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12:32 paul g'morning owen
12:32 owen hi paul
12:32 owen Congratulations on your latest release!
12:43 owen I'm looking at the OPAC in Internet Explorer today.  I'll be filing some bugs for me to look at later.
12:43 owen So far it looks pretty good.
13:10 kados hey owen
13:11 owen Hi
13:11 paul hi kados
13:11 kados hi paul
13:11 owen Did you do an update this morning, joshua?
13:11 kados no but I was working on 101 quite a bit yesterday
13:11 kados I wrote an amazon module
13:12 kados have you done any searches lately?
13:12 kados check out the details page
13:12 kados hmmm
13:12 owen I was just looking at the css templates in Internet Explorer, so I probably didn't see what you were doing--you were using the npl templates?
13:13 kados erp ... no actually I had replaced the css templates with the npl templates temporarily
13:13 kados did you overwrite them this morning?
13:13 owen So that's why 'css' looks like npl, and css.old has the the css templates?
13:13 kados yep
13:14 kados[…]
13:14 kados all that amazon stuff is generated on-the-fly ...
13:15 kados I've still got a few features to add (like book reviews)
13:15 kados I was going to work on that this morning ...
13:15 owen So what part of it is Amazon?  The list price, obviously, and what, all of the description information?
13:16 kados yea list price, image, description, and the link to the amazon detail page for that item (it's in two places, the image links there and the Amazon link too)
13:17 kados the image is no-longer served up by our server
13:17 paul do you know if such a package is compatible ?
13:17 kados paul when I've finished the rest of the variables I will MAKE it compatible ;-)
13:17 kados but it should be by default
13:18 kados yep ...
13:20 owen There's a specific format for Amazon associates links, by the way, if we're going to be setting that up for the library.
13:21 owen Here's an example from my site:
13:21 owen[…]/thelittleczechpr
13:21 kados yep ... that's actually already done ...
13:21 kados except that I'm pulling stuff out in xml
13:21 kados oops I misread
13:22 kados no i haven't done that yet
13:22 kados the link isn't quite there yet ...
13:22 owen The last part of that url is the Amazon Associates id
13:22 kados right ...
13:22 kados I've got bigger probs atm ... like references to hashes to arrays :-)
13:26 paul oups..
13:26 paul sorry.
15:28 kados pauldiner around?
15:28 kados or paul? :-)
15:33 kados how about chris?
15:33 kados I have a data structure like this: $VAR1 = {'Details' =>
15:33 kados               [{'SimilarProducts' => {'Product' => [
15:33 kados               '0553380958','0380977427', etc.
15:34 kados and I need to get Product into a TMPL_LOOP
16:03 tim I just set up a different system yesterday and it gives me a 500 Internal Server Error after the Koha splash screen.
16:03 owen What does the error log say?
16:04 owen look at /usr/local/koha/log/koha-error_log
16:05 tim [Wed Dec  8 12:38:10 2004] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/
16:06 owen Anything above that?  That's the generic message that is tagged on to most error messages.
16:06 tim Just the error saying it can't find favicon.ico
16:07 owen Brand new install?  No parameters set yet?
16:07 tim I haven't messed with permissions yet.
16:10 tim Permissions are 755.  What should they be?
16:10 tim Owner and group are both www-data
16:11 owen I think that sounds right.
16:11 owen Are you sure there's nothing else in the log?
16:11 tim That's all in the Koha logs.  I'll check the apache logs...
16:13 tim I just have errors from starting apache.
16:13 tim [Wed Dec  8 12:36:44 2004] [error] (2)No such file or directory: mod_mime_magic: can't read magic file /etc/apache/share/magic
16:13 tim [Wed Dec  8 12:36:45 2004] [error] (2)No such file or directory: mod_mime_magic: can't read magic file /etc/apache/share/magic
16:13 tim and some notices.
16:24 tim mysql wasn't started, but that wasn't the only problem because it's still not working.  I forgot how to get it to start on boot.
16:24 tim I thought I had that in my notes.
16:25 paul kados, i'm back
16:26 paul salut JYL57
16:28 tim I think I got that problem fixed.  Rebooting to test it.
