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13:58 kados hey owen
13:58 kados back from vacation?
13:58 owen hi
13:58 owen Yeah, for two long days!
13:59 kados hehe
13:59 paul hello american friends
13:59 kados hi paul
14:00 paul how do you say the elected chief of a city in english ?
14:00 paul mayor ?
14:00 owen Yes
14:01 paul the last bad news of the year : i will probably not come to Nelsonville in 2005Q1, because the mayor of Ouest-Provence think it will cost too much money :-(
14:01 paul not 100% sure, but almost.
14:01 kados :-(
14:01 kados maybe they should fly us to france ;-)
14:07 kados have either of you seen this?
14:07 kados
14:07 kados it's a tiny 15-line p2p app
14:07 kados written in python
14:08 paul sounds like an obfuscated perl contest :-D
14:10 kados that's what I was thinking :-)
14:49 kados paul is updatedatabase updating the database after an update or should I still follow your directions in the email for adding that index?
14:50 paul no, updatedatabase don't update this index
14:50 paul except if you do 2.0 => 2.2
14:50 kados this is 2.2RC4 -> 2.2RC5 (via cvs update)
14:51 paul ??
17:30 tim Anyone have any idea what would cause an internal server error on
17:31 owen Do you have access to your error logs?
17:32 jmlongo nop... but you should see what the koha-error_log has to say
17:32 kados actually ... It'll be the opac-error_log :-)
17:32 kados tim should be in /usr/local/koha/log
17:33 kados unless you're doing some customized directory stuff
17:33 tim Thanks,  I figured it was an apache error and there wasn't anything in there.
17:33 tim I'll check that...
17:35 tim HTML::Template->output() : fatal error in loop output : HTML::Template::param() : attempt to set parameter 'marcsubjcts' with an array ref - parameter is not a TMPL_LOOP! at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.4/HTML/ line 2963
17:35 tim at /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/ line 76
17:35 kados right ...
17:35 chris what templates are u using for the opac tim?
17:36 tim whatever the default is called.
17:36 chris (have a look in parameters->systempreferences)
17:36 chris ahh, you could try switching that to css
17:36 chris morning everybody :)
17:36 kados morning chris :-)
17:37 tim The only choices I have are default and NPL
17:37 kados hmmm that's strange ... what version of Koha are you running?
17:37 tim 2.2.0R4 if I remember.
17:38 tim It doesn't come up in about.
17:38 tim The Apache version doesn't either.
17:38 kados for apache: apache -V
17:39 tim Yeah. 2.2.0RC4b
17:39 kados for Koha: check the /etc/koha.conf file
17:39 kados kohaversion:
17:39 kados ok
17:39 tim Yeah.  I can get the Apache version from the shell, but it doesn't show up in about.
17:39 chris tim: can u look in /usr/local/koha/opac/opac-html/opac-tmpl
17:40 chris and see if there is a css dir in there?
17:40 tim kohaversion is blank in the /etc/koha.conf file.
17:40 kados that's really weird
17:41 owen Regarding the Apache version, there's a bug for this:[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=807
17:41 tim There isn't a /usr/local/koha/opac/opac-html directory.
17:41 kados try  /usr/local/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl
17:41 kados look for css
17:43 tim Yup.  css is there.
17:45 kados and you don't have an option for css in sysprefs?
17:45 tim Sorry about that.  I changed the intranet template.  NPL looks good. :)
17:46 tim Ok.  I switched it to CSS.
17:46 kados ok ... see if you get the same error now
17:47 tim Nope.  Thanks!
17:47 tim I like the CSS pages.  A little bright for my taste, but the layout is nice.
17:48 jmlongo I agree  :)
17:48 tim Now I can tell how messed up my marc mapping still is.
17:48 kados you should be able to change the colors using the css file ;-)
17:49 chris just replied to ur email jmlongo
17:49 kados someday maybe that'll be in sysprefs
17:50 kados "choose opac colors" hehe
17:52 owen It would be pretty easy to create "sub-themes" by including several css files.  Then you could set a parameter for opac template and opac theme separately and get the same layout with different colors.
20:06 kados chris around?
20:12 chris yep
22:05 kados a rather distirbing thing just happened
22:05 kados I was working on my spellcheck/suggest feature at a local coffee shop
22:06 kados the javascript performs a GET over an ssl connection to
22:06 kados and I got this javascript error in my browser:
22:06 kados Error: missing } after property list
22:06 kados Source File:
22:06 kados Line: 328, Column: 14
22:06 kados Source Code:
22:06 kados {"term":"Say "cheese" /", "Results":3},
22:06 kados looks like some kind of exploit but I can't figure how it was accomplished
22:11 chris hmm
22:12 chris so have you checked that file from the command line
22:12 kados yea it's fine
22:13 kados -rwxr-xr-x   1 root root  737 Dec 22 18:20
22:14 chris and is fine eh?
22:15 kados yep as far as i can tell
22:16 chris hmm so say cheese is what you were spell checking?
22:16 kados I'm not getting any javascript errors now ...
22:16 kados ok ... but I wasn't
22:17 kados oooh interesting
22:18 kados I don't ever recall typing in say cheese or anything like it but maybe something I typed in "sounded" like that to soundex ... when I type in "say ch" I get the same error
22:18 kados so it wasn't an exploit
22:18 kados I was really nervous for a second there
22:20 kados what a strange coincidence
22:20 kados chris do people taking pictures say "say cheese" to folks to get them to smile (in NZ)?
22:21 kados that's a real popular expression here ... so I assumed that some hacker was having fun
22:21 kados at my expense :-)
22:22 chris yep
22:22 chris we say that
05:06 paul owen & kados : your suggestion about sub-themes is already on my todo list. May be done for 2.2.0 official if I have some time.
05:06 paul and i will add a possibility to define a "external" style sheet (= outside of koha-tmpl scope)
05:06 paul to have something that won't have to be reinstalled on each update
05:07 paul but for instance, i try to kill a problem I've found in the authorities management
05:07 paul (pb with authorities $a$x$x$x$z)
05:07 paul ("constructed authorities" in french unimarc)

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