IRC log for #koha, 2005-01-08

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12:48 paul hello slef / MJRay
12:48 slef paul: I just did your branch update instruction for 2.2 and it started to check out a whole new copy!
12:48 paul ???
12:48 slef Are you sure you put the right command with the right instruction?
12:48 paul that's what I do.
12:48 paul but note i do this
12:49 paul on 1 upper level of the exact directory
12:49 slef looks like a co (check out) rather than an up (update) to me
12:49 paul you're right
12:50 slef "cvs up -r rel_2_2 ." from in the dir seems to work for me
12:50 paul you're right
12:51 paul i have a little sh script that update all my versions of Koha
12:52 paul (koha unstable, koha stable, koha-doc...)
16:27 tim If I want something to show up after Item type in opac-detail, would I map it to biblioitems.itemtype?
16:28 tim This is using the CSS theme
23:59 tim Hi people
00:06 rach hi tim
00:07 tim Do you or anyone here know what kohafields to use for romat and subtitle?  I'm not getting them to show up.

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