16:34 kados paul here's my problem:
16:34 kados
16:34 kados (this is a pastebot)
16:35 kados if you could take a look I'd be eternally grateful :-)
16:46 paul (was with wife on phone)
16:48 paul kados, what's your problem ? it does not work ?
16:51 paul kados, i think you miss the 'SimilarProduct' level.
16:52 paul it's a hash-array-hash-hash-array
16:52 paul and you loop on
16:52 paul hash-array-hash-array !
16:52 paul misses 1 hash, SimilarProduct
16:52 paul HTH
16:53 kados ok ...
16:53 kados I'm working on it now
17:00 owen tim, any luck?
17:01 tim Nope.  Still trying to get mysql to start on boot.  Then I'll work from there.
17:06 kados hehe ... check this out:
17:06 kados[…]
17:06 paul great !
17:06 kados check the "similar products" section ... those are isbns just waiting to be tweaked into a search url :-)
17:07 kados or passed to
17:07 paul just searching in the catalogue if you have similar products isbn
17:07 paul and add a link to them if yes !
17:07 kados yep
17:07 kados hehe
17:07 kados now to get those reviews ...
17:07 paul do you know how search.marc works ?
17:08 paul owen want to know how search marc works  ?
17:08 owen yes!
17:08 paul koha/​rclist=bibliosubject.subject&and_or​=and&operator=contains&value=ENFANT
17:08 paul op=do_search is to tell you want to search
17:08 paul marclist=XXXX contains a MARC or a non MARC field (like biblio.title or 245f)
17:09 owen just one?
17:09 paul and_or should always be and
17:09 paul in a GET http request yes
17:09 paul (maybe could be done in another way. anyway, you can pass an array of marclist, and_or, operator...)
17:09 paul let me continue :
17:10 paul operator can be : =, >,<,<=,>=,start, contains
17:10 paul value is the value you want to search
17:10 paul and that's all !
17:10 paul so for amazon, it's :
17:10 paul marclist=biblioitems.isbn&and_or​=and&operator==&value=<TMPL_VAR name="amazonisbn">
17:11 kados hehe put a <TMPL_IF> in front of that and we're good to go :-)
17:11 paul yep
17:11 kados sweetness!
17:11 paul kados : did you test Koha with mod_perl or plan to ?
17:12 kados paul: our next server is running mod_perl
17:12 paul next is ?
17:12 kados but I haven't tested it yet ... too busy with stuff
17:12 kados 2.2
17:12 paul ok
17:12 kados
17:12 kados it's working but no data yet
17:13 kados (and ssl certs too :-))
17:13 paul but anyway, i think the best perf improvement will be reached with marc_words index of index table
17:13 kados right ... so one instance of each marc_word with an array of bibids with that word and where .. is that what you mean?
17:14 paul yes
17:14 paul (will also solve FindDuplicate perf problem)
17:14 kados right ...
17:14 kados is that slated for 2.4?
17:14 paul yep
17:14 kados cool
17:14 paul but i'm a little afraid : i've too much succes here in France
17:14 kados I'll commit our self-checkout, for 2.4 too
17:15 paul & will be overwhelmed soon...
17:15 kados hehe
17:15 paul i'm trying to hire a friend
17:15 kados maybe time to charge more :-)
17:15 paul (henri damien laurent, that works on Koha a little 2 years ago)
17:15 paul in fact, i've 2 libraries to migrate (40000 & 13000 items)
17:16 paul + SAN Provence & my travel to npl in january probably
17:16 paul + a travel in ouagadougou in februrary
17:16 paul + the stat module for EMN
17:16 paul + a BIG RFP with another company : 300 000€ budgeted, 35000 for me
17:16 paul + 4 other RFPs on the way
17:17 paul + 2 RFP that are 100% sure but libraries are waiting for budget...
17:17 paul Burkina faso capital
17:17 kados wow!
17:17 paul i forget to add : change my server !
17:43 tim I got mysql to start on boot.  Now I just need to track down the error on the Koha pages.
