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13:33 owen paul, are you around?
13:33 paul yep
13:33 owen It looks like our opac searches for isbns aren't working
13:33 owen[…]&value=1565922840
13:34 owen That isbn was cut and pasted from this record:[…]
13:35 paul in the MARC part of the biblio, there is :
13:35 paul 1565922840 (pa.)
13:35 paul that's why a = don't work
13:35 paul try a "start"
13:35 paul ;-)
13:36 paul[…]&value=1565922840
13:36 paul works fine.
13:36 owen Hmm... But isn't it searching biblioitems.isbn rather than the MARC table?
13:36 paul no
13:36 paul search marc is searching in MARC tables.
13:37 paul it translate biblioitems.isbn into 010$a
13:37 owen Did you say yesterday that you could also specify the tag number instead of saying "biblioitems.isbn"?
13:37 paul (note that the start is usually faster than contain, and as fast as =)
13:37 paul yes.
13:37 paul say 010a
13:38 paul 020a sorry
13:38 paul[…]&value=1565922840
13:39 owen Okay, thanks.
13:39 paul please
13:39 owen Joshua's Amazon work is looking good--did you see the book covers in the search results?  Pretty cool.
13:41 owen I wonder if it's something like that that is causing my barcode searches to fail in the intranet...
13:42 owen operator=contains should work fine
13:42 paul but it's slower.
13:42 owen We could probably even change that to '=' since barcodes are specific
13:42 paul do you really plan to add pictures of books to result LIST ?
13:43 paul that would query really a lot no ?
13:43 owen I don't know...Joshua's just trying things out at this point.  I don't know if he's cacheing images or anything.
13:43 paul i hope for ;-)
13:43 owen You're right, though, it could be a lot of transfers.
13:44 paul the "search inside" on opac-detail is joshua work ?
13:44 paul because the image in opac-detail is not exactly the image
13:45 owen I think that for items in Amazon for which they offer the 'search inside' feature they also provide an alternate 'search inside' graphic.
13:47 owen paul, I'm trying the barcode search in the intranet, and I can't get it to work with 'contains'.  It only works if I change it to '=' or 'start'
13:48 paul and why is it a problem for you ?
13:49 owen If it doesn't work for us using the default template, then it might not work for others.
13:50 paul enter a bugzilla, and i'll look at it.
13:52 owen[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=853
13:52 paul thanks
13:54 paul i must leave.
15:57 owen hi tim
15:57 tim hi owen
15:59 tim I finally got that server to stop complaining to me yesterday.
15:59 tim Thanks to you and Chris
16:00 owen Good.  2.2 is really a major step forward.
16:11 tim I installed 2.0.2.  Should I try upgrading it?
16:17 owen I can't give you advice on how well upgrades work, but I can tell you that 2.2 works really well.
16:17 owen Its searching capabilities are vastly superior.
16:23 tim I don't have any data in this one yet, so I won't be risking that.
16:26 tim Yeah.  That could be a big help for us people who don't know what we're doing.
16:33 owen the problem with providing patron data is privacy, of course, otherwise we could simply export a section of our database and make it available
16:33 owen But the bibliographic data should be pretty easy to come by.
16:33 owen i guess you'd also have to make sure the installation had the same MARC configuration as well
16:35 tim I've gotten pretty far with te patron importing.  I'm just messing up on the marc mapping.
16:36 tim I'd probably do better if I could figure out how to modify the import script to make some changes for me.
16:39 tim I just started a perl class yesterday to help me with that.
16:40 tim benn taking a class on SQL for about a month.
16:41 tim I learned a lot on my own, but need the extra help to get things done sooner.
16:50 owen Gotta reboot :(
16:54 tim Trying to install Net::LDAP
16:54 tim Writing Makefile for Net::LDAP
16:54 tim make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
16:54 tim  /usr/bin/make  -- NOT OK
16:55 tim Figured I'd try 2.2RC4

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