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11:46 slef paul: what are all these cvs commits with blank log messages?
11:46 paul hi slef
11:46 slef ah, not all are blank
11:46 paul just commits for french translation.
11:47 paul other should not be blank
11:47 paul ;-)
12:31 owen Happy Birthday Koha 2.2!
12:55 paul thanks
12:55 paul & good morning
12:55 paul (owen)
14:48 kados hi everyone
14:48 owen Hi Joshua
14:49 kados paul how soon will the koha 2.3 tree be branched?  I've got quite a bit to commit before I forget where it all is ;-)
15:44 rach hello
16:02 owen Hi rach
16:22 owen paul: are you around?
16:29 slef did anyone copy fixes from 2.0, or do I still need to?
16:39 rach hi slef
16:45 rach and the kettle on
16:47 chris morning
16:49 owen Hi chris
17:03 paul Hello all
17:03 paul hi owen, chris, slef, rach
17:03 paul 20GMT in 2 minuts.
17:03 paul (hello michael)
17:04 paul owen : I planned to branch the 2.2 / HEAD immediatly after releasing the 2.2.0
17:04 michael hello paul !
17:04 paul but you were faster than me
17:04 paul so I just waited to speak of this with you
17:04 paul if you just want to commit template things, i can wait a day or two
17:04 paul otherwise, I create the branch tomorrow morning
17:05 owen Sure...I wasn't considering that.  It doesn't really matter.  Whatever you think is best.
17:05 paul so i will create the branch tommorow morning
17:06 paul the other question being : will we stay on CVS or move to arch for 2.2.x ?
17:06 paul ok, so we stay on CVS
17:06 paul even if I think arch is really better.
17:07 owen I think we have a better chance of developers being willing to work with us if we stick with CVS
17:07 paul the learning curve is a real problem here.
17:07 paul yes
17:07 paul and Ouest Provence has developpers that already know (a little) CVS
17:07 paul a good confirmation of what you say ;-)
17:10 paul slef : to answer your question : i'm not sure all fixes you applied to 2.0 have been applied to 2.2
17:10 paul iirc, you said on last irc meeting you will check
17:13 paul hello again rach
17:13 rach hello
17:13 paul g'morning
17:14 rach it's a wee bit early for the bubbles I think
17:14 paul it's 8AM for you isn't it ?
17:14 rach 9am
17:14 rach we're on daylight saving time
17:19 paul is there someone for the toast now ?
17:20 rach and I think chris is here
17:21 chris yep im here
17:21 paul Rach, I let you saying a word for this toast (my english is too poor, a good thing for this time :o) )
17:24 rach The first Koha install went in 5 years ago today at the horowhenua library
17:24 rach so it seems pretty fitting (and quite cool :-) that Paul is releasing version 2.2 on a nice auspicious day
17:24 chris and we finally went to sleep :)
17:26 paul :D
17:26 rach A big thank you to Paul for all his hard work, and congratulations on so successfully getting people to fund Koha development, you are the realisation of the vision we had for Koha
17:26 rach as an open source project
17:28 paul you have finished ?
17:28 rach I could thank everyone, but frankly we'd die of thirst, but slef, joshua, and Owen you've been stallwarts of the 2.0 series and
17:29 rach I know it's a way better product for your imput, and espcecially slef keeping 2.0 ticking along so that paul could get on with the next release
17:29 rach so - please charge your glasses
17:29 rach and a toast to Paul, Koha, and each other :-)
17:29 chris cheers
17:29 paul cheers
17:29 paul and long live to Koha !
17:30 owen cheers
17:30 rach to then next 5 years :-_)
17:30 rach to the next 5 years :-)
17:30 rach ok open mike :-)
17:32 michael a toast to every one :)
17:32 rach sorry should have been microphone
17:32 rach so as not to confuse :-)
17:33 rach Rosalie is very excited Paul, she has a staff person available this month to play with your new version of Koha
17:33 paul I'll commit in a day or 2 a new document named "migrating your datas to Koha"
17:33 paul with a LOT of tricks to set up perfectly Koha
17:34 paul the only problem with this doc being that it's in french
17:34 paul (good new for michael however ;-) )
17:34 rach we will have to convince Regula to drop by again and do a translation for us
17:34 rach she came for christmas
17:34 paul yep
17:35 paul she was candidate, but seem she had no time for this job
17:35 paul the doc will be XML
17:35 paul with XXE ( it's quite easy & WYSIWYG job
17:35 kados hi everyone
17:35 rach yeah she has a hell schedule
17:35 rach she commutes for 3hrs every day to her job
17:37 paul ???
17:37 paul don't understand "commutes"
17:37 rach ah - travels from one town to another for work
17:38 rach so she spends 3 hrs a day on a train
17:38 paul oups, that's what I was afraid it meant
17:38 kados yikes!
17:38 paul she should buy a portable computer.