17:51 tim Here are some errors from /var/log/apache/suexec.log
17:51 tim [2004-12-08 14:50:05]: info: (target/actual) uid: (nobody/nobody) gid: (nogroup/nogroup) cmd:
17:51 tim [2004-12-08 14:50:05]: error: command not in docroot (/usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/
17:52 tim [2004-12-08 14:50:14]: info: (target/actual) uid: (nobody/nobody) gid: (nogroup/nogroup) cmd:
17:52 tim [2004-12-08 14:50:14]: error: command not in docroot (/usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/
17:52 chris ahhh you are running it under suexec tim?
17:52 chris that will be why its not liking it
17:52 tim heh.  idunno.  I just installed Debian and did a dist-upgrade.
17:52 chris command not in docroot
17:53 chris right
17:53 chris probably fastest fix is to turn suexec off
17:54 tim How do I do that?
17:54 rach anyone here from canada?
17:54 chris umm i dunno :-) ill go look at the apache manual
17:55 chris either that or we change the docroot, but that might just cause more problems
17:55 chris :)
17:56 kados hehe check this out!
17:56 kados[…]
17:56 kados or any item on our catalog
17:56 kados "read inside this book"
17:56 kados hehe
17:56 chris cool joshua
17:57 tim I can check the apache manual.  Just figured it would be easier to ask if you already knew.
17:57 kados :-)
17:57 chris i think u need to move the suexec binary, and restart apache
17:57 kados paul still around?
17:57 paul yep
17:58 paul 10PM in France, so not here for a long time...
17:58 kados I'd like to put together that TMPL_IF for the similar items
17:58 kados here's what I have currently:
17:58 kados <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="SIMILAR_PRODUCTS" -->
17:58 kados <tr><th>Similar Items:</th><td><ul><!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="SIMILAR_PRODUCTS" -->
17:58 kados <li><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="Product" --></li><!-- /TMPL_LOOP --></ul></td></tr>
17:58 kados <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
17:58 rach hi paul
17:58 rach sorry about last week
17:59 paul hello kaitiaky
17:59 rach it all fell apart a bit here
17:59 kados so I only want them to display if we have the isbn in the catalog
18:01 paul what is your question exactly ?
18:01 paul to do that, you need to do a select count(*) from biblioitems where isbn=?
18:02 paul count if there is a result
18:02 owen that means querying the database for each of them before the page loads--seems like that would be a drag!
18:02 kados yea might be ...
18:02 paul if you don't add an index on isbn, you're right
18:03 paul otherwise, i don't think it would be too cpu consuming
18:03 paul (BUT : for instance, no index on isbn !!!)
18:03 paul i don't see another possibility !
18:03 paul you improve the cpu usage doing
18:04 paul select isbn from biblioitems where isbn in [isbn1,isbn2...]
18:04 rach are you wanting to just display that text, only if there are similar items?
18:04 paul the idea rach, is to show similar items that are on, but only if they are available in the library
18:04 rach ah I see
18:05 paul really a killer feature...
18:05 rach tricky
18:05 paul look at the link below (66.213...)
18:05 paul works fine with all isbns returned by amazon
18:05 rach[…]
18:05 rach that's the one I was lookinga t
18:05 paul in fact, i think the slowest thing is the time to query !!!
18:06 rach you would think so
18:06 rach that's an html thing I suspect?
18:09 kados this module only grabs one file per details page from amazon
18:09 kados then it uses xml::simple to parse and display that file
18:09 kados I need to add a timeout but I'm not sure how
18:10 kados my $content = get($url);
18:10 paul yes kados, but querying a webserver requires at least some dozens of ms
18:10 paul so, much more than a sql query !
