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11:27 kados hi paul ... /me wakes up ;-)
11:27 paul hi kados.
11:27 paul I must leave for a few minuts, will you be there in 30 ?
11:27 kados I've got to restart my screen server to load new kernel ... be back soon
11:27 kados yep
11:27 kados see you soon :-)
11:27 paul ok, so read you soon
12:29 paul hi again joshua kados
12:29 kados hi paul ...
12:32 kados I've got a strange error when I remote connect to an older linux server:
12:32 kados Error opening terminal: screen.linux.
12:36 kados got it fixed
12:36 paul joshua ?
12:37 kados yep
12:37 paul can you explain me something about nelsonville pls ?
12:37 kados sure
12:37 paul how and who did Koha updates, specific devs...
12:37 kados ?
12:38 paul (I mean : who is a NPL employee, who is paid by NPL...)
12:38 kados all of us are
12:38 paul you mean employees ?
12:38 kados stephen is director, owen is web designer and I am sys admin
12:38 kados yep
12:38 paul so what is and ?
12:38 paul personal websites ?
12:38 kados yep
12:38 kados that's a  way for us to work on stuff above and beyond the library
12:38 paul they are really professional personnal websites
12:38 paul ;-)
12:39 kados hehe
12:39 kados yep
12:39 paul and you work in the library or in another lpace ?
12:39 kados though I'm working on a profesional website currently
12:39 kados I work anywhere I have internet
12:39 paul because sometimes, it seems you are not in the same place !
12:39 kados right now I am in a coffee shop
12:39 paul cool, working in a coffee shop...
12:39 paul some news from SAN ouest provence :
12:40 paul the public RFP has been published & we (Linagora & me) will answer, of course
12:40 paul the request for a trip to nelsonville has been refused by the mayor
12:40 paul BUT
12:41 paul the librarian director & the computer director will say they refuse to validate the Koha solution without visiting a library similar to them
12:41 paul and you are the only one.
12:41 paul and you really are similar !
12:41 paul hello owen
12:41 kados hi owen
12:41 owen Hi.  Talking about that library visit?
12:41 paul so, as be say in french : out by the door, in by the window ;-)
12:41 kados paul and I are talking about SAN ouest prov.
12:41 paul yep
12:41 kados yep
12:42 paul because they WANT Koha
12:42 paul so they WANT to go to Nelsonville !
12:42 paul but for instance, the mayor don't know all this ;-)
12:42 kados :-)
12:45 kados so how can we help?
12:45 paul you already helped me a few minuts ago...
12:46 paul My question about your status was for them in fact ;-)
12:46 paul you are EXACTLY in the same position as they are :
12:46 paul * 7 branches
12:46 paul * 1x0 000 items
12:46 paul * 30 000 borrowers
12:47 paul * internal team for support & install/migration
12:47 paul AND you are heavily involved in the developpment, so it's another reason to convince the mayor : San ouest provence will work with you heavily (like me)
12:48 kados right ...
12:48 paul the mayor probalby thinks it's a holiday trip because it's USA.
12:48 kados what sort of hardware are they planning on running paul?
12:48 kados :-)
12:48 paul Pls remind me how inches of snow you have in Nelsonville today
12:48 paul :-D
12:48 kados 0
12:48 paul so the temperature in °C ?
12:48 owen Only rain.
12:49 paul (that might help to convince the mayor ;-) )
12:49 kados today ... but it's unusually warm today about 10 Celcius
12:49 paul wow...
12:49 owen Joshua's faster with the Celcius than me!
12:50 kados :-)
12:50 paul they plan to buy new hardware. they even plan to buy 2 (1 for Koha, 1 for mySQL)
12:50 paul so hardware won't be a problem ;-)
12:50 kados sweet ...
12:50 kados I'd suggest as much ram as possible
12:50 owen It sounds like they want to see NPL so that they can believe it actually works.
12:50 kados at least 4 gigs
12:50 kados yikes!
12:51 kados that's great news
12:51 paul and 60000 of this amount is 95% sure !
12:51 kados sounds like Koha is really taking off in France
12:52 paul in fact, I said this just to tell you i'm on the way to have HDL as employee
12:52 paul HDL is a friend that hacked a little Koha 1,5 years ago.
12:52 owen It sounds like we should be getting some Ohio libraries to visit France!
12:53 paul he was in Ivory Coast, but is one of the 8000 french ppl that had to quit the country rapidly
12:53 paul (did you hear this story in US ? I mean Ivory coast <=> France problems)
12:53 kados but doesn't know the latest
12:54 paul it's a very complex problem.
12:54 paul can't be explain in a few minuts.
12:54 paul but : in nov, 8 french soldiers were killed by the 2 war planes of Ivory Coast
12:54 paul and a lot of ivorian ppl wanted to kill all what was french (white in fact)
12:55 paul and 8000 french had to leave ivory coast with military help
12:56 paul can you tell stephen i'll commit my migration manual (in french, and in XML) in a day or 2 ?
12:56 paul I will do a little install testing on future 2.2.0 official
14:14 kados there's fine distinction :-)
20:07 kados chris ... I was thinking about signing up for world of warcraft
21:40 chris its a lot of fun kados
00:13 kados chris what media player are you running?
00:14 chris xmms

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