiliano & other argentinian devs)
17:35 kados paul: btw: stephen want's us to look at Koha's cataloging to replace our current system
17:35 paul mmm... the 1st good news of the day.
17:35 paul (never too late...)
17:36 kados :-)
17:47 kados owen: I mean with the new filter that I just created (sorry ... missed this earlier)
17:47 kados owen: I
17:47 kados oops
17:47 kados it's a replacement for iprism that actually works :-)
17:48 kados as opposed to censornet
17:48 owen Cool.
17:49 owen If we have control over the machines in the library, we should be able to override the password-caching.
17:50 kados true ... and that's a change that should be made anyway if it's not the way things are set up ... I was just looking for a way to make sure
17:52 paul owen/kados : what's new about your features ?
17:52 paul and about the "autocomplete" stuff that you show me some weeks ago ?
17:52 paul (kados iirc)
17:54 kados paul: I developed those on my own time (not for the library
17:54 kados paul: when I get a change I'll commit them to CVS HEAD and send an email to the list detailing the features and how to use them
17:55 paul great. don't forget free-software rule : Release Soon / Release often
17:55 paul don't hesitate to commit even non working code.
17:55 kados paul: :-)
17:55 paul someone else will improve it !!!
17:55 paul (the best example is the translation tool)
17:56 paul (i had the idea, Esiee did the 1st shot, I made the 2nd, Ambrose released a perfect tool !)
17:56 kados :-)
17:56 kados ok ... I'll try to get to that this week
18:11 Genji hey paul, you there?
18:11 paul yep
18:11 paul (going to bed in a few minuts...)
18:11 Genji okay, to add a barcode to the shelves, ive altered the bookshelf table, adding a barcode field with varchar(20). Want to set up nesting of shelves... so something like main room->General->Buddhism->Tibetian Buddhism can exist. Im thinking, i add a barcode field to the shelfcontents as well, to hold a shelfbarcode... so if(shelfbarcode ne ''){getinfo on shelf of barcodenumber, display it instead of item details.}
18:11 Genji this okay? also, how do i submit changes into CVS.. i.e how do i prepare the file for cvsing, add my comments to it at the end, describing briefly the changes, or does cvs automatically ask me for that information?
18:11 paul do you have a sourceforge account ?
18:12 Genji yes
18:12 paul are you in the developpers list ?
18:12 Genji im a registered developer, remember?
18:12 paul no, i didn't remember :-)
18:12 Genji okay.. well... anyway, i really need the answers to both questions.
18:13 paul you are working on HEAD, with a non anonymous local copy ?
18:13 paul (ie : what did you do to get the code you modified)
18:14 Genji HEAD? im working on module KOHA... since i don't know what the modules are. I checkouted KOHA.
18:14 Genji with my passpair
18:14 paul ok, so you are working on head !
18:14 paul (to work on another branch, you must specify it)
18:14 paul what is you OS ?
18:15 paul (linux / win ?)
18:15 Genji windows
18:15 Genji xp
18:16 owen Genji, do you use a Windows GUI CVS client?
18:16 paul thanks owen to help me on this topic ;-)
18:16 paul (as i've no windows myself)
18:17 owen I'm not so comfortable with the Linux command line, so I use a Windows CVS client called TortoiseCVS
18:17 Genji yup, i use wincvs.
18:17 Genji oh, i use update command to get the up to date version of files?
18:18 paul so I don't understand your question : once you have done your modifications, you commit them with some commit notes.
18:18 paul and if the file you modified have been modified by someone else, and there is an incompatibiliy, you will be warned
18:18 Genji what are the comments under $id and $log?
18:19 paul they are managed by CVS itself
18:19 paul they will magically change after the commit !
18:19 Genji Ahh.
18:19 Genji okay, ill take out the edit i made to those comments then... that is, my addition, and ill put them in when it asks for them in the commit?
18:20 paul yes
18:21 Genji hmm.. tried to do a cvs update, cvs didn't recognize the asking for password prompt.
18:21 paul ?
18:21 rach hello
18:23 owen Genji, you mean it didn't recognize your password when you typed it in?
18:23 Genji Ahhh... Penginet
18:24 Genji eh
18:24 Genji paganet
18:26 Genji updating now.
18:33 Genji and about the bookshelf idea, paul?
18:33 Genji what you think?
18:33 paul genji, i'm tired, i think i'll go to bed...
18:33 paul sounds like a good idea anyway
18:34 paul (if it requires a DB modif, don't forget to update updater/updatedatabase script too)
18:35 paul bye & have a good day
18:56 tungsten hi
18:56 owen Hi tungsten
18:57 tungsten I just had a meeting with the boss looks positive well go with koha in the fall it's a k-12 two building deal
18:58 rach woo cool
18:58 tungsten Is there support offered by katipo or would steve? in ohio be a better choice I'm in NE PA usa
18:59 tungsten I need Katipo contact information
19:00 chris you are on a katipo irc server right now :-)
19:00 chris morning everybody
19:00 owen For Ohio, check out
19:00 tungsten right but do you supply contact type support?
19:01 chris katipo could do remote support, if we had ssh access, but skemotah is probably a better option, being much closer to you
19:01 tungsten thanks
19:01 chris we have supported installations in australia, austria, new zealand etc before
19:02 chris as long as we have access to the machine, its doable ... for software support anyway
19:02 chris if you wanted support to do with hardware etc .. you are much better off with someone closer
19:03 chris and Skemotah have a lot of skills
19:04 tungsten thanks
19:07 owen Hi Chris.  On the cover of our local paper today it says "Pittsburgh fans never lost hope"
19:09 chris I didnt see the game, I was watching cricket, the score sounds like they got a bit of a thumping
19:09 chris which is a shame
21:58 kados chris: how did the cricket turn out (you hard rain no?)
21:58 kados had even
21:59 chris it cleared up, so the game went ahead
21:59 kados sweet
22:07 si and we lost
22:07 kados :-)
22:07 si a shocking capitulation from the men in black
22:07 si lucky it didn't count for nuttin
22:07 kados si: I got the tp authenticating :-)
22:08 kados just a friendly game eh?
22:08 si yes, a charity game, for the tsunami victims
22:10 si excellent news on the tp front!
22:19 kados yea I'm pretty excited
22:19 kados these soekris boxes are really amazing
22:20 kados my CF-to-IDE card came today
22:20 kados but now I've got the PXE so I don't need it ;-)
22:20 kados doesn't hurt though
22:20 kados I'm sure it will come in handy some time

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