18:10 kados ahh
18:11 chris its very dependent on ur connection too
18:12 kados right ... well since we have a T1 it's not too bad ... but I should expand the module to cache data locally
18:12 kados problem is the terms of use for cacheing data is pretty complex
18:12 chris yeah
18:12 chris what you might need to do is make it a 2 step process
18:12 kados when I finish making all the variables available I'll need to do
18:12 chris 1/ show plain opac-detail page
18:12 kados a small config file that has
18:13 chris with a button the user can click, that says fetch me amazon data
18:13 chris and some help to say this might be slow
18:13 chris then they click that and get the same page again, but with the amazon data
18:13 paul 'morning chris
18:13 kados dev id, associate id, light or heavy, data desired array,
18:13 chris morning paul congrats on c4
18:13 paul good idea from chris
18:13 kados chris: right
18:13 paul ('night for me chris ;-) )
18:13 chris :-)
18:14 paul (going to bed really soon : 10:30 in a quarter)
18:14 kados so basically I could just copy a with extra data
18:14 chris yeah
18:14 kados so
18:14 kados and tmpl
18:14 paul no need to copy :
18:14 kados and then have a link on
18:14 chris or call with another param
18:14 paul just add a <!-- TMPL_IF name="amazon_datas" --> link
18:15 kados ahh good idea
18:15 chris eg
18:15 kados ok ... I'll think on it but for now Ive gotta get the rest of these variables out there
18:15 kados I"m still slow on the refs of hashes of arrays of hashes :-)
18:16 paul of hashes ;-)
18:16 chris of arrays
18:16 chris :)
18:17 tim I deleted /usr/lib/apache/suexec and restarted apache and the logs say it still loaded suexec ok.
18:18 chris how mad
18:26 tim It must've cached the file.  How would I fix that without rebooting?
18:26 tim I already rebooted, but would like to know for next time.
18:34 chris try a full stop then start of apache, not just a restart
18:39 kados does our current search model allow that?
18:39 kados oops
18:39 kados :-)
18:40 kados so I'd like to do a search on multiple isbns in koha ... is that possible?
18:42 kados something like:
18:42 kados marclist=biblioitems.isbn&and_or=or&oper​ator==&value=0553380958&value=0380977427
19:09 JYL57 Paul still awake ?!
19:10 JYL57 Ok, chat with you tomorrow...
19:10 JYL57 bye !
19:11 JYL57 And nice RC4 as far as I can see... :-D
19:14 tim thanks chris.  I'll try that next time.
19:14 tim If I remember.
19:18 kados chris:
19:19 kados
19:20 kados I'm trying to parse that data, specifically AvgCustomerRating
19:20 kados for now
19:20 kados foreach my $result (@{$amazon_details->{Details}}){
19:20 kados        $template->param(rating => $result->{AvgCustomerRating}->{ 0 });
19:20 kados }  
19:20 kados $amazon_details = $VAR1
19:29 kados sweet I got the amazon item rating working:
19:30 kados[…]
19:32 owen I wonder how chris handled that?  I'd guess round it up or down and use it to build an img tag
19:43 kados owen I also added a link to the "see inside this book" and changed the image appropriately
19:44 kados erp I took away the link and made the book link there
19:44 kados s/book/book image/
19:54 owen :( Hate the way the Amazon graphic looks on our page.  But I'm being to negative! :)
20:12 kados chris could you take a look at this:
20:12 kados
20:12 kados my @reviews;
20:12 kados for my $details( @{ $amazon_details->{ Details } } ) {
20:13 kados next unless $details->{ Reviews };
20:13 kados for my $reviews ( @{ $details->{ Reviews }->{ CustomerReview } } ) {
20:13 kados                push @reviews, +{ CustomerReview => $reviews->{ Comment }};
20:13 kados        }
20:13 kados }
20:13 kados $template->param( REVIEWS => \@reviews );
20:13 kados it's driving me nuts!
20:14 kados is the data dumper for this object ... I'd like to be able to loop through each customer review awith summary, comment and rating
20:29 kados chris and everyone: add <img src="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="isbn" -->.01.THUMBZZZ.jpg" /> to the opac-searchresults.tmpl to display a small graphic for each result!
20:30 kados
21:57 kados clickable gutenberg e-texts make their way into NPLs catalog:
21:57 kados[…]
04:54 paul monsieur lemaire, mes salutations du matin
04:58 JYL57 salut Paul
04:58 JYL57 Suis au téléphone...
05:09 JYL57 Paul, I'm back
05:09 paul et moi je suis tjs là

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