IRC log for #koha, 2004-12-25

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16:49 kados owen around?
16:49 kados I've an idea related to templates
16:49 owen Yes.
16:49 owen Shoot.
16:49 kados what if we broke every "component" up into a series of includes
16:50 kados and the main pages where constructed with includes (no actual html in them)
16:50 kados so we already do this a bit
16:51 kados if each include was a seperate entity (could be placed independently of the other includes) then it would be easy to move them aroud to build different pages
16:51 kados I'm not explaining this very well
16:52 owen Yeah, I'm not sure I get it.
16:53 kados well there are things that every page has ... document head, body tags, maybe a gateway bar, and footers
16:53 kados those should always be includes
16:53 owen Right, and that's the way it is now.
16:54 kados yea ... hmmm, maybe I need to put together an example of what I mean
16:54 kados it's hard to explain
16:54 owen Are you saying there are more components to each page that should be put into includes?
16:54 kados yea
16:54 owen Like what?
16:55 kados well basically every component could be an include
16:56 owen How do you define a component?
16:56 kados that's the trouble ... it seems that currently our components (includes) aren't independent enough
16:57 kados we can't swap the order of them aroud without ruining the validation of the page
16:57 kados I need to think about it a bit more
17:00 kados we could have ONE template that did everything based on the variables that were passed to it ... though I'm not sure that would be a good idea ...
17:01 owen I'm all for making template easier to modify, but sometimes it's easier to approach a template if everything's there where you can see it.  Otherwise you have to be able to conceptualize each and every include before you can get a picture of the page in your mind.
17:02 kados right ... but if every include was independent of the other (in other words, didn't leave any tags open) it might be easier to conceptualize them
17:02 kados obviously doc-head and footer can't do that
17:03 kados <!-- TMPL_INCLUDE NAME="" -->
17:03 kados <!-- TMPL_INCLUDE NAME="" -->
17:03 kados <!-- TMPL_INCLUDE NAME="" -->

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