IRC log for #koha, 2005-01-09

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12:23 kados hey owen
12:23 owen Hi Joshua
12:23 kados are you ready for me to update 101 to the latest CVS?
12:23 owen No. :)
12:24 kados :-)
12:24 kados well let me know and I'll do it
12:24 owen I have some updated stuff on 101 right now that I wasn't able to commit on Wednesday because Paul still needed to set up the new CVS structure.
12:24 owen All my in-progress stuff is on my machine in Chauncey, which is flooded in.
12:30 kados wow ... how flooded is it?
12:34 owen The roads into Chauncey are flooded.  I don't think the library is in any danger
12:34 kados ahh ... good
12:37 owen It would have to get cataclysmically bad for the library itself to flood
12:38 owen ...which doesn't seem so far-fetched these days!
12:52 owen I heard about your trip to Nelsonville yesterday.  I don't think they ended up getting any water in the basement after all.
12:57 kados well better safe than sorry ... I didn't even realize that there was a flood watch when I got the call
13:01 owen Since all my current work is in Chauncey I thought I might work on Templating documentation today.  Any  thoughts on what it should include?
13:05 kados well it should probably have a brief intro to HTML::Template ... and links to where more info can be obtained
13:07 kados maybe a discussion of css ...
13:08 kados have you heard any details about paul's xml ideas?
13:10 owen No
16:29 owen Hi paul
16:44 rach morning
16:45 owen hi rach
16:45 owen Do you know if the Koha anniversary/release got any press?
16:45 rach I've had an inquiry from
16:46 rach but will go to work this week on getting general press
16:46 owen Hm... I've never heard of that site before.
16:47 rach no me neither
16:47 rach and we got mentioned by this guy -
16:47 rach doh sorry dog is frantic because of thunder
16:47 rach I better go
16:49 owen I happened across a random Koha mention just today:[…]yweb_library.html
16:50 owen One of the commenters mentions Koha.
18:42 tim Hi everyone
18:42 tim Was bulkmarcimport replaced with bulkauthimport?
18:49 kados tim I'm not sure ... I have the same question ... I'll ask paul if I hear from him tonight or tomorrow
18:50 tim Thanks
18:51 tim Do you know what koha fields to map to use to get format and subtitle to show?
18:59 kados I'm not sure tim ...
19:01 tim I sent a message to the mailing list too.
19:02 kados in 2.0 I don't think subtitle shows automatically (/me remembers having to pass those variables on to the template in the script
19:02 kados but 2.2 may
19:07 tim I figured it would  be automatic too, but it's not working for me.
19:21 rach back on sunday night

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