17:38 paul and work for Koha in the train
17:38 paul :o)
17:38 rach I think she might be going to get an appartment closer :-)
17:38 paul Do you want some (semi-official) news from france & Koha ?
17:39 rach yes please
17:39 paul There are a lot...
17:39 paul 1st : HDL
17:39 kados paul I can 'refine' a rough translation ... maybe even do the translation with Google's help ...
17:39 paul HDL is a friend (Henri Damien LAURENT)
17:39 paul that worked a little on Koha almost 2 years ago.
17:39 paul he was in Ivory Coast (has an ivorian wife)
17:40 paul but had to come back to France because of troubles in this country
17:40 paul so he is looking for a job.
17:40 paul AND i have too much job.
17:40 rach yes
17:40 rach so you have an employee?
17:41 paul anyway, i will hire him for at least 3 months, probably more
17:41 paul because I have a LOT of new RFP on my desktop
17:41 paul 2nd new : SAN Ouest Provence
17:41 rach very cool paul
17:41 paul Ouest Provence is a library really similar to Nelsonville
17:42 paul 7 branches, 1x00 000 items
17:42 paul an internal team to set up Koha & improve it (3 persons)
17:42 paul they have decided to switch to Koha
17:42 paul and have published an RFP for some help to do this.
17:42 paul I will answer to the RFP (with Linagora)
17:43 paul the best news being that they are 50km far from me :-)
17:43 paul 3rd new Koha users in the next days :
17:43 rach yay - so no 3 hr commutes for you :-)
17:43 paul yep
17:43 rach that is great paul
17:43 michael ... great news !
17:43 paul * sociology CNRS library in Paris (migration almost ended)
17:43 michael Ouest Provence is[…]bliotheques/10188 isn't it ?
17:44 paul michael : you can search for the RFP on BOAMP
17:44 michael yes... but what means RFP on BOAMP ?
17:44 paul http://cboamp.journal-officiel[…]00412220013B.HTML
17:45 michael ok
17:45 paul BOAM is official "republique francaise" public RFP
17:45 paul and BOAMP is their official publication (every day)
17:45 paul * Mathematic search library, in Marseille too
17:46 owen :)
17:46 paul what is interesting with them is that we will manage a SIP compatible self-borrowing bot
17:46 slef Session Initialisation Protocol?
17:46 owen Standard Interchange Protocol
17:47 paul owen is right here
17:47 paul it's a 3M "standard"
17:47 paul the actual standard being SIP2, but it seems it's close from SIP
17:48 paul and the CMI self-borrowing console is quite old, so SIP
17:48 paul that's all for major news.
17:48 paul ah, another one :
17:48 chris it would be good to work towards NCIP compliance
17:48 paul HDL will work on 2 things first :
17:49 paul * a new webserver.
17:49 paul * the stat module, that is funded by EMN but still not here
17:52 paul anobody having something to add ?
17:53 owen Anyone hear anything from our 2.4 Release Managers?
17:53 paul no
17:53 paul and that's not a good new
17:54 rach they are in the southern hemisphere to aren't they?
17:54 owen Yes
17:54 paul yep, in Argentina
17:54 rach if they are - then I would think like here they are all on holiday
17:54 paul you're right
17:54 rach there is no one at work at the big institutions here for another week or more
17:54 paul iirc, i've seen a mail saying he will be back on jan, 8
17:54 rach so I wouldn't panic yet :-)
17:54 owen I don't think we've heard from them for a long time even before the holiday.
17:55 paul right, but that's not necessary a problem, as we were working on 2.2
17:55 rach but I can't overstate how if they are anything like here, you would expect to not get sense from them for most of Dec, and all of January :-)
17:56 rach School goes back here I think early-mid February,
17:56 paul the last mail from Emiliano was to congratulate me for the birth of Jérémie
17:56 rach and university not until nearly march
17:56 paul (oct 3)
17:57 rach that is a wee while ago :-)
17:57 rach but they are at a university aye?
17:57 paul yep
17:58 rach so here Oct/nov is very busy for university
17:58 paul probably he just forgot to warn us that he will be off for some months
17:58 rach as is end of year exams
17:58 rach then they have 3 months off
17:58 rach so is a bit slack of him, but doesn't necessarily mean he's run away :-)
17:59 paul yep
17:59 rach woo cool
17:59 paul ok, so we end here the virtual drink ?
17:59 rach yup
17:59 paul i'll stay on the chanel for some minuts, before going to bed
18:00 rach sleep tight paul
18:00 paul thanks rach, read you soon
18:00 owen slef: are you still there?
18:00 rach Paul can you please e-mail me a physical address I can send something too?
18:00 rach for you
20:37 slef owen: yes, intermittently
21:53 rach back
10:05 indradg hi... anyone around?
10:05 paul_bed yes, me
10:05 paul but quite busy
10:06 paul hello anyway
10:06 indradg paul, aah... good to see u online... congrats to u all for the 2.2 release :)
10:06 paul thanks
10:29 kados hi paul
10:29 paul hi joshua

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